A day with my friends @ Bankura Susunia

Dear Sunday!
The entire week was full of fun, hopes and as usual daily busy schedule. As the second semester has begun from this week so, I was busy in planning the syllabus, gathering different books from library, and lost myself in the fantastic hopes to learn something new. At the first semester I had not feel any burden of study and the daily scheduled was fair, because I had to attend maximum three classes daily and then I use to feel that I am enjoying. But now I have a damn pressure over my head but on the other way I am enjoying because every day I get something new to learn.
Though of my busy life I always find my ways to have fun, Last week Me and my friends group has planned to bunk classes and lets visit the neighbor town Bankura which is 78 KM from here, there is a hill called as Bankura Susunia Hill. Actually we were planning for picnic but were not having enough budgets so this plan have suited us. So on 16th January 2013 we begin our journey at 6:30 AM with the first local train and reached Bankura at 8:00 AM.

Well let me explain about Susunia Hill, it is a hill of southern West Bengal, India with elevation of  442 m (1,450 ft). It is known for its holy spring, its natural beauty, its rich flora and the rock faces on which many of the famous mountaineers of this region started their journey. It is one of the rich reserves of medicinal plants. Susunia is situated at the north-western part of Bankura District. Susunia Hill is a known archeological and fossil site. Fossil remains of lion, giraffe, hyaena and many other animal species have been discovered from areas around. The so claimed 'oldest' rock inscription of West Bengal is located here. There is an ancient carved monolith (Narasingha stone) standing at the point where the spring water is coming out of another stone gargoyle or curved projected spout. It is a good location for camping and rock-climbing. Susunia village itself is home to honoured master craftsmen of exquisite stone-carving. Susunia is an important archaeological site in Bankura district yielding stone age tools. It is believed that there earlier was a fort built by King Chandravarman. Some 4th century inscriptions are there, referring to a place called Pushkarana, once the capital of Chandravarman. Modern-day Pakhanna is considered to be ancient Pushkarana.

So…We started to climb at 10:00 AM and reached at the top at 1:00PM. There was not any particular path or way to climb but the slope of the rocks has become structured like stairs by walking of people over them. We all were unhabitual of  walking on these type of slopes so just on few steps we wicked up and breathing like tired dog ha ha : ). There was stall for nimbu pani that was yummi in that extremely thirsty situation as we had already drank all our water like dumb before climbing but the nimbu pani costly for our pocket :D . Know what I was walking like catwalk because those slopes were angled at more than 45 deg. Oh! Don’t ask the pleasure we got after reaching the top of the hill, as charming smile was sprinkling on our face. I shouted “Hey! World! Beware! I am watching you!” louder as much as possible I could. The view from top was awesome just like Google Map View :)  I had a great day with my friends.

Shahdi! Posing at top :)

let us introduce ourself.. Anish, me, Shahid, & Meghnath :)

I left there a written note as my mark!  

Friends forever :)

 heading to top.

Posing for memories

Going down.. Had some awesome moments together!

spring water is coming out

Having fun guys ? :)

me and Anish!

A big rock!  and old too..!


Found this written on a rock while going down! Loved it

Well... that day when I was with my friends I felt like I am enjoying, but now when am writing those activities am feeling that I am just writing my memories. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful jungle. I am sure you guys had a fabulous meal so,where close locally.

    1. It was taken 6 years back during my school days. Yes the jungle was so beautiful. Thank you so much


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