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I have been waiting for the result of 1st semester from last three months and finaly I was declared by Wbut (west bengal university of technology) yesterday.

Honestly, when I was in school ,result day use to be the worst for me and I use to stay stubborned until I get my report card in my hand with a horrible smile from class our teacher. But now things has changed, I did not knew that WBUT will announce the result very soon, one of my friend told me about it last night and I was shocked to myself that, how could I forget about it? May be I was not intrested about semester result.

Well , I have scored 8.43 SGPA on 1st semester and I am so happy with how much I have scored and more tha what I had expected. I confess that I did cheat in Mathemathics and Digital Electronics, I wrote few formulas and defination on my nails and palm, sorry about it but thoda cheating to banta hai boss :D

During school, I use to be scared, frightened during result declaration day, but now I am like bindass buzz, I don’t know why. But the silly things I learnt that , those who are toppers they are never happy with how much they score even it is 9.00 SGPA or 9.90 SGPA , they always cry like babies I hate that. But we backbenchors always rock! I hope next semester would be better than this.   

Phew! Finally I am holding my first android device in hand after months of windows shopping at different online shopping sites :)

 From last few months I has been persuading my dad with some good tricky reasons to get me a tab, Off course sometime I feel bad to do such things as I know they are not so aware about gadgets but I was giving reasons like online study, eBook etc but actually I want it to be buy for games and music so i had lie to them, I really feel bad for that as I have grown up and I ask dad for my every requirement , but asking for 5K at a once is really bad idea but what to do, I am not earning right now, but I am sure I will make proper use of my tab.. well enough lets go to features of PENTA IS701C.
So first I went to Flipkart and searched for tab under 5000 , the results were many but none of them suited me other than penta is701c but it was out of stock there so I hopped into homeshop18 and got there @Rs. 4611.
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Operating System: Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich
Processor: A8 1GHz
Ram: 512 DDR3
Display: 7 inch Multi touch Capacitive Screen
Camera 0.3 (Only front camera)
Internal memory: 4GB
Battery: 3000 mAh (Average)
Wi-Fi enabled, HDMI port, USB Host and Mini Usb, G-sensor
Memory card slot expendable upto 32 GB
In box: Charger, usb cable, headphone, user manual, warranty card

Well let me begin with its design.  It is standard white as you can see in the pictures and have nice finish. The front camera(only camera) is placed on the top right side though it is not good for photography as it have only 0.3 megapixels but it is good for video chat.  The earphone port, USB and mini usb OTG port, HDMI port is placed on the right side.  I got surprise when my 3G Dongle Huwaei E156G was started working in it as it was not in the supported dongle list. It support almost all common media and document formats such as PDF, RTF, WORD, TXT, PPTX, mp3, 3gp, midi, flv, mp4, avi, wmv, dvix, But I have not checked whether it support mkv or not.
Browsing speed is amazing like my desktop, and display quality is too good more than my expectation. But I am not happy with the battery backup but its ok  if I compare with the features it have at only 5000.  
In sort in my opinion BSNL PENTA IS701C is the best tab under 5K and suitable for document reader, lite gamers, Internet, Movies and songs, oh yes I have forgot to mention it is having a great quality of sound.
Now I am not going to  burn the electricity and run my giant desktop  for hours just to surf internet and watching movies.

bsnl penta is701c, bsnl penta is701c review

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I hope you all will like it :)

Today I had enough time to write a new blog post but had nothing in my stupid head to write down here, so I thought, why don't give a try to photography with my cellphone Samsung champ :)

evening, susnset, beautiful evening, evening photography
It was a beautiful day today and a beautiful evening too. 

purple pink flower, backyard flower plant, pink flower
From my backyard, I loved its color.

my personal diary, cursive handwriting, a peek of my life
A peek from my personal diary. I love writing.

White, purple and orange. Awesome natural color.
White, purple and orange. Awesome natural color. 

Sorry about the image quality , my camera is only of 1.3 Megapixels :(