Got my Castrol Indiblogger Tshirt

When courier delivery man knocked the door, Mom screamed, hey! Kajal it’s a courier for you”,  I started to think that who can send me stuff now?  Then I guessed , it might be from “Indiblogger”  I hurryingly came out of my room and opened the package then my eyes started to blink “Oh My God, the Tshirt from Indi” I started to dance with mom in joy, He He.

It’s a beautiful Tshirt with a giant label of Indiblogger and  Castrol. I loved it and I obviously I will wear it tomorrow in Fresher’s Party of my College. This one is the second gift from Indi and hope to get more ahead.

Thanks again to Indiblogger and Castrol for such a nice gift. 

Hmm.. whats inside this package?  

  Now I am really feeling like I am a part of Indiblogger


 That is it!  Indian By Birth ,no doubt! and Biker by Choice,, any confusion?? 

 Love you Indi


  1. It's fun when such amazing gifts are delivered!
    I remember how excited I was when I received my first indi gift!
    And its a great way to thank indiblogger!
    Appreciate it!
    good times:)

    1. yup :) yup :) thanks Kinara... The thanking idea is of my mom :)


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