kajal, kajal majhi
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I am that kind of guy who realize that he have to study when exam is just on the head, seriously internal exam for this semester will begin after two days but, I am playing G.T.A. Who loves to attempt exams, right?
 And when exam is near I realize that I have not studied a bit of the syllabus. I always think that I have to do something,  I have to learn something new everyday, I have to touch the sky but, I don’t know what is in me, I just keep dreaming like day dreamers and spend hours and cannot concentrate on a particular thing. Life is on its way , I am growing older and older day by day but I don’t know I will reach the desired destination or not, the only thing I know that life is not that easy as it look like and I will never give up

Well Its been a month since I have written my last blog post and right after that day I have logged into my blogger account today. Phew! Seriously it was a busy month for me , weekly health check-up, guests, Summer training camp, boring college hours, and blah blah I don’t want to remember these. 

 ‘Durga Puja’ is almost near the most prestigious festival for we Bengalis, so, I have to do a lots of shopping , plans to hop at different places and gossips with friends.   Now a days the weather is horrible ,its raining whole day almost four days in a week and I don’t want this rain to spoil my puja plans. God help us. What we are we don’t know, when there is no rain we pray day and night for a drop of rain water but when it continues we get frustrated of this, we human are so selfish for our survivals.

A sneak peak from my garden

dew on flower, grass flower, purple, morning dew on flower

purple flower, purple lavender,


Smell have extreme facts on we human’s life, At past may be we had smell something  during some special moments or any incident, and now suddenly when the same smell passes by our nose ,it remind our those past moments and incidents  very quickly or at least it would tickle our mind that we have probably  smelled this a long ago somewhere else.

We go to many places daily and we smell around   different things and smell of different places like vegetable markets, fragrances at a flower stall, fruit stall, fish corner, coffee cafe, offices and much more and every smell are different but few among them are quite different to us and it sense us like we have smelled it before, that’s the instance power of smells.
My school life was fabulous just like everyone, and whenever I see any school kids I regret that why I have grown up so fast? I can
wear school uniform and roam around old school, I can play with kids my making my mind as kids, I can do whatever I like but I would not get back those days, so I have kept some stuffs  which I have used at that time and among them my pencil box is very special for me. Whenever I miss those days , I open that box and  then smell of eraser , dust of sharpener, lead of pencils  make me feels like I am in classroom at backbench , doing some mischievous things and  it remember my those golden moments I has spent there.


Are you like me in a distance relationship?  miss each other a lot and craves to meet her? If not, then mind it, never be in a distance relationship is very tough to handle mentally . From the past two years whenever I meet her I smell that she has not change her perfume and sometime it leads me to confusion.  I can recognize her by her body smell, and her perfume too because I know only she can use this perfume, but if someone else use the same perfume and passes by my side , at first obviously  what I  would think that it must be she, but when I actually look at that girl ”Damn! this is not dolon!”  and many times I have involved myself in trouble.  

Smells inside a  house is the mixture of many things like kitchen, food, cupboard, bed, shoes and many more things that’s make an unique smell inside , and I love my house smell. I have placed some pots at the balcony with few “night Jasmine “ in it, the aroma from  purify the house’s  smell and make it more unique  and it also gives me very good sleep  at night. It also makes me remind of my old days when I was about three or four years of age, my mom use to take me at society park where there were many night jasmines and I use to pluck them.   Everyone should have a Night Jasmine at their balcony or garden.  well who doesn’t like their own house smell right?  

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