After a week I am back to home and  last week was amazing, full of fun with family and friends & night outs.  Know what I never liked to be in the place where there is crowd, but the sound of Dhaaks, cuteness of Goddess Durga idols and the attractive puja pandals  has compelled me to disappear myself in the crowd of durga puja.

The nights of Maha Asthami, Nawami, and Vijay dasami  was fully  decorated with colorful  lights,  roads were in queue of people. The most attractive things of durga puja was the Puja pandals, and the beautiful Idols of Goddess Durga.  Now no more fun, no more night out, no more sound of Dhaaks,  just Waiting for the next Durga puja of next year.  : )

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Happy durga puja to you all and and your dear ones, May Goddess durga bless you all.

Well.. let me share my few memories of Durga puja. The fun use to begin from the day of Mahalaya (the 1st day of Navaratri Puja). Do you remember  The Mahalaya television show on Doordarshan Channel? Which use to be acted by Hemamalini. At that time I was in my village and not having TV, so I use to wake up early  to get a glimpse of this show at my neighbour’s   TV.
After this, We usually goes for purchasing of new clothes for most important for days “Sasthi, sapthami, asthami, nawami and Dasami.” (the sixth, seventh, eight, ninth and tenth days of Durga puja). On these five days we use to do worship the idol of Goddess Durga and hope into different puja pandals.

But I was little bit weird, on the early morning  of Sasthi I use to take my tooth brush and starts to hope into different puja pandals to get a first glimpse of the idol of  Goddess   Durga and the design of the pandals, and in the evening I use to be busy in eating pani puri, and chola at the fair stalls. J This Tuesday I have planned to visit my village, as I have been missing the pujas from last few years.
Enough said haan? wish you  all and your dear ones a very Happy Durga puja and May Goddess Durga bless you all.
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"I want to Touch the Sun
I want a piece of Moon"

Hey! After two months of hectic life at college , I got a complete month of vacation , its Durga puja vacation  along with EiD and some other pujas.
Thirty days looks like a long vacation but the days will pass so quickly and at the end I would be thinking,  How did I enjoyed this vacation ? and  I will get I did nothing, ha ha. Well, if I compare the vacation along with the tasks I have got to do, then it will looks like a weekend. I got to complete Seven assignments it sucks!  And even more scary work is to get prepare for the internal exam which is going to held soon after the vacation.

Umm.. Sad to say that I am suffering from Jaundice, it’s the third time I am diagnosed with it after ten years , I don’t know why its happening to me again and again. I feed up with allopathic treatment so this time my parents has chosen  ayurvedic  treatment . Its very weird treatment,
Let me explain.. guess what they did with me? The doctor made a cut about one inch on my forehead with a blade, when it was bleeding he putted a herbal paste on the cut and told me not to wash my head and face for next three days, yuck!!   It’s so dirty. And I have to eat only rice, raw banana boiled in water with a pinch of salt and jeera powder. And in breakfast only papaya and palm water for next seven days. You know I am feeling like my tongue and mouth is completely tasteless and colorless.
Umm… I have to eat these for next seven days but I don’t know how. But for the eighth day I have a complete list to fulfill my appetite of last seven days……

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 my college

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New college dress :) howz it?

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I got so emotional after seeing the eyes of Virat Kholi during the Match between  South Africa & India.
Everyone played well, after all it’s a game where indeed a team have to loose. But don’t worry we still have THREE WORLD CUPS, ( two 50 over’s, and one  T20’s) We proud of our team India. Virat, you made our nation so proud.

Perhaps, It was a bad day for us, as Bad things do happen; how we respond to them defines our character and the quality of our life. We can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of our loss, or we can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift we have .

We love you Virat, we love team India…

On Saturday evening, I got a call from State Bank of our campus branch, and said they have a courier package for me. I wonder , does the  banks has also started courier service? If not, then what could be in that package, because I already have my debit card, cheque book and Internet Banking Kit, As per my knowledge I have not applied for anything else in bank.
I passed Saturday and Sunday just by flaunting my different weird thoughts about the package to mom and dad, And this morning I went to bank and asked for that package,

The peon asked me so surprisingly “Are you Kajal Majhi?”
Me: “Yes, but why are you asking me in this way?”
Peon: “ Nahi beta, I am just asking because you name is so girly type”
Ha ha…

Well..enough. I opened the package and my eyes could not believe what’s inside the package, yes it’s the Lakme gift hamper. Beautifully packed with golden color wrapper  and the stuff inside it is more than what have I thought. 
A beautiful note from Lakme,  Lakme sun expert UV lotion with SPF 50, Lakme sun expert fairness +  UV lotion with SPF 24, Lakme Sun Expert Skin lightening face wash. Means my skin is totally protected from Sun , he he

Thank you Indiblogger and Lakme for such a nice gift. It’s  my third gift from Indiblogger, and everytime I receive a gift I feel like I got an inspiration for blogging and writing. Just in one line  “Hats off to Indi team for such great work which Inspires every bloggers like me.

But hey guys!  these cream will work on my skin or not? I mean on men’s skin?

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lakme sun expert collection, blogging prizes

lakme gift hamper, indiblogger prizes