Situations of Modern India

After watching the presentation of Mittal Patel, I am really inspired and hats off to her for her great job towards the society which is lacked behind today, and there are only few people in this world who has pulled forward themselves for the betterment of nation. It would be a book if I write every facts that has been passing by modern India. Our country got independence 65 years ago and no doubt that India has grown and progressed in education, infrastructure, technology, defense, agriculture and all other sectors except our slouchy Indian laws & governance.  

poor people, poor indian people, poor sleeping at streets
We, the people belongs to cities, towns & villages nearby any towns enjoy the benefits of modernizations, while there is also a society beneath our modern world who still survive in darkness. We can search our streets and towns in Google maps but there are many places which doesn’t exists in Indian official maps.  We get ultimate knowledge from modern educations, modern infrastructures, transports etc   while they don’t have a proper school for basic educations, proper transports.

Have you ever passed by red light streets?  Listen to their problems, they don’t have a proper identification document of Indian citizenships, if a person among them are missing then it will not put a tiny effect in country’s census are they are not counted in census as well as police don’t register their complaint against anyone ,  most of the girls are forced to get into prostitutions by their family or by themselves just because to fulfill the hunger of poverty. 

  According to India Times  India is the 6th largest economy in the world, but during nights look at the streets and footpaths there are many people sleeping  around there who don’t have  any home and they migrate from a place to another in search of a work and a open space to sleep.

India has the largest democracy in the world and divided into 29 states for better control and better development of the country but, everything goes to vain ,the  ministers are just here to grab the seats of MLA, Chief Ministers, Prime ministers etc , one political party is jealous of another so they are just busy in defaming and killing each other and as a result there are more number of strikes than number of holidays and prices of daily essentials increasing every year like fire.  About 80% percent of Indian ministers are involved in different type of scam, some recent scams are 2G telecom scam,  Coal scam etc.  A huge fund are provided by the central government to states government for development and other work but 50% of the fund goes into the pocket of officials from state level to panchayat level and the rest 50% are not being spent properly  for development. Government is well aware about Income tax, they know how much the companies has to fill but they are not aware about how much the companies’ output should be, how the companies’ production cost should be minimized so the products should reach the consumers at fair valued price and hence here is more in import than export.

We know India is a developing country and vast effected by its huge population, but if we compare ourselves with neighbors countries like China, in spite of huge population  they have pulled themselves much forward and stood 2nd largest economy in the world and giving its’ citizens a good life style. But here still 21% of Indian population living  below poverty line and most of them don’t have their own entity and identity,  some also die of malnutrition.
Indian economy is huge but it is poorly divided so, modernizations and development are only reaching to those areas which are already partially or almost developed but not at those areas where developments are really necessary and hence richer are getting more rich and poor are getting more poor and if these goes on, India will never be a developed country.

This post has been written for “ THE IDEA CARAVAN”  contest  at Indiblogger , held by Franklin Templeton Investments, Partnered with TEDx gateway Mumbai in December 2012.


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