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This month ‘JUNE 2013’  been a worse month for India , but thanks to Indian Cricket Team for gifting this nation the beautiful ICC championship Trophy. I danced at midnight in busy streets  when India won the world cup after 28 years, I smiled when Mumbai Indians won the IPL 2013 trophy but, I could not dance and nor smile after India won the ICC championship trophy.  From last week I skiped all my favorite TV programs and stacked to Aaj Tak and NDTV to get some updates of Uttarkhand Flood Victims.

This was an another destructive natural disaster after Tsunami which took away  thousands of lives, washed away shelters , hard earned wealth, peoples’ hopes for future and I can’t imagine what more they have lost.
Death is good enough than starving for food , water and medicines. Just imagine about the people  who have lost their loved ones and their everything  just like their entire dreams  of years are washed away at once , so how would they survive? By having trust in government? No, our government is selfish and shameless.

Uttarkhand which is famous for tourism because of its natural beauty, ancient places and temples  better known as “DEV NAGAR” , but honestly I don’t know God really exists or not, if he exists then what was the faults of those people who came from around the world to get a glimpse of “DEV NAGAR” , when the flood water was flushing away everything they thought temple is a safe place as God is there but still people were washed away along with  the temples. Why God?
I think every people of hilly and natural hazards prone area should be advised and aware such calamities, how to handle such situations and how to stay alive, It may save lots of lives.

The Politician’s Drama!
India is rich by politics and not by it’s services. We vote the ministers for betterment of our nation , but I 
think every time we vote for a minister  we do a very big mistake. Our brave soldiers  giving their lives to save the lives of the people where as the ministers are waving their party flag to begin the consignment of delivery of food materials for flood victims just like waving the flag for F1 racing and warped the trucks with big party posters, shameful fights in front of camera , and in queue one by one to get the credits of that tragedy.
It’s not the time for party posters , it’s the time to poster about “WE ARE WITH YOU” , it’s the time to help the people to erase their tears , not to get credits from the tragedy of their tears. It doesn’t matter that India should be pollution free or not, but India must be politicians free.

Something Important!
Telecom companies are also helping their best they can to find out the location of flood victims. You can know the last cell phone location of your loved ones from these numbers.

AIRTEL helpline:

BSNL helpline:

IDEA helpline:
Click here for  pics of unidentified dead bodies , if possible help them to identify.

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From letters, then telegram, then telephone, then fax, then came mobile phones, then sms, then emails and now social networking and don’t know what is next…   Technology changes, we changes and so our life changes, Technology have brought our life from far behind to too forward and advance.

And now its time for WeChat where we can hang up with friends , families , relatives and so on..  Sending voice mail is really annoying and pocket itchy but WeChat have made it simple just hold, speak and then release, and some more interesting  features are Live chat, video call, video chat, you can also connect to giant Facebook,  you can also chat in cross platform, I mean chat between computer and smartphone from its Website . and there is also an option “drift bottle” I don’t know what it is as yet I have not used this option but I think allow us to meet the people we don’t know by sending an message anonymously.

So, If you are going to ask me to name five people whom I would add in my WeChat list then and what would we chat?, then they will be…

My Mom:  You know I am momma’s little boy . She  is my angel , a best friend and greatest gift from God. I know after few year I have to stay apart from my family and a moment  will come when I have to do and face things alone and I would miss her angry words her guide.  I will ask her and talk about her guide just as she guide me now, I will share my every secrets and every moments that I would spend being apart from her and she is the only person in this whole world who know me better than anyone else before I came into this world and she is the only person that could guide me better than anyone else.

My Dad :  He is the only man whom I admire the most. He
taught me a lot of things , a lot of facts about life , he taught me how to live in every surroundings , how to win hearts of other people. As a army personnel  he know how to handle every hard situation and the most coolest man I ever saw in my life. I would chat with him about different moments and situations I face and take his clue and ideas for my every step.   

