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Every morning I wake up and I feel myself thankful for an another day , the early sunshine and whispering birds  makes me feel that I got an another beautiful chance for my life leaving all the problems of yesterday in yesterday. Well, I am not an experienced man who knows the philosophy of life , I am just a 21 years old guy and going to share my thoughts of life with my all little experience I have. 
Sometime I think that if life was like computer programming we code it compile it then we find the errors , then again we recompile it and then can run it without any sort of problem then life would be easy for everyone..but its not possible

Everyone in this world have their own problems and submerged in their pains, rarely may be someone who can say that he is really happy. Our life is mixed with some sort of happiness, grief, pain, success , failure & hope and this world is a act where our lives play and so our life is dynamic  it may change anytime or it may take a big U turn without our expectations. Somebody knows how to give their role in this act, somebody know how to live tackle under every situation and somebody fails to do these…

Our life is a bit of greedy and we cannot fulfill its desire and dreams, when a dream is fulfilled then we dreams about something else or something more, our desire craves us that’s what burn inside us, I don’t mean to stop dreaming as dreams are necessary to grow ourselves but to be happy we have to adjust ourselves with what we have now. We love our job at beginning, but after a period we get of annoyed  of the same things and then we tend to change our workplace or the entire job, that what we do wrong again. We know what we love, what we feel good to do, what are our  hobbies? Then why don’t make a career in all these things , we would enjoy in work as well as we would do better  too. 

We all had a past and would have a future but what we have is, our present or today, so dwelling about past  would not let the good times that are yet to come. Never to blame ourselves and our life because we can give the best to our life and our life is the best gift we have. If you still hate your life then observe your surroundings, see the children whose parents cannot afford them a bicycle but play with a bicycle tyre but still they are happy, watch the people who don’t have a bed but still they sleep peacefully , watch the roadside beggars who don’t have limbs still they go to temple and don’t complain to God or nor  to their life. If we need to develop ourselves to maintain our happiness, never see that what they have and you don’t have, just look behind and see what you have that they don’t have.

I have some dreams and desire to learn, do something different, explore the world , earn some handsome bucks and give a good life to my parents, sometime these things gives me sleepless nights and I feel like to run out of this slouchy world and grab all my desire in my hand. I also cry and feel broken into pieces when suddenly dreams are burned into ashes but I don’t let myself that down, I stand and walk ahead again towards my dream.  Well , failure is a dam thing which affect our life so badly and most of us take it negatively  , we should not think that problems and failure are the obstructions of our good life but, in reality these obstructions are helpful for one more step ahead towards our goal as these teach us our weakness.
 Lets go to the memory lane and remember the childhood when we use to try to walk but we fell down again we try to stand then again we  fell down and then again we tried and succeed to stand and sometimes our parents used to support us by holding our shoulders and back. But may be at a point of our life we would not be having anyone to support us, someone who would tell us what to do or what not to, then we have to decide ourselves everything , we would fall and we have to stand again. Because success, failure, grief and happiness, all it matters for our life.

After all what I mean to say in the whole above paragraphs is that, if you want to live and enjoy your life then live today as your first day of your life and if you want to achieve something then do it today as it is your last day of your life. Just do  and live in today and be happy be success and give your life a life that worth living….
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Going to a road trip has been my dream since I learnt to drive , and driving between the woods, tall trees and over the landscapes is quite dreamy to me. I don’t have any experience of any trip but I have a list of places to explore and things to do there.

 Well, according to my choice my dream SUV Range Rover Evaque would be my perfect partner on a road trip and I want my cupid one along with me and I want to keep driving and driving until I find a suitable dreamy place where it would be peace, beauty and inspirations. As a nature lover I want a place to rest which is really calm and from there I can enjoy the nature peacefully.

The location may be Leh & Laddak  to see the historical 17th century’s places  or to Manali for its beauty which is perfect for a road trip, the landscapes, rocks, stream of rivers, chilling breeze are amazing, I want to explore everything there as much as possible.  I know a bit about Leh & Laddak so it would be little easy to drive around the places I know or heard about. We would not miss to drive towards the beautiful Shanti Stupa and we would pray in peace,  and Thiksey Monastery to enjoy the sunset. Then we would drive towards Magnetic field and would feel the magnetic power of earth.It is said that earth defies gravity there and when a vehicle is parked at some point the earth would pull it towards the magnetic hill at a speed of 20KM/H.
And then towards the beautiful Pangong tso lake, aah that is the sweetest beautiful and cutest lake in India and its perfect place for both of us to share some lovely moments together in a place like heaven.  
Leh & Laddak is truly a heaven. Well after that we would head towards Manali and it is completely unknown but  keeping faith on GPS & local people we would head on….

Trip on car but have to stay in hotel or resorts? Its bit weird for me… I want to build my own camp outside & it would be an extreme experience of surviving, by staying away from our daily world.  Night at a strange place specially in open area  is really marvelous so adventurous and I would enjoy the darkness with a campfire like back in 80s . I would sing , dance and anything to make her laugh entertain and keep her awake whole night. 

