Before end of this year

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The year 2012 is going to end after this month, so how 2012 stood for you all? Mine was average, not bad enough and not good too. This year I lost my school life I mean my school life is over , it is the worse thing happened to me in this year,
Well few good things are I got into college life, new friends, a new environment,  few rare family gathering,  so many gifts from Indiblogger like Amul thermal mug, Castrol biking t-shirt, Lakme gift hamper, Melbourne pen drive and looking forward to receive more years ahead, thank you Indiblogger for all these.

People are afraid that the world is going to end on this month but I am not afraid because every living creatures who born, have to die someday and when death will come no one can stop it, well end of the world is just a panic and if it is real then I will see it, Because I am alive today and I will live my life today as much I can, who knows that what gonna happen tomorrow? Nice ha? he he :)

A whole Year is going to end but I  have not did a lot of things over the past months, so I have planned to fulfill my those desires before the end of 2012, these are;

It has been three years since I have not went to movie theater to watch any movie, the last movie I have seen along with my friends was “Rab Ne Ban Di Jodi”  so I have a list with a queue of movie names which I gonna watch once every week in this month.  

Second, Christmas is near, so “party to banta hai Boss”. All of my friends are outstation because of studies , now Chirtmas is a great day when we will gather together again.

Third, I want to give a dummy new look to my room,  it looks so untidy and messy because of my lazy habits, but I wander How do girls keep their room so neat and clean?

Fourth is , I will visit my school to meet with my favorite teachers and juniors. I will freshen up the memories of my school days. It’s only been eight months I left my school don’t know why I miss them a lot than any other things of my life.

And the Fifth one is, Night out on 31st December and camp fire to warmly welcome new year 2013.

I hope I am going to make these all and the coming year will be more charming and more success for everyone of us.


  1. Bro i will be there to rock the new year eve :-)

    1. wow great! I will be waiting. we will rock at the party. thanks for dropping by here


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