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Last night , I was getting bored like anything as my internet connection was down, then I remember that I have copied the H.D version of Bol Bachchan Movie & let me check how is the movie at least it will kill some time. 
Oh My God! I didn’t knew that it is such a funny movie and I could not stopped myself from laughing in the midnight 2:00 AM when everyone was slept. I didn’t realize that I was laughing so loudly and mom heard it and she snatched away my laptop. While she was carrying away, I screamed suddenly “Momma!, Hard work is the keyhole to Saxophone!!”

She murmured “yes babu” and suddenly stood still at a place for few seconds like a statue and then suddenly she came running towards me with an angry face and slapped me hardly , “Don’t prank with the evergreen proverbs, you dumb idiot..!!”  ha ha, now I have to plan some emotional blackmailing drama to get back my laptop. :) 

Well, the dialogues said by ©Ajay Devgan  are really hilarious just awesome in one word! Thumbs up to Rohit Shetty & Ajay Devgan
Here are those dialogues:-
  • ·
  •          Pest Control Yourself (Please Control Yourself)
  • ·
  •          Boy under armpit and hyper city in noise pollution (Bagal mein chora aur shehar mein dhindhora)
  • ·
  •          My chest has become blouse (Meri chaati aur bhi chaudi ho gayi hai)
  • ·
  •          English is a very funny language, naa pine hain naa apple phir bhi pineapple (Referring to the Pineapple cake)
  • ·
  •          Brother-in-law will die Tommy’s death (Saale ko kutte ki maut maarunga)
  • ·
  •          Now my head gear has gone to the sides (Aata Maajhi Satakli re)
  • ·
  •          12 o’clock at night, you do one night stand for me (12 baje bhi bulaya to bhi tum mere liye aaoge)
  • ·
  •          When elders get cozy, don’t put your nosey (Jab bade baat kar rahe hai, bachche beech mein bola nahin karte)
  • ·
  •          I will make them remember milk number 6 (Main unhe chatti ka doodh yaad dila dungaa)
  • ·
  •          Thanks for the complan boy (Thanks for the compliment)
  • ·        
  • Hard work is the keyhole to saxophone.  

After approx complete two months me and five other friends has gathered together this evening, and we had a great evening today. I got admission in the nearest college just 50 KM from here, but all they went to different states and cities, so we had lots of gossips about each others’ college life, things at college, how was the ragging, and of course we asked to each other that, how is the girls there?,, he he (don’t mind).  One of them told that , he is facing a big problem of language in his college, because none of them in that college speaks Hindi or English, they only know to Speak Bengali properly , even the professors don’t speak in English, it’s weird isn’t? .
It’s a new journey for everyone of my classmates and me, we are excited so much to do and explore so many things in our college life. The saddest thing is that we all are not more together at one place in one classroom and in one college, just far apart.

We were feeling like, we got more to talk but the time is limited. In our school days we just knew that we are just passing our times and having fun, we didn’t knew that we are making some sweetest memories of a part of our lives. Now we want the moments like those but no… now, the time is different. We might enjoy this life more than we did in our school days but we won’t get those innocence, sweet mischievousness.

Well, I don’t know why I feel like something is missing or something I have missed to live in my school days, that’s why I randomly writes and compare about school and college life to find out what is that I want to know. 
mom and dad, for my mom and dad, quotes for parents, quotes for mom and dad, touchy quotes for parents, messages for mom and dad
 I was, browsing some sites about gift ideas for mom and dad, and I found these lines and feel so touchy. So I thought to share with you all.

As usual from Wednesday to Sunday I am having college, means wearing of clean and washed clothes every day, and I enjoy wearing, well, who doesn’t like  : ) ? I change every day but don’t find time to wash the wearied clothes so I keep them aside and I will wash them at the weekend, and for me weekend is Monday.

But When the day “Monday” comes in every week, the get-up of my face changes to freaky , and I think, Oh man! The day again, because I have to wash all the clothes those I kept aside from my wardrobe. As usual five heavy jeans, five shirts, three or four handkerchiefs, inners, bed sheets etc. I don’t have any washing machine, so as usual I soak the clothes into detergent water in two buckets for at least 20 Minutes. Because without soaking properly the dirt won’t get off.

