Phew! The horrible period for a student is the duration inside the examination hall. But thanks God, after a month of sleepless nights, naps by putting head over heap of books, Finally the exams are over for this semester and now free of these burdens for another six months..

Sometime I feel examination halls lots of exciting because lots of unusual things happens there. Like,  Guards and professors stare at me with their hunter eyes like if I have pirated in their houses. But honestly , we discover new and new way to cheat in exam, obviously I won’t tell here how did we cheated in exam because lots of teachers would be reading this post someday. The beautiful girls of our batch who never talks in class or outside , but she stares at me continuously  with a charming smile in her cheeks inside examination hall, damn! Does she think that I knew the answer? 

Well… this semester is over along with this year 2013, I had some pretty memories in the last six months.  Learnt a lot of things, made some good friends from another branches, bunch of fun ,problems, and few heart pumping moments too.  Sometimes I can’t believe to myself that I have leaved the school life two years back and 4th semester of my college life is about to begin as well as 2013 is about to end too. Really, time is on its way but we are still there where we were.
Whenever I think about how I am passing my days? I only feel that I am spoiling my days without doing anything just by leading a normal life like home to college and then back to home again.
 Ok enough sentiments for today lets have a look few moments back into the 3rd semester.

Me and Meghnath

Institute of Science and technology

institute of science and technology
Our classmates

Enjoying a ride on the roof of bus 

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Life is a mirror and will reflect back
to the thinker, what he thinks into it..

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  How rich you are, how much of wealth  you have, but do you have health? If you don’t have health then there is no use of your wealth, luxuries, highly professional degrees and so on… everything will be vain.. If you have health then you have the world’s precious wealth.
 You think that by having a quality lifestyle you will be healthy but, you may don’t know that some of your habits may have bad effects on your health and can make you fall sick. But probably your immunity can protect you from common infections and diseases , but think about your children whi have the same lifestyle .They are growing, their immunity is still developing and not that developed which is enough to  protect  them.
Only a  quality life style is not enough to stay healthy and protective from getting ill because  the environment in which we are living is not pure enough, we have used it as much we could  and still using the environment for our daily necessities and self-benefits, as a result our necessities has affected the environment very badly. The rain is infected , the air is full of germs and harmful substances, the soil has loosed its fertility and mixed with non-biodegradable substances  and much more.   Every day we breathe lots of harmful things  like Smoke, leads, dusts, floating germs and more harmful particles. The air is not pure anymore like before and we can’t imagine that how much our body fights and defend from such things. We cannot stop these external vulnerability  , but we can protect ourselves from them by strengthen the immunity inside us.    It’s all our immune system that fights for us to defend from getting sick.  To make it more clear I have described all the facts in different paragraphs below.

immunity , healthy rules, health tips for imunization,daily health tips for parents

Parents behaviour:
Children comes into this world without knowing anything they learn to eat , speak, walk, run , play , read, etc. from their parents. Always  be beware about what you speak, eat, drink and do in front of them   because almost everything they learns from you and if it will have bad effect on them it will tamper their growth.

Quit smoking & Drinking:
 Very old proverb “Smoking is injurious to health”. But if you can’t stop smoking then, please don’t smoke in front of your child.  The smoke exhale out of your lungs is more dangerous for the people around you and children learn most of the activities from their parents and they will grow up into addicted smoker. So beware.
Special Note for Newbie Mommy: If you are breast feeding mom then you must stop smoking and drinking for the period you feed your baby, the nutrition in the milk depend on what you eat and drink . Add lots of healthy foods like fruits and green vegetables , get some good health drink , it will be beneficial for both of you and your baby too.

Daily Exercise:
Daily Exercise doesn’t mean to let your child join daily gym. It is to keep your child’s physical activities updated. Minimize the usage of joysticks and PlayStations, let them go out and play with their friends. Get them a kids’ bicycle  , bicycle riding is best exercise can be done by anyone. Do a family exercise regularly let your kids join you and encourage them to follow what you do like rope jumping,  skipping, play merry round, basketball, tennis and so on… This will boost their metabolism, immunity, intake of more oxygen, and make them feel fresh and active.

Polio Vaccine:
 It is one of the most important vaccine must be given to every child from birth to five years of age. It is recommended by W.H.O (World Health Organization)  for immunization against polio virus. Polio is incurable but it can be prevented by immunizing the body. Follow the polio vaccination schedule which are generally advertise in Television Channels, Newspapers , Magazines and sometime  the local health department also comes around  streets to announce the date and time of polio vaccine. 

