Last night I was reading some blog posts randomly and in a blog I found some interesting topic and inspired me to write this diary entry. I have thought that From now on at the beginning of every week I will plan something special to do in the entire week. I never did something like this before, well I found this trick very inspirational for many things and it fill us with joy and excitements. Actually the motto is to do something new everyday.

My plan for this week is First I would take my medicines as per scheduled.  I am a bronchitis patient from last three years and is not cured yet because of my habits. I usually forgets to take my medicines as prescribed by doctor. I will keep it in my mind always “Its medicine time Its medicine time Its medicine time Its medicine time”
Second one is to watch a movie. Probably I would watch Iron man 3 , since I have read its review I am so excited to watch it. Usually I don’t have time to go out and spend 3 hours at a movie theatre, but I have to sort out for a bit of entertainment.
The third and the tough one is To make someone really very happy. In the word someone the dearest people belongs are my parents and my dearest heart. As usually I argue with them a little but making them happy and smiling would be a great surprise, I  don’t how to make them but I know I would find out a way or excuse to bring some big smile on their faces. I hope I would be succeed.

Well we had some great moments together, as dad was on leave for last 20 days so me , mom and dad have spent some good moments together after a long time. He will  be back to his hectic duty today , I feel proud for him and I feel proud to be a son of a army personality , I should be, Isn’t it?

Here are some of my today’s mobilegiri below

beautiful clouds, clouds photo,

pebbles photographs

Times goes on and everything changes by time, but our memories remains inside us. It is the precious things which we can’t erase , we can’t give it to anyone but we can share it and will remain stick inside us till the day we die. The moments are living today will be a party of “memories” someday.

Yet the best memories for me is my school life which I remember everyday , I smile and I cry too.  I have experienced a lot of unforgettable things during my school days sometime which was supposed to be funny and sometime life giving lessons. The friends, teachers, class room, my mischievousness, back benches and the smell of erasers pencils and pen was awesome ever.  Know what ? Now  whenever I buy a new pencil or eraser I put it so close to my nose and inhale its smell, which make me remember of my primary classes

.  Well the thing which I have learned from my school life is “How to live” Try to find life in every bite you live, try giving life to your life so that later you would not regret, you would not complain to your life and later when you will peek into your memories you would proudly say I had a great life.
I was missing my friends and so I thought to post some of their best clicks I have

ha ha that was the best cake I ever had. :)

my dream business, my dream website
a dream view of my bubble

Bubble (
would be an online resource which would be capable to serve the world in multiple way and in multiple platform. It would connect everyone to everywhere from individual to workgroup, to work place or to police station or to any government’s body. It would be facilitate with social networking, cloud storage, Web Hosting, E-commerce for shops or individual and much more to plan ahead.

In this world of online social networking I would try my best with my Bubble by including every amenities such as Instant Messaging, Video calls and voice calls along with conference calls, social page, photo sharing and much more along with the networking features needed for business or an individual.

With the increasing trend of online backup for extra security and requirement anytime anywhere, bubble will be powered with cloud storage facility. Hence one can back up any type of data and can access securely any time and from anywhere.

It will be powered along with cloud storage; with this feature one can share his data to individual or to a group or a group to another group within a build network much securely. With this people would also be able to give live presentations.

Generally Shops needs a specific billing software to keep an eye over goods stocks and sales, but bubble going to replace it by providing online business application with which every activity regarding sells, stocks, receipts, debits, credits and other accounting data will be automatically secured at data centre and can be retrieve anytime with just one click, even customers would be able to see their purchase details whether they brought it from an online shop or from a local shop.

As a blogger I would choose this option first as with office365 I can write my blog post offline and it would be published automatically to my blog. It will help the clients to be aware with new updates from bubble, as it is necessary to keep posting about new features and other items to keep interact with clients as well as team members.
Lync Online
Lync would be a affordable way to connect with clients and team directly by voice call and video calls. As well as online meeting , live presentations with multiple party through conference calls and screen sharing. I think I would not get any better option than Lync Online for Web conference.
Other than Lync online and Blog I would like to use Office365 Email service as my primary email account, managing of company’s portfolio, group project etc.

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This is my 200th posts and I had planned to post something special for my readers but no, I could not get out myself from the headlines of everyday with the word “Rape”.  I pray to God “Oh God please not again” every time before I open the newspapers and sorry about some slang words that I am going to use ahead.

