Today was full of hectic and jam packed, usually I don’t wake up at 4:30 ‘O’ Clock but today I has to wake up because I had appointment with Doctor.  I was diagnosed with dry cough and blood from last two years, and generally it occur in between the months of August to December. I thought it may be the problem of my throat, so whenever it occurred I consulted with a ENT doctor.

 Its again occurred but now along with chest pain, and the pain is just like someone is poking a needle above the heart, at that moment I can’t take breath properly as I goes to take breath it pains more so I has to hold my breath for few seconds  . Really horrible na?. Well..  today I went to a cardiologist , he prescribed me some tests ECG, BLOOD TEST, CHEST PA VIEW, URINE TEST, SPUTUM TEST and blah blah!  I feed up by giving blood sample at diagnostic center, they took my blood in three another syringe emmm…. My hand is still paining. Was I giving sample or donating blood? **

*****A very bad weekend for me………………*****

Here are few snaps I took in this week.


Hello everyone..! Last week was full of rush from home to college , college to home,  home to tuition, tuition to home and so on, but somehow I did manage to have fun , Durgapuja shopping , and photography with my cell phone.
I wake up every morning and it refresh my mind all the way, but sometime morning gives me a funny thought, whenever I hear the sound of drums from my school and when I seen from my window the children  in full uniform , hanging a school bag at their back and heading towards school , I feel a sprinkle of joy that I don’t have to go school anymore, now I have my college life, I am free from those burdens of home work and weekly tests he he , but really you know what ? my heart says that I miss my school life a lot, it was my golden days. 
This morning I went to BigBazaar for window shopping, I am much excited to buy a tablet, I have chosen BSNL PENTA 701C in my mind , its of Rs 5000, and suitable for me and my pocket, so I am just waiting to reach my Google Adsense earning $100, and when I will get the cheque I will fulfill this desire :)
Here are some photos I managed clicked on last week…

perfect life, life quotes, perfect life quotes
 Nobody has a perfect life

friends autographs, memorable autographs, i love my friends
A memorable autographs from my School mates, I  miss you all :( 

Kajal Majhi
 No comments sshh,,,, :P

Wind chimes, Wind chimes quotes, life quotes
 My lucky wind chimes 

music quotes, holding guitar, guitar quotes
Music matter me a lot, A pure way to refresh my mind.

attitude quotes, describing myself, life describing quotes
What I am
I love to collect inspirational quotes and add them on self clicked photos. I love to being motivated  and inspired and love too to inspire others. I hope you will like it. And readers I know that my posts are not attractive , but I love to see comments it inspires me a Comment Please....

school quotes, life quotes, inspirational quotes

school quotes, life quotes, inspirational quotes, sunrise, sunset

doll quotes, life quotes, girly quotes, girly attitude quotes

rain quotes, life inspirative quotes, rain of glass

Now I got into a complete busy life, with pinch of enjoyment and entertainment and I think I have started to adjust myself with the boring environment of my college, knowing how to tackle the boring hours at college and enjoy with it as it is.  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM college, then back to home like a tiered buffalo.
Well I don’t like a little part syllabus of the syllabus of B.C.A , it is P.C Software, I get bored in this class so now I bunk it every time. They just teach using of word, PowerPoint, excel etc in graduation, why don’t  they change the syllabus and teach something interesting like web designing, gamming, etc .
Apart from these , this week was full of fun, photography, riding, rain and journey. Yes and you know what  having chai (tea) at roadside dhabbas (stall) is more interesting  rather than in coffee café specially when your are alone. I enjoyed coffee , chicken roll and chicken manchuriyan at the dhabba & it was yummy too.
Yesterday some busses were on strike because of the fuel hike, so I went college by bike, it was amazing experience of riding a bike for continue 50 KM with a constant speed of 110 KMPH as there was very less traffic.
Well my plan for next week is to visit Prayag Film city Chandrakona, which is just 25 KM away from my college, I heard it has been inaugurated by Shahrukh Khan, but it is not completely constructed yet, whatever, I think I will enjoy being there.
Well enough said.. Know what? Every morning I wake up I feel I am healthy alive, I am more energetic , and more smiling,  I am among those who live in today, but whenever I think for my future I see it is completely fade. My Dad will be retire after five years and I am perusing B.C.A which is for three years, after this I want to peruse M.C.A which will take another three years, but when I think about  the situation will be after dad’s retirement it tend me to peruse M.B.A after B.C.A because I know I will also have some family responsibilities, but I don’t want an M.B.A I want my career in the field of software. What will I study? Shall I study according to my aim? Or by thinking about the responsibilities?

The only place in college where I feel good :) programming in C

Cooking is an another tough job for me, but I love to cook as much I know and try to learn about more dishes.  It is the daily needed art & skill which is required by everyone directly or indirectly to feed our hunger  , by what we are alive. Well said *blink*
Today I am going to tell you about my favorite pasta dish , Tangy Vegetarian Pasta , It was my favorite stuff inside my Tiffin box during my school days.

The Ingredients needed are:

Onion: one, chop it finely.
Garlic: Two  spoon  minced.
Ripe Tomatoes:  Five
Salt:  As per quantity required.
Black pepper powder: As per quantity required.
Pasta Sauce : Del Monte Tomato & Basil pasta sauce.
Olive Oil : Del Monte Extra Virgin olive oil.
Oregano Powder : Two tea spoon.
Broccoli: 10 bite size
Green Capsicum: 1 cup

Photo credit:

Now, the real job beings, the procedure to cook Tangy pasta:

Take full pot of water and boil it.