Balanced Diet:
Proper nutrition is an important fact for adequate growth and immunization . All essential nutrients are required by body in adequate quantity to boost immunity, antioxidants to fight infections, and all necessary vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, E , Zinc etc. Avoid packaged and processed foods they can be cooked quickly but  they contain more sugar, and less in required nutrients. Serve freshly made foods to your child and add more amount of fresh fruits and green vegetables and pulses in their plates. Fruits are rich source of vitamins and antioxidants and  green vegetables and pulses are good source of minerals, &  protein . Always change the meal twice or thrice a week, as children feel bored by chewing same type of foods in their mouth, try something different on every alternate day.
Cleanness and hygienic:
How does it look when we see our surroundings are clean and green, its seems like a healthy environment. To have a healthy life we have to main cleanness both our environment as well as our body. We adults know that how to keep ourselves clean but our kids don’t know, sometime they stay out of our eyesight and we can’t know what they are doing and eating outside . Teach them wash hands properly before going to eat anything,  put a sanitizer or dry hand wash in their school bag , it will be handy and keep them away from germs that can make them fall sick .
Apart from these keep in mind what your kids  eat and wear everyday,  make them wear clean and washed clothes everyday, change their bed sheets regularly with a clean one and must have regular bath with lukewarm water.

Eat to be alive , don’t be alive to eat :
Eat that much which is required by your body to perform your daily activities , don’t eat too much unnecessarily  , it will turn your body in obesity and it is the key to many type of disease like Diabetes, heart diseases, High Blood pressure, and so on. Also you should keep in mind that what and how much you are feeding your child, don’t feed them when they say that “can’t eat more”.
If you have left too much of food in your kitchen, don’t throw them away, give the foods to those children who don’t get proper meal every day, stand outside  for a while you will see a lots of child like this, give them they will be very happy.

Adopt the natural amenities:
It is good to stay in natural environment  as much as possible rather than in a man made surroundings. Make your child a habit to into bed and get out of bed early, make them breath in fresh air of early morning, let the drops of dew touch their feet. I heard that morning has an amazing power of healing so many things inside our body.
If you or your child fall sick , don’t ask your doctor every time to prescribe antibiotics, ask your doctor if he/she have any natural remedies. Natural remedies work together with our immune system to heal out the disease where as the antibiotics are chemically processed  substances work of their own and doesn’t allow our immune system to work. 

Family health check-up:
Go for a health check-up along with your children at least twice a year. Its is very important and helpful to secure your family with a good health. And take a protective vaccination for tetanus etc. once a year.
Daily health tonic and multivitamins :
The land has loosed it’s natural fertility , farmer are using artificial fertilizer and HYB seeds to maximize the output, but the required nutrients in them has decreased, the milk men injects some kind of medicines in the cow and buffalo’s body to maximize the output of milk from their mammary glands but not the required vitamins and minerals. we eat food grains that fulfil our empty belly but we don’t get the required nutrients by our body. Hence you should have some daily health drinks that is full of multivitamins and minerals specially for your child , their body needs to much of energy at this developing stage.
Apart from this your entire family can have Dabur Chyawanprash , it’s a pure ayurvedic   health tonic for your entire family. It is filled goodness of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals which provide immunization and strength from inside.    

Being a great Parents : (Most Important)
It’s a great challenge , Only medicines, balance diet food and nutrients , and immunization is not enough to keep your child healthy and immunized but ,  Before being a parent you must become a good friend to them. Somewhere and sometime in your life you probably have faced some problems and situation that you could not share them with your parents and later you had felt that it would had been much better if you had told about that with your parents, isn’t it? So don’t let your children face the same situations, they are your children, you mean the world to them and you can help and care about them better than anyone else in this world.  Sort out some time from your busy schedule and spend with them, play with them,  go out  , talk  make them laugh and share some moments of your day you had, make them feel comfortable with you so that whenever they will have any problem they will come to you first and they can share with you everything without hesitating . Win their hearts , they will win your heart too and  It will lead them a complete stress free growth.

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Everything  surrounded around us is nature  except the man made amenities  even we are made up of nature itself. We have born in it, we use it for our survivals and after our death again our body gets dissolve in it.
Well… lets go back into those days where there we no electricity, no modern medicines, celling fans, air conditions , refrigerator, modern facilities and so on…People used to depend upon everything those were naturally available, there were no tablets and capsules so people used herbs and Ayurvedic  ideas to heal everything in a short period of time.
There were no electric oven and modern crockery , people use to cook on earth pots using coal and wood, foods were nicely cooked without losing much of nutrients. They did not have a comfortable life like now we have but they had a life with proper growth,  adequate life expectancy , great immune system.

But now a days we are in queue to make our life comfortable and quick, but adopting all the artificial things leaving away all the natural products we have around us.  well who doesn’t like to have a comfortable life...? Result is our growth and immune  system have became that much of weak that, for a single minor cut we have to consult  the doctor and without medic it’s not healing out.