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After watching the presentation of Mittal Patel, I am really inspired and hats off to her for her great job towards the society which is lacked behind today, and there are only few people in this world who has pulled forward themselves for the betterment of nation. It would be a book if I write every facts that has been passing by modern India. Our country got independence 65 years ago and no doubt that India has grown and progressed in education, infrastructure, technology, defense, agriculture and all other sectors except our slouchy Indian laws & governance.  

poor people, poor indian people, poor sleeping at streets
We, the people belongs to cities, towns & villages nearby any towns enjoy the benefits of modernizations, while there is also a society beneath our modern world who still survive in darkness. We can search our streets and towns in Google maps but there are many places which doesn’t exists in Indian official maps.  We get ultimate knowledge from modern educations, modern infrastructures, transports etc   while they don’t have a proper school for basic educations, proper transports.

Have you ever passed by red light streets?  Listen to their problems, they don’t have a proper identification document of Indian citizenships, if a person among them are missing then it will not put a tiny effect in country’s census are they are not counted in census as well as police don’t register their complaint against anyone ,  most of the girls are forced to get into prostitutions by their family or by themselves just because to fulfill the hunger of poverty. 

  According to India Times  India is the 6th largest economy in the world, but during nights look at the streets and footpaths there are many people sleeping  around there who don’t have  any home and they migrate from a place to another in search of a work and a open space to sleep.

India has the largest democracy in the world and divided into 29 states for better control and better development of the country but, everything goes to vain ,the  ministers are just here to grab the seats of MLA, Chief Ministers, Prime ministers etc , one political party is jealous of another so they are just busy in defaming and killing each other and as a result there are more number of strikes than number of holidays and prices of daily essentials increasing every year like fire.  About 80% percent of Indian ministers are involved in different type of scam, some recent scams are 2G telecom scam,  Coal scam etc.  A huge fund are provided by the central government to states government for development and other work but 50% of the fund goes into the pocket of officials from state level to panchayat level and the rest 50% are not being spent properly  for development. Government is well aware about Income tax, they know how much the companies has to fill but they are not aware about how much the companies’ output should be, how the companies’ production cost should be minimized so the products should reach the consumers at fair valued price and hence here is more in import than export.

We know India is a developing country and vast effected by its huge population, but if we compare ourselves with neighbors countries like China, in spite of huge population  they have pulled themselves much forward and stood 2nd largest economy in the world and giving its’ citizens a good life style. But here still 21% of Indian population living  below poverty line and most of them don’t have their own entity and identity,  some also die of malnutrition.
Indian economy is huge but it is poorly divided so, modernizations and development are only reaching to those areas which are already partially or almost developed but not at those areas where developments are really necessary and hence richer are getting more rich and poor are getting more poor and if these goes on, India will never be a developed country.

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I always wonder that if there is anyone who is really happy,  who really love their life, who really do what he always wanted to do?
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Though I am going through a tough time because of my illness, family circumstances, relationship’s puzzle and so on… is there anyone who is really happy leaving everything beyond this world with themselves ? I don’t think so and my problems are nothing when I compare mine with others’ .
When I was a kid I thought life is easy  and life is only going to school,  fun with friends and parent’s love. but I didn’t knew that I was at early point of my life and I knew nothing about it and always want to grow up soon and now in realty I am growing up every day. But actually I don’t want to grow up anymore I want my childhood days because the real world is very complicated.

And yet what I saw is, generally we spend our life like this ,we spend half of our life in education from the age of 3 to 25 we rush to schools then colleges, then job from 26, marriage at 27, planning for baby at 30, then retire at 60 and then seat and wait for death. What I learnt is , We think a lot about tomorrow rather than today and then tomorrow we regret about yesterday  without any clues of today and then at last we realize that we have forgot to today. If you really want to live your life then don’t worry about tomorrow and don’t regret  about your pasts’ did  because tomorrow will not let you live today and past will not let you live the good times that are yet to come. If our present is endowed with darkness is because of our past and that is what we are today , and our future will build with our present. So leave everything and live in present then definitely you would be living a life. Our life always had some choices and our choices represents what we are today, choose the good one as the wrong choices are easy to choose so don’t  mess yourself between good and bad choices , just listen to your heart and choose whatever it says right.