When  the water is boiled and rolling, then add pasta into the boiling water , add little salt and stir it and cook until it tender.

Now in a colander , drain the pasta and run cold water through it , a little job is done, now keep it aside.

Again boil water, then put the tomatoes in boiling water and cover it for five minutes, then remove the skin and puree it in the blender.

Now, heat Del Monte Extra Virgin olive oil , fry garlic & onion , then add tomato puree, Del Monte Tomato & Basil pasta sauce, and cook until the sauce boil , then simmer it for ten minutes.

Add pepper powder, salt and Oregano. The sauce is ready and the second job is done, keep it aside too.

Now, put the Broccoli in boiling water for five minutes, then drain the water and put it aside.

Heat olive oil and add chopped onion and garlic and fry till the onions become pink.

Now, add capsicum, broccoli, cook them for few minutes  in high flame, and some oregano, black pepper and salt. Now everything is ready.

While serving, add the sautéed vegetables and cooked pasta to prepared sauce. Even you can also add cheese.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe , for more visit this page
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"Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth"

Happy teacher’s day to every teachers, I thank to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan for giving idea to celebrate his birthday as teacher’s day on the great honor of teachers.
I remember when I was studying from class I to X, today  our seniors use to become teachers for today  and we kids use to enjoy this day as we knew no real teacher will be coming today to scold us badly. Ha ha.. And when I grew up and I was one among the seniors , I realized that being a senior means having more responsibilities , just not only in my school day but in every stage ahead.
Two years back when I was in XI standard  today I  had became a teacher for the 1st time as a Hindi teacher in place of Poonam Madam, Oh My God I always wanted to escape from Hindi and today I got in trap and I had to teach Class IV & V,  just guess what I did? I wrote on the blackboard “Gai humari Mata hai, Humko kuch nahi ata hai” and shown my anger expression to make the classroom a pin drop silence.  I was crazy.

Last year I was  in XII the last stage of my school life and on this day I became a sports teacher, yupppi! I got what I wanted to be J I just enjoyed that day by playing with the kids and they had reminded me my childhood memories. Really, school life was my sweetest, funniest, golden life and I enjoyed every it bit. (**blink**)

And you know what? After becoming a teacher for two times , I realized the teaching is not the easiest profession as it look like, when teachers use to give lectures and we use to think like “this mental patient has mugged up the whole book and just dictating here” sorry teachers I was wrong 
Salute to every teachers in this world and love you Dr. Radhakrishna Ji

Here are some memories of Teacher's Day...

 Don't dare to mess with these kids.. only one word "CRAZY"


 My tribute to.. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 

 I know, how did I handle them

 Teachers, who always had encourage and inspired us..

 having fun haan?

When courier delivery man knocked the door, Mom screamed, hey! Kajal it’s a courier for you”,  I started to think that who can send me stuff now?  Then I guessed , it might be from “Indiblogger”  I hurryingly came out of my room and opened the package then my eyes started to blink “Oh My God, the Tshirt from Indi” I started to dance with mom in joy, He He.

It’s a beautiful Tshirt with a giant label of Indiblogger and  Castrol. I loved it and I obviously I will wear it tomorrow in Fresher’s Party of my College. This one is the second gift from Indi and hope to get more ahead.

Thanks again to Indiblogger and Castrol for such a nice gift. 

Hmm.. whats inside this package?  

  Now I am really feeling like I am a part of Indiblogger


 That is it!  Indian By Birth ,no doubt! and Biker by Choice,, any confusion?? 

 Love you Indi

Dear Dolon,
Many many happy returns of  the Day , may God bless you Dear and may your days fill with Joy, Happiness , success and glamours. I wish you long long long and long healthy  life ahead..
You know what? This is the only day when you was crying and your Mom was smiling with joy. Give her a tight hug , kiss on her head and say “I love you momma the most”  Because with you she is everything , I am damn sure that today you mom is more happy than any other day because, today is the day from when she has became a “Mother”.
I am feeling very sorry that today I am not there  to celebrate with you but believe me I am feeling like today I am the most happiest person in this world just because  today is your birthday, my angel’s birthday. J
Well.. birth is the origin and death is the destination that we all living being shares it, but God send us everyone in this world for a purpose and whatever the purpose or motto of your life I just wish it will be fulfilled soon.
Don’t’ bring it in mind that how old you are or how old you became today, just enjoy your life like today is the first day of your life , then even hell will become a heaven. Rock the life, rock the world , have a blast today..
Happy Birthday Dolon..  Muuuaaaah!

Much Love

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I had been my journey to college life from last twelve days. I feel very low after I return back to home, because every day I cover a journey of 50 KM to reach my college and another 50 KM to come back to my home. I think I will be habitual of these after  few more these and I won’t feel tired anymore. Well the college is too pretty and have also good infrastructure.  Well Our school teachers were right that, “nothing is  like school life” because I  did much fun in my school life than now in college, and here I didn’t found any good friend, because all are just busy with cell phone even in classroom .

Today was a hard day too, Me and my friend took train rather than bus, Oh My God I never travelled in local trains so didn’t knew about the ticket rates , and the train ticket is so cheaply than bus’ ticket , Just Rs 2  for 12 KM and its 7 Rs in  bus. This post one of my silly post isn’t it? 

I love leaning at the door of train

We love nature or nature loves us or we are nature? I just love to capture landscapes

One of my closest friend Meghnath

Me in formal dress , just because I am afraid of ragging :)