What is Ayurvedic? It’s the ancient way of treating the disease using pure natural substances
 Cissus quadrangularis L
such as herbs and plants. It has no side effect and provide immune and metabolism. Ayurvedic has a great power, I remember during my childhood whenever I used to have cough and cold, my mom use to give me few drops of honey mixed with Tulshi leave’s juice and I use to feel much better within few hours.
When my uncle’s left hand got fractured due to an accident he didn’t went to any hospital or doctor. A man had good knowledge about herbs he used the 
Cissus quadrangularis plant(looks like cactus) on my uncle’s hand and the facture was healed within 15days.
When I was diagnosed with jaundice , an Ayurvedic doctor suggested me some herbs and I was feeling well after a week. What I mean to say is, in our daily life it is better to use natural products rather then process stuffs. Products which are naturally  available are free from side-effects

 Chemically processed medicines are good as they are quick but they stop the body’s own power to fight against the diseases. These days just after a birth of a baby,  he/she his survival is depended on processed foods , few of them are lucky who are feeds by mother’s mammary gland. Its said that processed foods and drinks contains every nutrients that are required  for baby’s growth but they are processed not natural, it can be given after couple of months but not right after birth.
Apart from these, as I said chemically processed medicines are quick effective and hence most of us has adopted it but for growing children it can be harmful. They are growing and their body organs are not that developed . To exclude out the unwanted chemicals their body has to face lots of pressure. If a child has fallen sick then, consult to doctor but be sure that those medicines should not be prescribed for a longer durations and after couple of days the intake of such medicines should be decrease

Childhood  is the base of entire life it’s the blooming time when nature gives the maximum strength to grow, build, rejoice and this is the time when she/he have the maximum ability to gain maximum of energy and growth.  Every person’s growth and development is based on his/her childhood development. The more he/she will be nourished in natural environment the more he/she will adequate toward stronger growth and immunization.
Also by implementing the traditional knowledge on children is very effective on their growth. We can also use ayurvedic products on them, it will be boon on children’s growth . Ayurvedic products are completely absorbable by a child’s body  , it enhance the immunity, provide extra support on their growth. Ayurvedic chawanprash is one of the vital ayurvedic source which provide daily essentials nutrients not only for you but for your whole family.
Apart from these, Children should have proper nutrition with balance diet, they should be given freshly homemade food and fresh fruits rather than processed foods. Proper exercise and most important is parents’ love.
We know, all of we want a quality stabilized life for that parents work hard , after a tough day at work place , people comes back to home with tired and weakness and rest of the time they spend on household works and when it’s the time to spend few hours with their children they feel so much of sleepy , indeed anyone  will feel tired and frustrate after spending a long day at work. But children needs parents’ attention, love and care.
And finally here are some notes for healthy growth of children.

Children should have proper sleep atlest 8 to 10 hours a day.

Adequate exercise to gain metabolism and flush out the toxics from body

Avoid processed foods for children.  Serve them freshly homemade balance diet foods.

Most important is parents’ love,  sort out some time from your busy schedule and spend them with your kids.

Decrease the intake of chemically processed medicines.

Give your child ayurvedic tonic/chawanprash with milk daily.

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I  don’t know any perfect lines to describe the  “love” . It brings tones of cherishing  unforgettable moments, sometimes it brings sorrows and again sometime it brings millions of happiness and sweeten our days with its sweetness . Sometime It creates a wall between our desires, hope and dreams and led in the situation where we have to choose any one thing by taking our every desire from inside us and again it waken up those desires and gives a new hope to live… what is love?

Being in a long distance relationship from last few years , I have learnt to deprive on my emotions, have faith, and mostly I have realize  what is ‘missing someone’ . But her warmth  cuteness and faith of love never felt me like having a distant relationship, all we need is to always  have a charming heart and she taught me how to have it…
We are only able to meet once or twice in a year just for a short moments and we spends our entire  hours just by staring at each other eyes, we always has too much to talk too much to share but we couldn’t move our eyes from each other, our every meets remains silence with tears of joy.
By seeing each other for couple of hours give us the strength to wait , to love more and to rejoice.

Like every couple we too have big dreams, a relationship which have no end no beginning and only endowed with  heartful of love .We dreams  to have tones of romance, to lost into our dreamy  world ,  walk into the journey of life along with each other,    grow old together and to have everlasting love until the day we die… And these desire only be fulfilled when we would be together , so the greatest  of my life and Platinum day of Love would be the day when we will be together and remain forever.
Those are lucky who have stable relationship, we often face challenges and situations and when we stuck between our dreams, hopes , desires and challenges , if we can’t decide which is the right thing to choose, then we should leave such events in the situations , because situations always changes and someday we would have found the right thing to do.

Love is everlasting , it never fades  never decrease and  remain  shining and glowing forever, we can not compare its worth with anything else in this world but we can honour it with our love and things which remain its state of glow and shine forever that is PLATINUM. It never fades and remain its shine forever like love. 

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 Always be careful: If you found yourself uncomfortable at any place, people staring at you strangely then, get out of those place quickly and dissolve inside a crowd and then move to a safer place. Crimes doesn’t inform us about its occurrence but it gives sign that it is about to occur, so it’s better to let not the situation come. Apart from these if you ride two-wheelers then always wear full helmet.  Never forget to lock the car door and window whether at home, office or outside and always check the back seat before entering into the car.