Pic source:

Molested a five years old girl? Oh God! How can someone see a five year old child with such a dirty eye, rape is the matter of so far but I has happened. Still the worm inside such beasts did not move after the shame of 16th December 2012.  Now don’t say its dress issue, because she is just five and don’t know properly how to wear her own dress. What do these beasts want from our society? Do they live only for sex? Why maximum number of rape cases belongs to India? There are much questions which are dwelling around my mind.

My one more point for the people who always blame government and police for not providing security to women and enough punishment for the guilty, yes governing system in our country is so poor and our government have lot of faults regarding these but, police can’t provide security 24 * 7 at our doorstep for our women . They are the people who stay with us in our society, talk with us friendly, we may don’t know it may be  our neighbours who see our women with a dirt view, you may don’t know it may be your driver who have been planning from years just to eat you, you may don’t know it may be the auto driver who would try to make use your lonely company, you may don’t know may be your own student will tease you someday very badly and so on that you can’t imagine. Its not the government’s fault it’s the heap of dirt inside people of our society. If we can’t clean these dirts then this type of heartless act will go on.

Another shocking incident I have heard last month may be in yahoo news I don’t remember the exact place, well a couple got married in a temple without knowing their parents and after a week they planned to register their marriage in court, they guy told his wife to wait at a place and he will pick her along with his friends for witness, then to the way to court the three guy along with her husband raped her badly, Now what to say about this incident? I am speechless. They are they people who are brought to this world through a womb and they kick on that womb. Does they supposed to be call a man? I don’t think so, they even don’t exists in borderline of humanity.  

Let me describe about Indian society, its no doubt that India have full of culture and traditions. But now India have educated uncivilized society. it’s a country where people worship many Goddess and take the name of many Goddess during problems like “hey durga mata, hey kali mata” but the same people when see a girl passing by them they will stare at her continuously like starving for food from a week. It’s the country where people do “Kanya Pujan” and the same people don’t like to give birth  a girl, sometimes people kill her inside her mother’s womb she die without a name, and some people feel her as a burden of family whenever she cross 18.   So , these are the dirts in our country INDIA.  But there are lot of people who are trying their best to support women, spare their lives for women I salute them.

Who should be called as a man?

Do you know what is the basic gift that every women deserve? It is “RESPECT” If you can’t respect a women then you can’t be called as a man. You have muscle power and penis so what? Are you a man? try to stand along with a women when she need use your muscles power to protect her and not to molest her. . Don’t find the opportunity to make use of her loneliness, better give her a company that give strength in her you may find her as your best friend. Don’t  use your dirty eyes to see her sizes and shapes, see her with your real eyes you may find love you may find a way to live. Don’t make use of her compelled situation, better help her to sort out of her situation, she may find a real man inside you. That is a real man, so, are you a man?

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Oops… I forgot, Its Bengali new year so, wishing all Bengalis Subho Nobo Borso” Notun dine notun aloo , bhore jaak apnader jibone aalo, such, samriddhi,khusi o shanti diye. asun sobai mile akbar boli Subho Nobo Borso” I am a Bengali, but am sorry, I don’t know which Bengali year is this.
Phew! Finally I have sorted out some times from my jam packed college life and back to my blog again. I think its been couple of week since I wrote my last post. Uff… It’s just the beginning of summer and the daily average temperature is above 36 degree Celsius here so , I can’t imagine what we are going to face on those really summer months ahead. But now the nights are so pleasant, I have neem tree at my backyard and its flower gives a amazing pleasuring smell at night which gives me a refreshing night.

On this summer vacation me and few of my friends are planning to organize ourselves  a small musical band, we already have few of the basic instruments like drum set, guitar, keyboard etc., just need a mentor to guide us properly.

Well second semester is not so far and am not prepared even in a single subject (just like old times), I can handle all those subjects except the stupid maths. Oh God! Help me I really need you now. 

Phew! Finally its first day of April 2013 and I hope this month would be cheerful, enjoyable and tensed free. I knew that today is first April, but I has forgotten that today is also fools day.

Here is how one of my friend made me a fool today. Today early morning, One of my close friend called me up from Dhanbad and told me that he will be visiting my place today at 9:00 am. I told him fine and I will wait for him at the railway station. Arriving time of that train was 9:00AM so I went there at 8:30 and took a platform ticket and sat under a tree. I was excited but still could not believe that he is visiting here but I had to believe as I saw an energy in his voice during phone call.

Well at 9:00 AM the train arrived , lots of passengers came out of train and my eyes were hunting for my friend’s face to get a glimpse of him. But sad, I could not see him and I called up him. Then he surprised me when he told “Abe Kutta, Happy Fools Day” .  He really made my DABBA GULL. Now what to do, I came back to home with a wicked poker face . : ) What about you?