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  How rich you are, how much of wealth  you have, but do you have health? If you don’t have health then there is no use of your wealth, luxuries, highly professional degrees and so on… everything will be vain.. If you have health then you have the world’s precious wealth.
 You think that by having a quality lifestyle you will be healthy but, you may don’t know that some of your habits may have bad effects on your health and can make you fall sick. But probably your immunity can protect you from common infections and diseases , but think about your children whi have the same lifestyle .They are growing, their immunity is still developing and not that developed which is enough to  protect  them.
Only a  quality life style is not enough to stay healthy and protective from getting ill because  the environment in which we are living is not pure enough, we have used it as much we could  and still using the environment for our daily necessities and self-benefits, as a result our necessities has affected the environment very badly. The rain is infected , the air is full of germs and harmful substances, the soil has loosed its fertility and mixed with non-biodegradable substances  and much more.   Every day we breathe lots of harmful things  like Smoke, leads, dusts, floating germs and more harmful particles. The air is not pure anymore like before and we can’t imagine that how much our body fights and defend from such things. We cannot stop these external vulnerability  , but we can protect ourselves from them by strengthen the immunity inside us.    It’s all our immune system that fights for us to defend from getting sick.  To make it more clear I have described all the facts in different paragraphs below.

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Parents behaviour:
Children comes into this world without knowing anything they learn to eat , speak, walk, run , play , read, etc. from their parents. Always  be beware about what you speak, eat, drink and do in front of them   because almost everything they learns from you and if it will have bad effect on them it will tamper their growth.

Quit smoking & Drinking:
 Very old proverb “Smoking is injurious to health”. But if you can’t stop smoking then, please don’t smoke in front of your child.  The smoke exhale out of your lungs is more dangerous for the people around you and children learn most of the activities from their parents and they will grow up into addicted smoker. So beware.
Special Note for Newbie Mommy: If you are breast feeding mom then you must stop smoking and drinking for the period you feed your baby, the nutrition in the milk depend on what you eat and drink . Add lots of healthy foods like fruits and green vegetables , get some good health drink , it will be beneficial for both of you and your baby too.

Daily Exercise:
Daily Exercise doesn’t mean to let your child join daily gym. It is to keep your child’s physical activities updated. Minimize the usage of joysticks and PlayStations, let them go out and play with their friends. Get them a kids’ bicycle  , bicycle riding is best exercise can be done by anyone. Do a family exercise regularly let your kids join you and encourage them to follow what you do like rope jumping,  skipping, play merry round, basketball, tennis and so on… This will boost their metabolism, immunity, intake of more oxygen, and make them feel fresh and active.

Polio Vaccine:
 It is one of the most important vaccine must be given to every child from birth to five years of age. It is recommended by W.H.O (World Health Organization)  for immunization against polio virus. Polio is incurable but it can be prevented by immunizing the body. Follow the polio vaccination schedule which are generally advertise in Television Channels, Newspapers , Magazines and sometime  the local health department also comes around  streets to announce the date and time of polio vaccine. 

Balanced Diet:
Proper nutrition is an important fact for adequate growth and immunization . All essential nutrients are required by body in adequate quantity to boost immunity, antioxidants to fight infections, and all necessary vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, E , Zinc etc. Avoid packaged and processed foods they can be cooked quickly but  they contain more sugar, and less in required nutrients. Serve freshly made foods to your child and add more amount of fresh fruits and green vegetables and pulses in their plates. Fruits are rich source of vitamins and antioxidants and  green vegetables and pulses are good source of minerals, &  protein . Always change the meal twice or thrice a week, as children feel bored by chewing same type of foods in their mouth, try something different on every alternate day.
Cleanness and hygienic:
How does it look when we see our surroundings are clean and green, its seems like a healthy environment. To have a healthy life we have to main cleanness both our environment as well as our body. We adults know that how to keep ourselves clean but our kids don’t know, sometime they stay out of our eyesight and we can’t know what they are doing and eating outside . Teach them wash hands properly before going to eat anything,  put a sanitizer or dry hand wash in their school bag , it will be handy and keep them away from germs that can make them fall sick .
Apart from these keep in mind what your kids  eat and wear everyday,  make them wear clean and washed clothes everyday, change their bed sheets regularly with a clean one and must have regular bath with lukewarm water.

Eat to be alive , don’t be alive to eat :
Eat that much which is required by your body to perform your daily activities , don’t eat too much unnecessarily  , it will turn your body in obesity and it is the key to many type of disease like Diabetes, heart diseases, High Blood pressure, and so on. Also you should keep in mind that what and how much you are feeding your child, don’t feed them when they say that “can’t eat more”.
If you have left too much of food in your kitchen, don’t throw them away, give the foods to those children who don’t get proper meal every day, stand outside  for a while you will see a lots of child like this, give them they will be very happy.

Adopt the natural amenities:
It is good to stay in natural environment  as much as possible rather than in a man made surroundings. Make your child a habit to into bed and get out of bed early, make them breath in fresh air of early morning, let the drops of dew touch their feet. I heard that morning has an amazing power of healing so many things inside our body.
If you or your child fall sick , don’t ask your doctor every time to prescribe antibiotics, ask your doctor if he/she have any natural remedies. Natural remedies work together with our immune system to heal out the disease where as the antibiotics are chemically processed  substances work of their own and doesn’t allow our immune system to work. 

Family health check-up:
Go for a health check-up along with your children at least twice a year. Its is very important and helpful to secure your family with a good health. And take a protective vaccination for tetanus etc. once a year.
Daily health tonic and multivitamins :
The land has loosed it’s natural fertility , farmer are using artificial fertilizer and HYB seeds to maximize the output, but the required nutrients in them has decreased, the milk men injects some kind of medicines in the cow and buffalo’s body to maximize the output of milk from their mammary glands but not the required vitamins and minerals. we eat food grains that fulfil our empty belly but we don’t get the required nutrients by our body. Hence you should have some daily health drinks that is full of multivitamins and minerals specially for your child , their body needs to much of energy at this developing stage.
Apart from this your entire family can have Dabur Chyawanprash , it’s a pure ayurvedic   health tonic for your entire family. It is filled goodness of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals which provide immunization and strength from inside.    

Being a great Parents : (Most Important)
It’s a great challenge , Only medicines, balance diet food and nutrients , and immunization is not enough to keep your child healthy and immunized but ,  Before being a parent you must become a good friend to them. Somewhere and sometime in your life you probably have faced some problems and situation that you could not share them with your parents and later you had felt that it would had been much better if you had told about that with your parents, isn’t it? So don’t let your children face the same situations, they are your children, you mean the world to them and you can help and care about them better than anyone else in this world.  Sort out some time from your busy schedule and spend with them, play with them,  go out  , talk  make them laugh and share some moments of your day you had, make them feel comfortable with you so that whenever they will have any problem they will come to you first and they can share with you everything without hesitating . Win their hearts , they will win your heart too and  It will lead them a complete stress free growth.

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