Hang out with four buggers

Hello, What an awesome day it was with four of my bugger friends : ). As its been more than a month since we got a break from first year of college and ached our back at home, and it is really irritating to stay at home whole day . So we had plan a day to hang out with everyone (old school mates)  as all of my buddies are home now. 

The girls were also agreed to go along with us but one of them felt sick at morning  and then everyone of them made the same excuse. I really hate this common melody for excuse of these girls.
Well every people like me dream to study in IIT , NIT, MIT etc and honestly I am not that good in studies I am among those whose maximum marks belongs to 50 to 60 but since I got that sense and heard what is IIT  may be from standard seventh or eighth , I dream to go an get a glimpse of IIT and I succeed today.

The IIT Kharagpur is just few kilometers from  bigbazaar where we were shopping  and we had plenty of time to catch the train and unfortunately we decide to visit the IIT campus to pass those few hours rather than getting bored .So we took an autorikshwa and headed towards there.  The first word I murmured after entering into the campus was “Wow”.  Everyone there were looking so polite and punctual other than four of us .  The campus building in beautifully designed and a fighter aircraft is placed in the middle of the ground. I murmured myself “IIT me kuch to baat hai bhai “ .   

Fortunately we saw a professor coming out from that building and we introduced our self. We felt very pleasant after talking with him and unfortunately the damn  battery of my cellphone was down so that I could click some pictures there.
Withing a few minutes of chat he inspired  and realized us that  the world  has gone so ahead but guys like us still lacking behind the world, we have to do something.  Thank you sir, I didn't asked your name but you are such a great person .



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