Tring Tring its Puja Vacation!

Hey! After two months of hectic life at college , I got a complete month of vacation , its Durga puja vacation  along with EiD and some other pujas.
Thirty days looks like a long vacation but the days will pass so quickly and at the end I would be thinking,  How did I enjoyed this vacation ? and  I will get I did nothing, ha ha. Well, if I compare the vacation along with the tasks I have got to do, then it will looks like a weekend. I got to complete Seven assignments it sucks!  And even more scary work is to get prepare for the internal exam which is going to held soon after the vacation.

Umm.. Sad to say that I am suffering from Jaundice, it’s the third time I am diagnosed with it after ten years , I don’t know why its happening to me again and again. I feed up with allopathic treatment so this time my parents has chosen  ayurvedic  treatment . Its very weird treatment,
Let me explain.. guess what they did with me? The doctor made a cut about one inch on my forehead with a blade, when it was bleeding he putted a herbal paste on the cut and told me not to wash my head and face for next three days, yuck!!   It’s so dirty. And I have to eat only rice, raw banana boiled in water with a pinch of salt and jeera powder. And in breakfast only papaya and palm water for next seven days. You know I am feeling like my tongue and mouth is completely tasteless and colorless.
Umm… I have to eat these for next seven days but I don’t know how. But for the eighth day I have a complete list to fulfill my appetite of last seven days……

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New college dress :) howz it?

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