Now the washing time begins, I wash all the jeans, shirts, bed sheets, with my hands by scrubbing and beating on the bathroom floor, at that moment I feel my hands are being grinded hardly and I am being soaked between my clothes and detergent water.  It is ok in summer season, but in winter when I wash in cold water… don’t ask me that how do I feel then.. My hand start to pain and even sometime I can’t hold my pen properly to write anything. Oh! God Monday is the worst day for me and I think during washing that Why do I wear so much clothes, its sucks me during the wash: (
Everybody wants to work less and get maximum benefit, everybody want to save the time, and hard work is avoided by many people and want a deluxe life and condition is same with washing and cleaning, the technology has been advanced in every field, now people are having washing machines, dryer and blah blah!  But washing machine is not affordable by lower middle class family like me, so I still wash my clothes traditionally and manually by hands, and that’s why I feel myself like I am being grinded 

But one of my friend told me about SURF EXCEL MATIC, SOAK NO MORE it is a solution for the hard labor of hand wash of clothes,  it is a excellent washing detergent powder which has the power of vibrating molecules, I use it and feel excellent than other one and relief from being soaked. I just mix little powder into half bucket  of water and then leave my clothes in into just for one minute to wet them properly and then I start washing. Now I don’t scrub my clothes so hardly, and with a little labor I get efficient wash and dirt get removed so quickly. I feel WOW!

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For me going abroad is just like my another incomplete dreams , as I never went out except West Bengal, Jharkhand and Assam. But Still I dream to visit many places and I have a list of places that I want to visit.  But when the sound comes about “Melbourne” then my mind says “hmm… yuppi!” , because it is one of my favourite place in the list and if someday I get chance to get there , I can leave all my worries just to visit Melbourne, the capital city of Australia.
During the Royal periods, Melbourne once was the wealthiest  city in the world, Melbourne have lots of historical monuments and thousand of stories behind it and I want to see all these things in my real life , that I had read in books and seen in some movies. This city is surrounded with  natural beauty, beaches, business places, important historical monuments, museums,  and plesant oceanic weather.  Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world and have lots of things to learn and see from there.
Oops! I forgot to mentions the things and places that I want to see and do if someday I will visit Melbourne. Well here is the list.

1.       RAAF Museum
Raaf museum australia, Aircraft museum
The RAAF Meuseum  has the largest collection of memorabile and aircraft of world war 1 to Present day and some rich stories of Australian Royal Airforce and Australian flying Corps.  I am just too excited to see those aircrafts used in World War 1.

2.       Queen Victoria Market:
Queen victoria market, australia street market,
I heard that, Queen Victoria Market is just more than  shopping in Melbourne, it is also an Historical place, and vast place of trade and commerce spreading over two city blocks, where more than 1000 traders sell every daily need products  from fruits to each and everything. I will pick up some cheap stuffs from there. :)

3.       Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Melbourne stadium, cricket ground, cricket stadium, Melbourne cricket ground
I am always a cricket junkie and love to watches matches from stadium specially when the matches are in Eden Garden Kolkata, but Stadium like MCG is much exciting. It one of the oldest and beautifull cricket stadium of the world and hold many more games other than cricket.

4.       Yarra River
Yarra river bay, rivers in melbourne
The Yarra River is a most important attraction of Melbourne, I will love to see the sky line view through a boat.

5.       St. Patrick’s Cathedral:
St. Patrick's cathedral, beautiful building of Melbourne
It is an Cathedral Church of Roman Catholic Archliecese of Melbourne. It is one of the great and Beautiful building situated in the heart of Melbourne.It gives us the lovely example of early Melbourne Architecture.

6.       St. Paul Cathedral:
St. Paul Cathedral, old church of the world
It is an beautiful historic building in Melbourne, it was build in 1836. I love to see old Church because, they are so beautiful.

7.       City Circle Tram:
City circle tram, free tram service, australia
When travelling around the Melbourn city is free of cost, then why should I leave it? Yes, Melbourn City Circle Tram is free tram services from Australian Govt.  taking passengers down bustling streets.

8.       Japanese Garden, Melbourne:
landscape designing, japanese garden,
I don’t know much about this place, I hit Google with Keywords “Important Places in Melbourne” and I got this name. Well I found that, it is a landscaping project which design landscapes with different plants and other flora, for commercial purpose as well as for beautiful enviournment. As I am intrested in landscape photography , so the word “landscaping Project” attracted me.

9.       Melbourne Museum:
Melbourne meusum
Melbourne Museum is one of the well known award wining museum , which explores history, natural enviornment  to our different cultures. I wan to see some old skeltons of blue whale, diansoures and some unknown facts from there. Melbourne Meusume is a great place to learn about our natural enviornment.

10.    Royal Exhibition Building:
Royal exhibition center, australia, melbourne
Ah a great historic monuments again! , it is still used for some national and international exhibitions in Melbourne city. It was build in 1880 in grand royal style.

