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Every morning I wake up and I feel myself thankful for an another day , the early sunshine and whispering birds  makes me feel that I got an another beautiful chance for my life leaving all the problems of yesterday in yesterday. Well, I am not an experienced man who knows the philosophy of life , I am just a 21 years old guy and going to share my thoughts of life with my all little experience I have. 
Sometime I think that if life was like computer programming we code it compile it then we find the errors , then again we recompile it and then can run it without any sort of problem then life would be easy for everyone..but its not possible

Everyone in this world have their own problems and submerged in their pains, rarely may be someone who can say that he is really happy. Our life is mixed with some sort of happiness, grief, pain, success , failure & hope and this world is a act where our lives play and so our life is dynamic  it may change anytime or it may take a big U turn without our expectations. Somebody knows how to give their role in this act, somebody know how to live tackle under every situation and somebody fails to do these…

Our life is a bit of greedy and we cannot fulfill its desire and dreams, when a dream is fulfilled then we dreams about something else or something more, our desire craves us that’s what burn inside us, I don’t mean to stop dreaming as dreams are necessary to grow ourselves but to be happy we have to adjust ourselves with what we have now. We love our job at beginning, but after a period we get of annoyed  of the same things and then we tend to change our workplace or the entire job, that what we do wrong again. We know what we love, what we feel good to do, what are our  hobbies? Then why don’t make a career in all these things , we would enjoy in work as well as we would do better  too. 

We all had a past and would have a future but what we have is, our present or today, so dwelling about past  would not let the good times that are yet to come. Never to blame ourselves and our life because we can give the best to our life and our life is the best gift we have. If you still hate your life then observe your surroundings, see the children whose parents cannot afford them a bicycle but play with a bicycle tyre but still they are happy, watch the people who don’t have a bed but still they sleep peacefully , watch the roadside beggars who don’t have limbs still they go to temple and don’t complain to God or nor  to their life. If we need to develop ourselves to maintain our happiness, never see that what they have and you don’t have, just look behind and see what you have that they don’t have.

I have some dreams and desire to learn, do something different, explore the world , earn some handsome bucks and give a good life to my parents, sometime these things gives me sleepless nights and I feel like to run out of this slouchy world and grab all my desire in my hand. I also cry and feel broken into pieces when suddenly dreams are burned into ashes but I don’t let myself that down, I stand and walk ahead again towards my dream.  Well , failure is a dam thing which affect our life so badly and most of us take it negatively  , we should not think that problems and failure are the obstructions of our good life but, in reality these obstructions are helpful for one more step ahead towards our goal as these teach us our weakness.
 Lets go to the memory lane and remember the childhood when we use to try to walk but we fell down again we try to stand then again we  fell down and then again we tried and succeed to stand and sometimes our parents used to support us by holding our shoulders and back. But may be at a point of our life we would not be having anyone to support us, someone who would tell us what to do or what not to, then we have to decide ourselves everything , we would fall and we have to stand again. Because success, failure, grief and happiness, all it matters for our life.

After all what I mean to say in the whole above paragraphs is that, if you want to live and enjoy your life then live today as your first day of your life and if you want to achieve something then do it today as it is your last day of your life. Just do  and live in today and be happy be success and give your life a life that worth living….
This post is written for the contest “ALL THAT MATTERS” held at Blogadda in association with INK LIVE 2013.


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