Be frank to your parents/guardians:
One of the most important,  if you have planned to go outside , hangouts and anywhere its nice, but never think that you will not let your parents/friends/husband/roommate know about this. This is one of the big mistake we do, we try to hide ourselves from them , you should tell them where you are going, with whom you are going , so that they will be aware about this. Sometime its little tough to tell everything with them but if you convince them , they will sure let you go.

Don’t believe the roadside strangers:
Are you new to a place and don’t know the better route to go ahead? Have you planned to visit a place for the first time? If you don’t know the route its ok, but don’t ask the roadside strangers about the place and strangers, because they may seem innocence from outside but Who knows there is a evil inside them..? so its better to use the modern technologies like G.P.S and  Google maps etc. With the help of such things you can find the best route for your destination, online encyclopaedia like would help you to know a bit more about the place you are about to visit.

Use security Apps.

Apps. Developers are also trying their best to ensure the women’s safety . They are available for different platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, Android and Nokia Smartphones etc… and comes with features like alerts  few of the pre added contacts, send texts for help, alert the Cops, panic for help, raises the alarm, sends current location to the included contacts and much more. If you have a smart phone then these apps would be like handy tools for you at any emergency situations.
 Some of the security apps for different platform   by the best of my knowledge are :

  • Smart Suraksha (Android): A perfect handy tool useful at any emergency situation. It can alert five pre included contact numbers  with texts for help. It also send the current GPS location and alert the local cops by just pressing a button. To know more about Smart Surakhsha , read my previous blog post here
  • FightBack (Nokia SmartPhones & Blackberry) : This apps use your GPS, Location Map, Facebook Account. Just like the above mentioned apps you can add five contacts in the emergency list . In case of emergency press the ‘Panic’ button and it will send SMS to those five contact numbers in the emergency list, when they will click on the link sent by the SMS, it will show your current location on the Google Maps, this apps will also update your Facebook status with SOS messages. Get this apps from
  • Circle of 6 (iOS): This is one of the award winning personal safety apps for iOS users. Add six contact numbers in the emergency list , when the emergency button is pressed it will send preprogramed SMS to those six numbers with current GPS location.

Never Ignore:
These days Eve-Teaser roams around the city like street dogs, if they are doing nonsense then speak loudly ,draw the attentions of public towards you so that some more people would join you and treat them a lesson. Click their photos with your cell phone and lodge a complain at the nearest police station. Never ignore such people, your ignorance will give them confidence, someday  they will do such nonsense with any other girl and will lead them to serious crimes .

Same at your work place, if your colleagues behaves  with you in an uncomfortable way, sends you vulgar mails and texts even if your boss do so, then complain to the higher authority. Don’t  think of losing your job, you can get an another job , even you can appeal against your termination .And every workplace should have a women help group.

Don’t believe the strangers:
Late night from work? Use the staffs transport vehicle provided by your work place rather than going alone, this will give you company and confident even at late night. Public transport are almost nil during late nights , don’t wait for any stranger’s car /bike to offer you a lift, call your friends, family to take you from there. If you drive alone don’t choose any shortcut route during nights, as shortcut route are usually apart from main city where people don’t go at nights, go through the main routes where you can see at least few people are walking around and it will give you confidence.

Ignore the kindness:

If you are walking in the streets alone and you really need a transport and suddenly some from inside a car offers you lift with soft polite voice , don’t get melt by his sweetness and politeness , it may not be his actually character. Rather you should go on foot. Always be beware of such kind of guy who try to wins your heart within a minute, but his actually intentions are different from what he say and how he present himself in front of you. After all don’t trust the strangers.

Carry safety tools:
 It is not ideal and legal to carry Swiss knife and Stun Guns everywhere but you can carry things like pepper spray everywhere. Whenever you step outside keep a small bottle of pepper spray in your bag. If needed spray it on the attacker’s face, it will make him blind for few minutes and you have the chance to escape from there.

What to do if you are attacked:
Just do whatever you can,  don’t feel mercy for them just attack them too with whatever you have. Through dusts on their eyes, spray the pepper spray,  poke the eye with your nails, pen, hair clips, kick between the legs ,don’t miss a chance to hurt them and then try to escape from there and  inform your friends, parents, cops, panic etc.
 If you are already sexually harassed then don’t seat inside between four walls thinking about your society and community, remember those people in our society who accuses the victims more than the guilt’s they are the dumped creature of this world. Just raise your voice, go to the police, if the cops doesn’t listen to you  then get help form some NGO  they will sure help you to punish the guilty.