11.   Melbourne Beaches:
The fun time begins here.  Melbourne is sorrounded with number of  beaches, and its pleasant oceanic weather is great to enjoy in the bay. I would like to walk bare foot on the smooth sand , wet  feet on a new water, and will enjoy a great swimming there , and atlast I will capature the beautiful landmarks, sunrise from the skyline and the reflaction of blue water from ocean into my camera.

12.   Coffee at cafe :
When the matter comes about entertain, I wont step back from a cup of coffee, as I don’t feel  my day is complete without a cup of coffee. Well I heard that Melbourne sources the perfect cup of coffee by blending,  brewing, roasting, grinding and pouring the top quality of coffee beans. Open café will be idle as I can watch the public from there. : )

13.   Early morning view of nature:
fresh morning air, fresh morning view
I don’t know where to do this, but I want to enjoy the freshnes of the nature early morning from some top places, kinda hills. It will make my day :)

14.   Night View of Melbourne
Melbourne, Night life, Melbourne night life

Who would not love to get a glimps of night view of such beautiful city? I want to roam arround the city and will watch its decorations of lights, busy peoples and much more….
There are more things to see there in Mlebourne , but these things and places mentioned above are my favourite and I will fullfill my these dreams if someday I will go there.

If you have such dreams like mine, then its your time to visit Melbourne NOW!  Follow the link  www.visitmelbourne.com/in , You will get complete information there.

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India, Independence day message, independence day quotes, Indian Independence day

Sare Jahan Se Accha, Hindustan Humara…
Lets all unite together and and put India forward to its success, growth , development and wellbeing of theentire nation. It’s the 65th Anniversary of India. Lets pay tribute to the people who layed down their bodies and sacrificed their life for Freedom and to make India Independence, May their soul rest in peace. In this 65 years India has put itself forward with a vast of development nad improvement of the nation,  and hope to be developed in next few years.

31 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
29 Major festivals
1 Country, That is India
and I am proud to be an Indian.

Happy Independence Day to every Indian In this planet.

birthday card, handmade birthday card

Its been a busy week, I was busy in shopping of my college books and stationries, few clothes, I want everything new as I want to start my new life that is college life in a new way. I am also busy in making birthday card for Dolon and planing how to make her  feel special this year, because its her 21st birthday.
I am making two birthday cards for her, by the way I am not good at all in art and crafts , just searching on google and copying it J trying my best to make those beautiful. I hope atleast if may my card will bring a single smile on her face then, I will feel my hard work worth it J.  I know she will be more happy if I can go there on that day, But I can’t, we are living far  apart in two different districts So, I will have to courier the gifts and cards to her , and that’s all I can do from here. Oh yes, I have a surprise letter for, that is, I have collcted hand written birthday messages for her on a paper from all my friends , isn’t interesting?
Well birthday is so special for everyone and everyone deserve to celebrate this day full on.But what I think that, everyone comes into this world for a purpose , everyone have their own purpose of their life, where on the other hand birthday also realize us that we are grown one more year older that means we have grown more responsibilities and we have to be responsible in all the way.
I wake up in the morning and feel that I am healthy alive, then again I think, Oh Shit!  I have lost one day again from my life and I am grown older one day more.  Sometime I hate growing up and start to think what I was and what I am now. I use to feel bad of going to school, studying, and all those things of my childhood, I just wanted to grow up to be a free bird like our daddy , because I use to think that daddy’s life is better than me, he is tensed free from studies and all that, but now I feel that I was wrong , real face of life is very feorious As now I realize that I did not lived my childhood , I just hated my those days and now I again want to go back to my childhood, Oh God will you send me back to those days again???
 We  have lots of things to do, lots of things to achieve but Life is too short and we don’t have to waste our time. We have to do we have to achieve but We should not waste our life fully in achiving or doing things then we would find that we have not lived the life, so try to live the life more  and more as you can, because after a period you will find how to to live but you can’t live as may you are living now.
“LIFE” contain just simple four alphbets as well as easy to pronounce but, it have unimaginery depth inside it, those who understand what is life, they have touched the sky…

Love has changed the bad havits of my friends.
Me: Hello! Meghu (Nick name of my friend) How come you call me at this early morning , and where were you from last six days?

Meghu:  Hey Kajal! Can we meet today ? I have something special to share and something to ask you.

Me: Ok sure! See you at 9:30 AM at our Purana Adda .. Bye ( our old gossiping place , behind a tea stall at railway platform).

 Hmm.. I was stubborned for few moments, because I had never saw him in such excited mood along with tension. He must be having something really special to tell me. Well I meet him and see what he told me.

