Surf Excel Matic, A relief from being Soaked

As usual from Wednesday to Sunday I am having college, means wearing of clean and washed clothes every day, and I enjoy wearing, well, who doesn’t like  : ) ? I change every day but don’t find time to wash the wearied clothes so I keep them aside and I will wash them at the weekend, and for me weekend is Monday.

But When the day “Monday” comes in every week, the get-up of my face changes to freaky , and I think, Oh man! The day again, because I have to wash all the clothes those I kept aside from my wardrobe. As usual five heavy jeans, five shirts, three or four handkerchiefs, inners, bed sheets etc. I don’t have any washing machine, so as usual I soak the clothes into detergent water in two buckets for at least 20 Minutes. Because without soaking properly the dirt won’t get off.

Now the washing time begins, I wash all the jeans, shirts, bed sheets, with my hands by scrubbing and beating on the bathroom floor, at that moment I feel my hands are being grinded hardly and I am being soaked between my clothes and detergent water.  It is ok in summer season, but in winter when I wash in cold water… don’t ask me that how do I feel then.. My hand start to pain and even sometime I can’t hold my pen properly to write anything. Oh! God Monday is the worst day for me and I think during washing that Why do I wear so much clothes, its sucks me during the wash: (
Everybody wants to work less and get maximum benefit, everybody want to save the time, and hard work is avoided by many people and want a deluxe life and condition is same with washing and cleaning, the technology has been advanced in every field, now people are having washing machines, dryer and blah blah!  But washing machine is not affordable by lower middle class family like me, so I still wash my clothes traditionally and manually by hands, and that’s why I feel myself like I am being grinded 

But one of my friend told me about SURF EXCEL MATIC, SOAK NO MORE it is a solution for the hard labor of hand wash of clothes,  it is a excellent washing detergent powder which has the power of vibrating molecules, I use it and feel excellent than other one and relief from being soaked. I just mix little powder into half bucket  of water and then leave my clothes in into just for one minute to wet them properly and then I start washing. Now I don’t scrub my clothes so hardly, and with a little labor I get efficient wash and dirt get removed so quickly. I feel WOW!

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