Help Other(Most Important):
 If you see any girl is in trouble don’t escape yourselves from that place being selfish, rather you should help her , call the cops, call more of your friends, panic for help!  Do the best you can to save  her , at least your one louder voice would divert the attention of attackers.  If you help other, they will help you too in your needs

In case of any emergency help you can contact the women emergency helpline below:

Women Helpline Numbers in India:
Whole India - 1091 (toll free)

1. Andhra Pradesh:• National Commission for Women - 011-13237166• Women Protection Cell - 040-23320539• Women Police Station - 040-27853508• AP Women’s network - 040-27014394

2. Bihar:• Women Helpline Centre - 18003456247 / 0612-2320047 / 2214318

3. Chandigarh:• Women Helpline Number - 2741900, 1091• Samvad - (0172) 2546389

4. Delhi:• National Commission for Women - 23237166, 23234918• Delhi Commission for Women - 23379181, 23370597• Women Protection Cell - 24673366/4156/ 7699• Central Social Welfare Board - 1091/ 1291(011)23317004

5. Haryana:• Women and Child Helpline - 0124-2335100• Helpline for Women in Distress – 9911599100

6. Gujarat:• Women Helpline -1091• Ahmadabad Women’s ActionGroup - 27470036• Self Employed Women’s Association - 25506477/ 25506444

7. Himachal Pradesh:• Women commission - 9816066421, 09418636326, 09816882491, 9418384215

8. Karnataka:• Women Helpline Number - 22942149, 1091• women commission - 080-22100435/ 22862368, 080-2216485

9. Kerala:• Women Helpline -1091• Kerala Women's Commission- 0471-2322590, 2320509, 2337589, 2339878, 2339882,e-mail :keralawomenscommission@yahoo.

10. Madhya Pradesh:• S.P. Office / We Care For You - 2522111• Mahila Thana - 2434999• Pardeshipura - 2435999• Sanyogitaganj - 2523999• Pandrinath - 2342999• Mari Mata (Banganga) - 2423999• Juni Indore - 2362999• MIG - 2570111• Mallharganj - 2454201• Chandan Nagar - 23789147• Sanwar - 7321-220999• Mhow - 7324-228100• Depalpur - 7322-221100• Women Commission - 2661802, 2661804, 2661805,2739804, 2661808

11. Maharashtra:• MAJLIS - 26661252 / 26662394• Women Right Initiative - 43411603 / 43411604• Human Rights Law Network - 23439754 / 23436692• Police Helpline for Women -103• Helpline for Women - 26111103, 1298• Shree Aadhar Kendra - 24394104 / 24394103

12. Punjab:• Women commission - 0172-783607• Women Helpline - 1091, 9781101091• Samvad - (0172) 2546389, 2700109, 276000114. Rajasthan:• Women Helpline - 0291-0141-27445 96

15. Tamil Nadu:• Women Commission - 044 –28592750• Snehdi - (044) 2446293• The Banyan - (044) 26530504 / 26530105• Helpline - 1091• Women Police Station, Adayar - 044-24415732, 044-23452586• Women Police Station, Guindy - 044-24700011

14. Tripura:• Women Helpline Numbers - 0381-2323355, 03812322912

15. Uttar Pradesh:• Sahyog - (0522) 2387010• Vanangana - (05198) 236985• Aali - (0522) 2782066/60• Women Commission - 0522-2288353, 9415293666• West Bengal women commission - 91-33-23595609, 91-33-23210154, 91-33-2217 4019/2244 8092• Swayam - (033) 24863367, 24863368

16. West Bengal:• Women Helpline Number - 913323595609, 913323210154

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Isn’t its sounds selfish when it is said that “everyone has a reason to pray” , well no doubt, if we need a specific reason to pray then its’ mean we are being selfish in the tagline of human being.
Well. No one in this world is really happy with their life, everyone is immersed in their own problems, a tiny or in a great problem , we all just need a reason to feel tensed. Some people pray to thanks God for everything they have and some of us revile God, if anything bad happens in our life.
Why we always grind ourselves beneath our demands and expectation? Instead of being thankful of whatever we have, God has gifted us everything we need , and we just need to make use of them to meet our requirements.

Last week I went to a temple on the occasion of navaratri, there was a handicapped women with no legs, holding agarbatti (incense sticks) between her fingers and murmured her prayers  , its guilt listen to someone’s prayer but still I try to listen to her prayers, she was saying “hai durga mata, sob kichu debar jonne dhonnowad” means hey Goddess durga ,thanks for everything. I was feeling irritated by her words because she has no legs, no support to stand again in her life but still why she is thanking to Goddess Durga? And finally I asked her that why she was praying so?
She replied me only in a line: “I am alive”
Really, I was not having any more guts to ask anything.

Its my mommy who taught me how to pray, generally she used to do that before dinner   She may have taught me how to pray but,  Actually I started praying from my school days when I was in grade ‘VI’.
Its was the scariest moment when our Biology teacher was asking to dictate a topic  form each of us in class and whoever didn’t able to dictate he busted his thin stick on their bare palm, eeh!  I was  hiding my face behind my friends and I don’t know how did I uttered  “OH GOD! NOT TODAY PLEASE” and finally my dead end came , I was about to stand up but suddenly the period bell rangd up.  Then I realize that what is prayer. By the way, those were funny and memorable moments of my life.
Life is what we make it, we build it we destroy it we raise it , Whatever I am , whatever the problems I faces because the paths I have chosen  and we always need to choose the right path, so I don’t blame God or anyone for this.I confess my every wrongs and  the only thing I pray every day is thanks to the creator of mine who have gifted me everything I need . I never pray to demand anything, I just pray for thanks giving and the only thing I demand from him is “strength” so that I can face and sort out every problems in my life.
After all prayer is:-

