Subho Nobo Borso

Oops… I forgot, Its Bengali new year so, wishing all Bengalis Subho Nobo Borso” Notun dine notun aloo , bhore jaak apnader jibone aalo, such, samriddhi,khusi o shanti diye. asun sobai mile akbar boli Subho Nobo Borso” I am a Bengali, but am sorry, I don’t know which Bengali year is this.
Phew! Finally I have sorted out some times from my jam packed college life and back to my blog again. I think its been couple of week since I wrote my last post. Uff… It’s just the beginning of summer and the daily average temperature is above 36 degree Celsius here so , I can’t imagine what we are going to face on those really summer months ahead. But now the nights are so pleasant, I have neem tree at my backyard and its flower gives a amazing pleasuring smell at night which gives me a refreshing night.

On this summer vacation me and few of my friends are planning to organize ourselves  a small musical band, we already have few of the basic instruments like drum set, guitar, keyboard etc., just need a mentor to guide us properly.

Well second semester is not so far and am not prepared even in a single subject (just like old times), I can handle all those subjects except the stupid maths. Oh God! Help me I really need you now. 


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