Apart from this what I learnt about happiness is, it doesn’t come with money, status, name, fame or by achieving all your dreams. All It comes from inside that makeover our mind.  I am broken when my loved one fights with me, I cry when my parents scolds me,  I love photography but I feel upset because I don’t have a camera,  I get annoyed with my studies, I don’t get a good sleep when my room’s AC doesn't work, I don’t feel my tongue tasteful with the same meal every day,  I am annoyed with my simple cell phone, I hate God when my wish is not fulfilled and so on.. 

but when I observe my surrounding I am completely melted down to earth,  I see a guy hugged her loved ones when they were fighting and soon they started crying together, I see the slam children’s who have never touched a camera but they are smiling and playing with a toy camera, I see children who don’t have a proper school but still they are studying peacefully under a busy bridge , I see the people who don’t have a home nor a plastic sheet but they sleep peacefully on footpaths,  I see the roadside beggars who don’t have multiple meal but they happily eat dry chapattis with the name of God, I see people don’t have cell phone but they are happy with public calling booth.   And then I don’t complain myself and my life as I feel fortunate because I have those things which lots of people are not having and I learnt how to live and I learnt to be happy.

Nothing is wrong about dreaming but dreaming is necessary to grow and achieve the aims but dreams have no ending. But don’t trap between your past, dreams and future, don’t wait for tomorrow and don’t think of yesterday just take today like your everything, do what your heart says right, love what you do then today and tomorrow both would be yours’ .

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Managing your fashion during workout gets a little fuzzy because of sweat and tried body. But, don’t worry I have some simple solutions for all these.  Well, one should wear such cloths that would look good enough even after workout as well as keeping in mind about the comfort of those stuffs with our body, isn’t it?
I think I must show you my favorite sport wear collection from jabong which I have brought last year as is my favorite online destination for clothes.  
I feel  so comfortable to wear it specially during workout and cricket as I made up of only cotton. It is not too tight nor so loose. Its just perfect to wear with any fitness jersey or sporty Tees.

I love this T-shirt for its sporty look, I looks great with my Navy Blue track pants. As it is made up of polyester so  I don’t recommend this stuff  to use as workout clothes but, it is perfect for jogging and other normal exercise.

I love this stuff most among all the items above because of its trendy look and comfort to my foot and my  foot feels amazing. I use it for jogging and sometime I flaunt it with jeans and t-shirt at college .

Hanes Socks: 
So soft, so cozy with a beautiful black line at the neck. It is just  awesome with both shorts and track jersey.

So do you want to look more trendy? Then try these things

Adidas Short !  
If you love to wear shorts then it cool, as shorts looks more trendy and sporty  than in anything else. Just make sure that your shorts should not cross your knees and nor too much short.  Addidas have a great range of shorts along with its trendy looks.

Flaunt your personality with a sporty T-shirt..  
Addidas white T-shirt: 

For a complete trendy look  T-shirts are essential. This is an unique one  from Addidas can be use for many purpose whether you want it for workout or any outdoor sports.

Gear up your legs with sneakers 
Puma Speeder Tetron
Put some sneaker rather than tennis shoes or else with a pair of white cotton socks it will really gear up your legs with look of sporty foot. This Speeder Tetron from Puma will really look your legs handsome on treadmill.

Things to keep in mind:
  • If you are going to wear short pants then it should not be too short as well as it should not be longer than your knees, prefer those shorts that cover up to your knees.

  • Choose you socks that are made up with 100% cotton.  Don’t  use any synthetic socks during workout.
  • During workout your body releases a heavy amount of sweat , so choose your clothes which consists at least 80% of cotton , so that it would have enough capability to soak your sweat and keep your skin clean.

  • Try to dress like gentle men, Don’t be so dandy with colorful sneakers, eye catching pants and shiny tees. You must keep in mind about your dressing colors don’t be so eye catchy , just choose the colors that are cool and standard.

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Hello, What an awesome day it was with four of my bugger friends : ). As its been more than a month since we got a break from first year of college and ached our back at home, and it is really irritating to stay at home whole day . So we had plan a day to hang out with everyone (old school mates)  as all of my buddies are home now. 

The girls were also agreed to go along with us but one of them felt sick at morning  and then everyone of them made the same excuse. I really hate this common melody for excuse of these girls.
Well every people like me dream to study in IIT , NIT, MIT etc and honestly I am not that good in studies I am among those whose maximum marks belongs to 50 to 60 but since I got that sense and heard what is IIT  may be from standard seventh or eighth , I dream to go an get a glimpse of IIT and I succeed today.

The IIT Kharagpur is just few kilometers from  bigbazaar where we were shopping  and we had plenty of time to catch the train and unfortunately we decide to visit the IIT campus to pass those few hours rather than getting bored .So we took an autorikshwa and headed towards there.  The first word I murmured after entering into the campus was “Wow”.  Everyone there were looking so polite and punctual other than four of us .  The campus building in beautifully designed and a fighter aircraft is placed in the middle of the ground. I murmured myself “IIT me kuch to baat hai bhai “ .   

Fortunately we saw a professor coming out from that building and we introduced our self. We felt very pleasant after talking with him and unfortunately the damn  battery of my cellphone was down so that I could click some pictures there.
Withing a few minutes of chat he inspired  and realized us that  the world  has gone so ahead but guys like us still lacking behind the world, we have to do something.  Thank you sir, I didn't asked your name but you are such a great person .