rangoli, rangoli with mud lamps, mud lamps, diwali, diwali decoration in india

This Diwali Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja pack would be my handy friend which would give me every things I need with one go.  I stay at highly restricted campus and the main town is far apart from here and I really don’t want to go there , so this pooja pack will fulfil my requirements and I don’t need to hop from a pooja shop to another to collect each items.
I would love to decorate the floor with rangolis and then I will place mud lamps over it, the beauty of rangoli  would enhance at night with those mud lamps.
The pooja places would be decorated with beautiful flowers and then I would start to pray and dissolve myself into divine with the aroma of incense sticks.

Pure Cycle Agarbatties presents you Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack which contains every essential you needed this Lakshmi Puja/Diwali. Don’t let your prayer out, every prayer you do from your heart would reach to your creator indeed.

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What is Smart Suraksha?

 It is a Android Apps. Can be used as a handy tools at any emergency situations.  Carrying weapons, pepper sprays,  and other defensive items at everywhere is not idle, but these days almost every women carry cell phones with them which is one of the best tools that every person can have and be carry anywhere. Smart Suraksha is a security apps. Concerned with human helps that alerts five of your pre-added contacts with SMS for help and your current location even the GPS is turned off, it can also alert the local police station, whenever you are in trouble, cell phone’s battery is dead low,  or if you are at any worse situation, with just a single button.

Suppose you are in a long drive alone and suddenly your car broke down at an weird place, where there is no options of help from local people. Just press the button and attest one among your five friend will definitely help you and he/she can tell the cops about your current location. Its is not only helpful for women ,it can be used by everyone in case of need any help.

Four features of Smart Suraksha:

If call is better option ,then why Smart Suraksha?
Obviously it is the first question that my friend has asked me too, that whenever she would be in trouble or someone would attack her ,she will definitely call me for help, but don’t forget whenever you will try to call someone for help the attacker would definitely think that you are calling the cops, they will snatch away your smartphone… But Using Smart Suraksha you don’t need to call anyone , and the attacker will not know that you are alerting five people about your situation with just a single button…

Turn the pages of daily newspapers or hop into different Tv news channels, every four out of ten crimes are against women. When I heard about this apps. It reminded me “Nirbhaya” the painful incident at the capital city of India on December 2012 that triggered the nation for safety of women.  The cruel night when Nirbhaya and her friend were wondering around to get any transport  ,they got the wrong people, and they boarded into the wrong bus. Those people were innocence from outside but cruel from inside, her only mistake was that she has believed those wrong people and then her friend was badly beaten and she was…(sorry I don’t want to remember those of her terrible moments ) and I wish she had SMART SURAKSHA with her so that she could have alerted five of her friends or family for help, she and her friend didn’t needed to wait a long for any transport and this world would have not loosed a charming princess.

We can not stop any crimes completely  if crimes can be stoppable then there is no need of cops, and other security forces. We can minimise them, we can let not the situation come from which crimes can occurs. Somewhere , sometimes it would occur again. We live in society and those who do such brutal acts are also the part of our own society , we know those people they may be our friends , relatives, they behave badly in front of us but we ignore them just because they are our friends and relatives. These ignorance rises their evil confidence and end up with criminal acts.

But the situation is worse in India. it is not possible for every father, friend, husband to go along with their lady/daughter/friend every time they step out of house, not even the cops can stand at every corner every street, highways, roads. Its our society and these crimes rises from our society and together we can put out these crimes and let not the situation occur.

 few safety tips for women:
Be Careful: Stay alert whenever you are outside, if you feel uncomfortable at any place , then no need to stay there any more. Get out of that place and move to a different place where there are few groups of people or crowd.

Defend yourself:
Try to defend yourself with whatever you can, even if you have a good nails poke them into the attacker’s eyes.

Pepper Spray:
Women in abroad usually carry stung guns in their bags but stung guns are still not legal in India, but you can always carry a small pepper spray bottle and just spay into the attackers eye, it will not let him see for couple of minutes.

Check back seat: Before you open the door check the back seat of your car properly and never give lift to any strangers.

Social Media: One of the great source for crimes against women. Never updates your personal situations like “Home Alone, Feeling bored” , “At Railway station feeling alone” etc, because you may not knowing that some of your friends from your friend list is following you secretly from a long and their friendship can turn into cruelty at any go.

Treat the eve teasers:  When someone is teasing you, pretend to take his picture and  shout and draw the attention of people.

Raise you voice: Never ignore the uncomfortable activities at you workplace even if it is your boss , don’t worry thinking about losing your job, your one voice can save other girls from such people.