Few days ago he has meet  with a girl named Varsha at a party, they has been  introduced to eachother by  their friends at the party.  Now everyday they both talk to eachother on phone and texts and they want to get commited. He also told me  that, he is trying to change himself , he have deleted all porn movies, even he is trying to quit smoking for Varsha (OMG : ) ) She also want to get commited but sometime she is pretending like not willing to get commited by saying that, they are from different castes. (Damn Girl) .
Is she still among the traditional minded people who differenciates castes  to get in relationships. Oh man! I was so confused by hearing all these and he was treating me like I am a love guru(Bakwas**).

After few minutes I told him that : “You guys don’t know much about each other, then why you guys are in rush(like you will miss the last metro) to get commited.  Take some time, get to know each other properly, meet with her, spend sometime then think about relationship. If she really will then, she must be waiting, otherwise she will leave you or if you feel anything bad you can leave her without hurting hurting her and without hurting yourself too. Atleast you will get some experience about relationship which is very essential, don’t worry you guys are just twenty and a have to lead a long journey of life ahead, so save up the feelings for ahead.”

I don’t know what is told him was helpful or not or negative, but at that moment whatever my heart told I just uttered it from my mouth. Its really hard to give a quick decession to a friend quickly . But I am happy to hear the he is trying to quit smoking and deleted porn videos. (Maa ka ladla sudhar gaya)

Just few hours ago I was playing volleyball suddenly my eyes flipped up to the sky and made me remember of the Song "Wo shaam kuch ajeeb thi" I quickly grabbed out my cellphone and took this snap...

  "Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi
Yeh shaam bhi ajeeb hain
Woh kal bhi paas paas thi
Woh aaj bhi kareeb hain

Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi
Yeh shaam bhi ajeeb hain
Woh kal bhi paas paas thi
Woh aaj bhi kareeb hain
Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi

Zuki hui nigahon mein
Kahin mera khayaal tha
Dabi dabi haseen mein
Ek haseen sa gulal tha

Mein sochtatha mera naam
Gunguna rahin hain woh
Mein sochtatha mera naam
Gunguna rahin hain woh

Na jaane kyun laga mujhe
Ki muskura rahin hain woh
Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi

Mera khayaal hain aji
Zuki hui nigah mein
Khili hui haseen bhi hain
Dabi hui si chah mein

Mein jaanta hoon mera naam
Gunguna rahinhain woh
Mein jaanta hoon mera naam
Gunguna rahinhain woh
Yehi khayal hain mujhe
Ke saath aa rahin hain woh

Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi
Yeh shaam bhi ajeeb hain
Woh kal bhi paas paas thi
Woh aaj bhi kareeb hain
Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi"

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Hamaare to daaman mein kaanto ke siva kuch nahin.
 Aap to phoolon ke kharid-daar nazar aate hain.
 Jahan mein kitne dost mile hume par sabse ache aap nazar aate hain..

Khuda ki rahemat sare sansar par barse,
Mere hisse ki rahmat mere yaar par barse,
Ae khuda mujhe kar dena pani,
Agar mera yaar kabhi pyaas se tarse.

Rishton ki dori kamzor hoti hai,
Aankhon ki baatein dil ki chor hoti hai,
Khuda ne jab bhi pucha dosti ka matlab,
Hamari ungli aapki aur hoti hai.
Happy Friendship Day.

Wada karte hain dosti nibhayenge……
Koshish yahi rahegi tujhe na satyaenge…..
Zarurat pade to dil se pukarana……..
Mar bhi rahe honge to Khudase mohlat lekar aayenge

Koi pyar kehta hai koi mohabbat kehta hai,
Kuch log bandagi kehte hain…
Magar jinke saath hum dosti karte hain,
Unhe hum apni zindagi kehte hain…
Zindagi mein hamesha naye dost milenge, kahi zyada to kahin kum milenge. Aitbaar zara soch kar karna, mumkin nahi tumhe har jagah HUM milenge.

