Smart Suraksha for women

What is Smart Suraksha?

 It is a Android Apps. Can be used as a handy tools at any emergency situations.  Carrying weapons, pepper sprays,  and other defensive items at everywhere is not idle, but these days almost every women carry cell phones with them which is one of the best tools that every person can have and be carry anywhere. Smart Suraksha is a security apps. Concerned with human helps that alerts five of your pre-added contacts with SMS for help and your current location even the GPS is turned off, it can also alert the local police station, whenever you are in trouble, cell phone’s battery is dead low,  or if you are at any worse situation, with just a single button.

Suppose you are in a long drive alone and suddenly your car broke down at an weird place, where there is no options of help from local people. Just press the button and attest one among your five friend will definitely help you and he/she can tell the cops about your current location. Its is not only helpful for women ,it can be used by everyone in case of need any help.

Four features of Smart Suraksha:

If call is better option ,then why Smart Suraksha?
Obviously it is the first question that my friend has asked me too, that whenever she would be in trouble or someone would attack her ,she will definitely call me for help, but don’t forget whenever you will try to call someone for help the attacker would definitely think that you are calling the cops, they will snatch away your smartphone… But Using Smart Suraksha you don’t need to call anyone , and the attacker will not know that you are alerting five people about your situation with just a single button…

Turn the pages of daily newspapers or hop into different Tv news channels, every four out of ten crimes are against women. When I heard about this apps. It reminded me “Nirbhaya” the painful incident at the capital city of India on December 2012 that triggered the nation for safety of women.  The cruel night when Nirbhaya and her friend were wondering around to get any transport  ,they got the wrong people, and they boarded into the wrong bus. Those people were innocence from outside but cruel from inside, her only mistake was that she has believed those wrong people and then her friend was badly beaten and she was…(sorry I don’t want to remember those of her terrible moments ) and I wish she had SMART SURAKSHA with her so that she could have alerted five of her friends or family for help, she and her friend didn’t needed to wait a long for any transport and this world would have not loosed a charming princess.

We can not stop any crimes completely  if crimes can be stoppable then there is no need of cops, and other security forces. We can minimise them, we can let not the situation come from which crimes can occurs. Somewhere , sometimes it would occur again. We live in society and those who do such brutal acts are also the part of our own society , we know those people they may be our friends , relatives, they behave badly in front of us but we ignore them just because they are our friends and relatives. These ignorance rises their evil confidence and end up with criminal acts.

But the situation is worse in India. it is not possible for every father, friend, husband to go along with their lady/daughter/friend every time they step out of house, not even the cops can stand at every corner every street, highways, roads. Its our society and these crimes rises from our society and together we can put out these crimes and let not the situation occur.

 few safety tips for women:
Be Careful: Stay alert whenever you are outside, if you feel uncomfortable at any place , then no need to stay there any more. Get out of that place and move to a different place where there are few groups of people or crowd.

Defend yourself:
Try to defend yourself with whatever you can, even if you have a good nails poke them into the attacker’s eyes.

Pepper Spray:
Women in abroad usually carry stung guns in their bags but stung guns are still not legal in India, but you can always carry a small pepper spray bottle and just spay into the attackers eye, it will not let him see for couple of minutes.

Check back seat: Before you open the door check the back seat of your car properly and never give lift to any strangers.

Social Media: One of the great source for crimes against women. Never updates your personal situations like “Home Alone, Feeling bored” , “At Railway station feeling alone” etc, because you may not knowing that some of your friends from your friend list is following you secretly from a long and their friendship can turn into cruelty at any go.

Treat the eve teasers:  When someone is teasing you, pretend to take his picture and  shout and draw the attention of people.

Raise you voice: Never ignore the uncomfortable activities at you workplace even if it is your boss , don’t worry thinking about losing your job, your one voice can save other girls from such people.

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.


  1. Well thats very convincing post....i hope a lot of women will use this app after your insightful review

  2. Thanks for your nice post. Really i liked this tips very much for blog writing.

    1. Concerned with the safety of women.. I hope this tips would be helpful for every women..
      thanks for dropping your comment here. :)


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