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Had spent some quality leisure time with my buddies  with lots of gossips, holiday plans, and Shopping Ideas as finally our Internal assessment exams for this semester is over and got some relief from these stubborn period :) I know our teachers will not disappoint us , most probably they will give 25 out of 30 that’s enough for me..
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                                                             My smile of freedom :)

 Well this is festive season so we got a break of two weeks from daily hectic schedule but the worse thing in holidays is being in boredom when we have nothing to do. So, I have tones of plans to enjoy these two weeks and I would not let myself in boredom.

                                       Some quality time with these two buggers :)

Waiting for a train 

Unfortunately today is a bad day for my family, it has been raining 
continuously from last three days and because of this a slippery layer has formed over the floor outside and unfortunately my mom got over there ,slipped and fell on ground and fractured her left hand. She was crying and me too with her. I am really worried because she is also a patient of High Blood pressure, so no more holidays, I have to take care of her as much as possible. But thank God I am in holiday to take care of her.

I got a lesson from this incident…  before mom has stepped outside for a walk she thought to prepare tea for three of us but suddenly she told that She will be back after a walk outside and then she will prepare tea and as she went outside she slipped down. What I mean is whatever we want to do , just start doing right now because we don’t know what will be in our moments ahead.


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kajal, kajal majhi
how about this new click? :)
I am that kind of guy who realize that he have to study when exam is just on the head, seriously internal exam for this semester will begin after two days but, I am playing G.T.A. Who loves to attempt exams, right?
 And when exam is near I realize that I have not studied a bit of the syllabus. I always think that I have to do something,  I have to learn something new everyday, I have to touch the sky but, I don’t know what is in me, I just keep dreaming like day dreamers and spend hours and cannot concentrate on a particular thing. Life is on its way , I am growing older and older day by day but I don’t know I will reach the desired destination or not, the only thing I know that life is not that easy as it look like and I will never give up

Well Its been a month since I have written my last blog post and right after that day I have logged into my blogger account today. Phew! Seriously it was a busy month for me , weekly health check-up, guests, Summer training camp, boring college hours, and blah blah I don’t want to remember these. 

 ‘Durga Puja’ is almost near the most prestigious festival for we Bengalis, so, I have to do a lots of shopping , plans to hop at different places and gossips with friends.   Now a days the weather is horrible ,its raining whole day almost four days in a week and I don’t want this rain to spoil my puja plans. God help us. What we are we don’t know, when there is no rain we pray day and night for a drop of rain water but when it continues we get frustrated of this, we human are so selfish for our survivals.

A sneak peak from my garden

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Smell have extreme facts on we human’s life, At past may be we had smell something  during some special moments or any incident, and now suddenly when the same smell passes by our nose ,it remind our those past moments and incidents  very quickly or at least it would tickle our mind that we have probably  smelled this a long ago somewhere else.

We go to many places daily and we smell around   different things and smell of different places like vegetable markets, fragrances at a flower stall, fruit stall, fish corner, coffee cafe, offices and much more and every smell are different but few among them are quite different to us and it sense us like we have smelled it before, that’s the instance power of smells.
My school life was fabulous just like everyone, and whenever I see any school kids I regret that why I have grown up so fast? I can
wear school uniform and roam around old school, I can play with kids my making my mind as kids, I can do whatever I like but I would not get back those days, so I have kept some stuffs  which I have used at that time and among them my pencil box is very special for me. Whenever I miss those days , I open that box and  then smell of eraser , dust of sharpener, lead of pencils  make me feels like I am in classroom at backbench , doing some mischievous things and  it remember my those golden moments I has spent there.


Are you like me in a distance relationship?  miss each other a lot and craves to meet her? If not, then mind it, never be in a distance relationship is very tough to handle mentally . From the past two years whenever I meet her I smell that she has not change her perfume and sometime it leads me to confusion.  I can recognize her by her body smell, and her perfume too because I know only she can use this perfume, but if someone else use the same perfume and passes by my side , at first obviously  what I  would think that it must be she, but when I actually look at that girl ”Damn! this is not dolon!”  and many times I have involved myself in trouble.  

Smells inside a  house is the mixture of many things like kitchen, food, cupboard, bed, shoes and many more things that’s make an unique smell inside , and I love my house smell. I have placed some pots at the balcony with few “night Jasmine “ in it, the aroma from  purify the house’s  smell and make it more unique  and it also gives me very good sleep  at night. It also makes me remind of my old days when I was about three or four years of age, my mom use to take me at society park where there were many night jasmines and I use to pluck them.   Everyone should have a Night Jasmine at their balcony or garden.  well who doesn’t like their own house smell right?  

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Hello my dear friends, how are you all? Wish you all happy friendship day and this post is specially for you people.

Friends are the wonderful gift in our life is tasteless without them. They inspire us, they teach us to explore ourselves, they make us fall in trouble and also let us out of trouble. Sometimes we hate their mischievousness and when they don’t we miss it, sometime we fights but latter we feel sorry and don’t get  the guts to say sorry politely, they are the first one who to say “wow, look at that girl”, they are one who make us feel what is jealousy ,  how to enjoy even in punishment,   they are not something but, friends are those people with whom we can share our every problems, words,  and they really understand it and knows how to tackle it together. they are wonderful part of our life which make us live in joy with them and create some wonderful memories , I don’t have any words to describe perfectly , what is friendship.