Dard jitna saha jaye utna hi sehna, Kisi ke dil ko jo lag jaye vo baat na kehna, Milte hain hamare jaise dost bahut kam, Isline humse 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Poem credit- Zeenews.com

From childhood when I started to walk by step by step, then in school, now in college, I got a lots of friends, its sad to say that I lost some of them L friends stood as an another world of me behind the real hard life. My every happines, my smile , my laughs , my encouragemnet , comes out because of my friends. Thanks to Lata, Suruchi, Meghnath, Dolon and Manish for always standing best to me. Also thanks to all my friends Akash, Shahid, Sovan, KD, mala, niraj, alekh, namrata, anamika, jayanti and all, I have the sweetest and happiest memories with you guys. The days we use to enjoy like will never be back,   I wish I had a camera everytime in my hand so , I would have caputered every moments that I spent with you all. I wish Happy friendship day to everyone.  If someone ask me what is the sweetest relation in this world, then I will say him it is “FRIENDSHIP”

Manish, sonu and me three years ago :)

classes during chilling winter

kv salboni commerce, kv salboni, batch 2011 2012
a memorable snap :)

meghnath kajal
meghnath and me, 

birthday party of friends, friends birthday party
14th december 2011

10 ka dum :)

the buggers :( for the last time we had meet together

aww one chapati but three hunger people :)

punam jaiswal, rahul karmakar, googly woogly whoosh
cho cute

1st day of our class 12th

blackboard art,


Love marriage or arrange marriage? A very complicated question. I must tell you before writing this article is that, I am a boy of 20 and in deep love with a girl as many other boys in this planet and I am going to write whatever I feel right in my opinion. Whether in love marriage or arrange marriage the main difference is in love marriage we love the person by our choice and in arrange marriage we have to accept the person as he/she is.

In Love marriage the couple already knows each other better, they know the likes and dislikes, mentality, understanding and views of each other, and they are much passionate and caring to their partners and feel like having beautiful moments of their life. In love marriage we do everything by our choice. Sometime couple find things are same as before feel boring after few years of marriage, its not a great deal, the deal is how we will make our marriage life interesting like as always.

Arranged marriage is the choice of our parents, where we do not need to spend our esteemed time to find our life partners. In arranged marriage couples are totally unknown to each other, they don’t know what are the likes and dislikes, what is the mentality and views of life of their life partners and couple are totally surprise for each other. We expect that our life partners would be like something and we get like something else, it is depend upon fortune. As they are not open so it may takes months and years to know each other completely. Sometime we do the things as a compulsion. Everything seems new and couple find it interesting. People in love marriage generally don’t get much time for romance from their daily work.
I think arranged marriage will too be like love marriage, if parents allow their children to spend some moments with their arranged husband/wife for them. They will come to know each other better, their shyness will decrease and hence they will be frank and open minded to each other, because they are going to start a new life and hence it is necessary to know each other as much as possible, then it will too look like a love marriage.

Divorce is the greatest decision of a married life where a life divides into two different life. As usually some situation comes when  people feel frustrate of feel unhappy in married life and it lead to divorces but I feel it is a silly idea. Of course everyone have the right to live their own way of life and happiness but, why don’t we give a one more try to bring back the happiness just by compromising and understanding the things for which the situation of divorce has been raised.
According to record people says that divorce rate in love marriage is more than arranged marriage, I have a one strong reason for the cause of divorces in these cases,  I know as people use to do the things in their love life  they can’t do those things in their married life, things changes from love life to a married life and when they don’t get they feel frustration, depression and blah blah which lead to the feelings for divorce. As I think it is stupidity, you know each other better you know what he/she likes and dislikes, then a little understanding and cooperation from both will fix the situation. Isn’t it? There are much more causes of divorces such as extra marital affairs, finance, lack of attractions and much more but I feel these reasons are beyond the humanity.
Marriage? Now I will not say that Arranged marriage is much better than love marriage and vice versa, because everyone have their choice of their life to choose their life partner or being choose for life partner, but it share a common destination, that is, “marriage”. Marriage is a life long humanity bond where husband and wife live together till end of their lives. “Marriage” the word is easy to pronounce and easy to get married but it has much more depth of responsibilities till the last day of life. Whether in love marriage or arranged marriage, it required mutual understanding, cooperation between wife and husband, faithful, helpful, care taking to each other. And it needs a lots of sacrifices for happiness of the soul mate. Also a lots of compromising, tones of understanding to handle many uneven situation of life and to lead a happy married life.

Some points I have in my mind right now, these things are required whether in love marriage or arranged marriage, these are….

  • To be a diplomatic thinking regarding the happiness of each other, Don’t only think about your happiness, your need and your enjoyment, because in the way you are being happy or fulfilling the needs may hurt your partner.

  • Be faithful to your wife/husband, if you have any problem regarding anything be open to share with him/her, because your husband/wife is the best friend that you ever got in your life.
  • Again that line, things changes from love life and married life, then there is needed of mutual understanding rather than creating dispute and fighting like fools.

I wrote these lines as much as possible of my understanding, and I hope it will help the people a little bit who are in need of such suggestion. 

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