GrandMaa: Someday if it would be possible to chat with the
people who passed away so far then I would add my grandmother.  I have not seen my grandparents  not even their photographs as they have passed away when my parents were in primary school. I don’t know what is grandma’s love , how does it feel like? I want to feel her love,  I want to hear her voice, I want to chat about their old days, I want to share every words that is possible to share with her.

Dolon: Everybody needs someone special in their life to love, to
care, to smile, to feel very special.  She  is my cute heart that makes me smile every time I talk to her. She encourages me and motivates me whenever I feel down or loose. In a single line she is my hope to live. I will chat with her as normally two couple do, I would hear her sweet innocence voice to refresh my dumb brain, and will chat with her about  every moments I miss her by staying far across the distance.

Khoku Patra (MasterChef Kitchen Star 2013 contestant):
 She have not won  the title of Master chef but she must have won millions of hearts and inspired millions of  people like me. This 22 years old contestant don’t know how to read and write , she even don’t know to read the name which  is cheese or  which is butter etc written on the wrapper of a product, she had never ate pizza but she prepared a mind blowing delicious pizza herself and many other dishes of international level. She was one of the contestant who won the heart of judges many times. I would add her in  WeChat and  have endless chat. I would ask her journey from  the people’s kitchen to MasterChef kitchen star. I would ask for her inspirations, as she is truly an inspiration for me.

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Hello Readers, I have been away from blogosphere for may be months because of exams and yeah! Finally exams are over and I am out from the dense tensed atmosphere of exams. Every papers was good except the hell mathematics, well who wants to be under the cloud of exams but we have to.

So at last first year of my college life is over and I still can’t believe to myself that Its been more than a year I have leaved school.  Now I am in second year and going to take some tricky raging from the fresher guys, but not those traditional ragging like “give you intro” “sing your school assembly prayers”  “say good morning to everyone”  and blah blah! I am thinking something special that it will be funny enjoyable and even those guys will not feel bad to give ragging, so any ideas from you readers?

Yesterday was a fabulous day with five of my friends and one of our teachers. He got a good position in Delhi Public School and soon he will get married to his loved ones so we asked for a simple treat and yes he agreed and told us to cook whatever we want at his house like a picnic.  None of  us were a good at cooking so we searched on Google for quick vegetarian dishes and recipes so that we can cook it early as it was already 11:30AM and our sir has to catch train at 5:00PM  and after browsing couple of damn webpages finally we planned  to cook fried rice, matar paneer,  and puri.  I was very excited because I wanted to have cooking experience with friends.

The funniest was, we planned and we brought all stuffs that were required to prepare the dishes  such as vejetables, rice, spices etc, but there were no utensils not even a bottle of water to drink. ha ha that’s  a bachelor’s room :P we rushed to our homes I brought knives, and they brought  oven,  bowels, plates, buckets, water bottles etc.  We has forgot to bring any spatula so I  fried puri with knives and accidently I put thumb into deep boiling oil and the result it my thumb is still burned black. Matar paneer was cooked well but it was lacking taste and salt, and the fried rice was smelling so yummy but lacked of taste too, but thank God no one has complained or abuse about taste and saltiness rather everyone enjoyed the meal wish lots of fussy   funny jokes and gossips  , and I had overloaded my belly with rice.

let me introduce our teacher Mr. Bishwajit Pal. When we were in school he was terracotta teacher here but now he got placed in Delhi Public School, Bhopal. He is very friendly frank, good from heart and I guess his age is not more than 26 or 27 so he behave so frankly with us , that’s what I like in him most. Well the day was memorable. Thank you Akash, Arannaya, Arun, Meghnath and sir for a awesome day.

 Me grinding onion and garlic with a iron Rod! (Jugar) 

 What a smile :)

 Frying puri with knives I was an assistant chef 

Making dough of flour.  

yummy paneer :) 

Banana leaves as plates.

Finally its serving time 

Thats all we had salad, puri, fried rice and matar paneer.