My best part of my life was my childhood and my days with friends at school. School life is the best life for everyone and every moments  we spent with friends there were more awesome ,specially being a back benchers I used to enjoy a lot with them.  Lunch during class, we use to rub our shoes together under the desk to irritate the teachers  and then getting scolded by teachers badly, we used to shout loudly “RAIL GADI KU KU KU”  “BOL BAM! BOL BAM!” and blah blah! by making a long queue of ourselves, silly jokes on each other and ended up by fights, tries to impress the girls by showing a notebook with a good handwriting (fortunately my handwriting has improved because of this),   we use to through papers at girls and signed towards our side ones to make him in trouble, the truth and dare games in which nobody dare to choose truth and then we had to do some wild orders, the funs  at picnic spots, we six or seven people used to hop in a single lunch box and much more memorable moments we had share together, I am not going to write anymore ,else I would start crying.

The saddest moments for me is , I had to leave many places after every three years  because of dad’s posting at different places, I made a lots of good friends around this nation and one day I had to leave them, at that time there were not SMS’ or developed communication medium, there was only desk phones. I remember few of their names and I have searched them at almost every social networking sites but I couldn’t find them, maybe I have not recognize their pictures or they have account with different names, but I miss them a lot.

I wish , if those days will come back again I will get return in the life of joys, shine , unity, I don’t know if someday we would meet together again or not, as everyone of us are staying far apart but, if we get any chance to gather together we would have blast again and the world will see that those buggers are again together.
Happy friendship day to all my dear friends, God bless you all.

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Every morning I wake up and I feel myself thankful for an another day , the early sunshine and whispering birds  makes me feel that I got an another beautiful chance for my life leaving all the problems of yesterday in yesterday. Well, I am not an experienced man who knows the philosophy of life , I am just a 21 years old guy and going to share my thoughts of life with my all little experience I have. 
Sometime I think that if life was like computer programming we code it compile it then we find the errors , then again we recompile it and then can run it without any sort of problem then life would be easy for everyone..but its not possible

Everyone in this world have their own problems and submerged in their pains, rarely may be someone who can say that he is really happy. Our life is mixed with some sort of happiness, grief, pain, success , failure & hope and this world is a act where our lives play and so our life is dynamic  it may change anytime or it may take a big U turn without our expectations. Somebody knows how to give their role in this act, somebody know how to live tackle under every situation and somebody fails to do these…

Our life is a bit of greedy and we cannot fulfill its desire and dreams, when a dream is fulfilled then we dreams about something else or something more, our desire craves us that’s what burn inside us, I don’t mean to stop dreaming as dreams are necessary to grow ourselves but to be happy we have to adjust ourselves with what we have now. We love our job at beginning, but after a period we get of annoyed  of the same things and then we tend to change our workplace or the entire job, that what we do wrong again. We know what we love, what we feel good to do, what are our  hobbies? Then why don’t make a career in all these things , we would enjoy in work as well as we would do better  too. 

We all had a past and would have a future but what we have is, our present or today, so dwelling about past  would not let the good times that are yet to come. Never to blame ourselves and our life because we can give the best to our life and our life is the best gift we have. If you still hate your life then observe your surroundings, see the children whose parents cannot afford them a bicycle but play with a bicycle tyre but still they are happy, watch the people who don’t have a bed but still they sleep peacefully , watch the roadside beggars who don’t have limbs still they go to temple and don’t complain to God or nor  to their life. If we need to develop ourselves to maintain our happiness, never see that what they have and you don’t have, just look behind and see what you have that they don’t have.

I have some dreams and desire to learn, do something different, explore the world , earn some handsome bucks and give a good life to my parents, sometime these things gives me sleepless nights and I feel like to run out of this slouchy world and grab all my desire in my hand. I also cry and feel broken into pieces when suddenly dreams are burned into ashes but I don’t let myself that down, I stand and walk ahead again towards my dream.  Well , failure is a dam thing which affect our life so badly and most of us take it negatively  , we should not think that problems and failure are the obstructions of our good life but, in reality these obstructions are helpful for one more step ahead towards our goal as these teach us our weakness.
 Lets go to the memory lane and remember the childhood when we use to try to walk but we fell down again we try to stand then again we  fell down and then again we tried and succeed to stand and sometimes our parents used to support us by holding our shoulders and back. But may be at a point of our life we would not be having anyone to support us, someone who would tell us what to do or what not to, then we have to decide ourselves everything , we would fall and we have to stand again. Because success, failure, grief and happiness, all it matters for our life.

After all what I mean to say in the whole above paragraphs is that, if you want to live and enjoy your life then live today as your first day of your life and if you want to achieve something then do it today as it is your last day of your life. Just do  and live in today and be happy be success and give your life a life that worth living….
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