Everyone has a reason to pray

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Isn’t its sounds selfish when it is said that “everyone has a reason to pray” , well no doubt, if we need a specific reason to pray then its’ mean we are being selfish in the tagline of human being.
Well. No one in this world is really happy with their life, everyone is immersed in their own problems, a tiny or in a great problem , we all just need a reason to feel tensed. Some people pray to thanks God for everything they have and some of us revile God, if anything bad happens in our life.
Why we always grind ourselves beneath our demands and expectation? Instead of being thankful of whatever we have, God has gifted us everything we need , and we just need to make use of them to meet our requirements.

Last week I went to a temple on the occasion of navaratri, there was a handicapped women with no legs, holding agarbatti (incense sticks) between her fingers and murmured her prayers  , its guilt listen to someone’s prayer but still I try to listen to her prayers, she was saying “hai durga mata, sob kichu debar jonne dhonnowad” means hey Goddess durga ,thanks for everything. I was feeling irritated by her words because she has no legs, no support to stand again in her life but still why she is thanking to Goddess Durga? And finally I asked her that why she was praying so?
She replied me only in a line: “I am alive”
Really, I was not having any more guts to ask anything.

Its my mommy who taught me how to pray, generally she used to do that before dinner   She may have taught me how to pray but,  Actually I started praying from my school days when I was in grade ‘VI’.
Its was the scariest moment when our Biology teacher was asking to dictate a topic  form each of us in class and whoever didn’t able to dictate he busted his thin stick on their bare palm, eeh!  I was  hiding my face behind my friends and I don’t know how did I uttered  “OH GOD! NOT TODAY PLEASE” and finally my dead end came , I was about to stand up but suddenly the period bell rangd up.  Then I realize that what is prayer. By the way, those were funny and memorable moments of my life.
Life is what we make it, we build it we destroy it we raise it , Whatever I am , whatever the problems I faces because the paths I have chosen  and we always need to choose the right path, so I don’t blame God or anyone for this.I confess my every wrongs and  the only thing I pray every day is thanks to the creator of mine who have gifted me everything I need . I never pray to demand anything, I just pray for thanks giving and the only thing I demand from him is “strength” so that I can face and sort out every problems in my life.
After all prayer is:-

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This Diwali Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja pack would be my handy friend which would give me every things I need with one go.  I stay at highly restricted campus and the main town is far apart from here and I really don’t want to go there , so this pooja pack will fulfil my requirements and I don’t need to hop from a pooja shop to another to collect each items.
I would love to decorate the floor with rangolis and then I will place mud lamps over it, the beauty of rangoli  would enhance at night with those mud lamps.
The pooja places would be decorated with beautiful flowers and then I would start to pray and dissolve myself into divine with the aroma of incense sticks.

Pure Cycle Agarbatties presents you Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack which contains every essential you needed this Lakshmi Puja/Diwali. Don’t let your prayer out, every prayer you do from your heart would reach to your creator indeed.

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