Modern health care

Health is everything for we living beings, after all health is wealth. I have lot of health problems since when I was a kid and my parents use to insist me to take precautions and usually they use to warn me about many things but I never heard care to their words, as I wanted to escape from all those medicines and rules that I had to follow, but after suffering from deathly bronchitis and may other diseases now I understood what is   health.

Everyone wants to stay healthy, and that is what modern health care does. It’s a boon for us. If we look back into late 90s of India where people use to die and suffer very tough just by simple disease and infections. There were no cure many type of diseases and there were lack of proper medical amenities, people who had enough money they only had the chances for good medical facilities but not better.  There we no awareness and campaign about anything.

Now things have changed with time, Medical science along with technologies brought a new life in treatment.  It have discovered cures over various deathly and painful diseases, developed  well medical infrastructure, skilled brain from around the world by medical tourism, awareness about various diseases such as AIDS, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and so on.  The main motto of modern health care are faster treatments, quick diagnosis, Effective patient care, less hectic for patient, including latest medical amenities and tools. Modern health care have touched the life of many of us and give a hope to live the life again.
Here are some latest medical innovations that pinged my mind:

Needle free Diabetes care:
Diabetes test is painful, every times we need to give blood for blood glucose testing and next is poking daily insulin, which leads to infections. But now forget about it,  Echo Therapeutics is developing a bio-sensor what would analysis blood glucose without poking any needle. The sensor collects one reading per minute and sends the data wirelessly to a remote monitor, also trigger the alarm when level of glucose is more than the range.

Robotic Check-up:
Hats off to technologies. Now medical robots are now well established to take the place of few emergency doctors, they can now patrol the hospital as per routines, checking patients  in different rooms and maintain their charts.

Robotic Surgery:
Robots has take their positions at many places instead of humans, such as car manufacturing,  food  and drinks producing etc and now robots has also taken place in medical operation theatre in place of doctors. However robotic surgery is not familiar everywhere, only few part of this world have brought this system. With robotic surgery a patient will have Smaller incisions, less blood loss, less pain and quick healing time.  

Drugs for Prostate Cancer:
Earlier, the only way of healing prostate cancer is by surgery which was painful. In the past two years several drugs has been introduced for prostate cancer, it will not only increase patient survival but also halts the process of this disease.

But hold on… we should keep in mind that the most of the Indian population belongs to middle class and lead a miserable life and so many times they have to depend upon the government hospitals and health care unit and the types of facilities I mentioned above are available only under private medical units and the private sectors are doing their best , no doubt . Here the government hospitals lack those basic things like cleanness, skilled doctors,  skilled nurses, well enough equipped tools and diagnostic departments. A patient has to rush to some diagnostic clinic in whatever his/her condition is just for a test.

There are more rules and formalities than treatments and because of these I lost one of my friend. If a person have meet an accident or any other things related to police cases, they will ask “did you call the police? Please fill this form, please complete the formalities first”   Ok let the patient die on stretcher  until you don’t complete these formalities. I understand that the formalities are indeed necessary and it can be complete later but can we complete a life after it is gone?

  Modern health care should be  available to every citizens and for that it should be effective expenditure, availability, and awareness , then modern health care will stand as boon for every citizens.

Apart from all these I would also like to include the e-medical activities, now a days there various websites in the internet founded by many health expert and doctors ,that provide health care information about any treatments, medicines, tests, expenditures , home remedies, first aid for many diseases and many more, I found these type of website very helpful and get quick information at many situations. One can ask questions, share their experience and views about many topics. Here are some of my favourite websites below.

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