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Hello my dear friends, how are you all? Wish you all happy friendship day and this post is specially for you people.

Friends are the wonderful gift in our life is tasteless without them. They inspire us, they teach us to explore ourselves, they make us fall in trouble and also let us out of trouble. Sometimes we hate their mischievousness and when they don’t we miss it, sometime we fights but latter we feel sorry and don’t get  the guts to say sorry politely, they are the first one who to say “wow, look at that girl”, they are one who make us feel what is jealousy ,  how to enjoy even in punishment,   they are not something but, friends are those people with whom we can share our every problems, words,  and they really understand it and knows how to tackle it together. they are wonderful part of our life which make us live in joy with them and create some wonderful memories , I don’t have any words to describe perfectly , what is friendship.

My best part of my life was my childhood and my days with friends at school. School life is the best life for everyone and every moments  we spent with friends there were more awesome ,specially being a back benchers I used to enjoy a lot with them.  Lunch during class, we use to rub our shoes together under the desk to irritate the teachers  and then getting scolded by teachers badly, we used to shout loudly “RAIL GADI KU KU KU”  “BOL BAM! BOL BAM!” and blah blah! by making a long queue of ourselves, silly jokes on each other and ended up by fights, tries to impress the girls by showing a notebook with a good handwriting (fortunately my handwriting has improved because of this),   we use to through papers at girls and signed towards our side ones to make him in trouble, the truth and dare games in which nobody dare to choose truth and then we had to do some wild orders, the funs  at picnic spots, we six or seven people used to hop in a single lunch box and much more memorable moments we had share together, I am not going to write anymore ,else I would start crying.

The saddest moments for me is , I had to leave many places after every three years  because of dad’s posting at different places, I made a lots of good friends around this nation and one day I had to leave them, at that time there were not SMS’ or developed communication medium, there was only desk phones. I remember few of their names and I have searched them at almost every social networking sites but I couldn’t find them, maybe I have not recognize their pictures or they have account with different names, but I miss them a lot.

I wish , if those days will come back again I will get return in the life of joys, shine , unity, I don’t know if someday we would meet together again or not, as everyone of us are staying far apart but, if we get any chance to gather together we would have blast again and the world will see that those buggers are again together.
Happy friendship day to all my dear friends, God bless you all.

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