Tips for Women Safety

 Always be careful: If you found yourself uncomfortable at any place, people staring at you strangely then, get out of those place quickly and dissolve inside a crowd and then move to a safer place. Crimes doesn’t inform us about its occurrence but it gives sign that it is about to occur, so it’s better to let not the situation come. Apart from these if you ride two-wheelers then always wear full helmet.  Never forget to lock the car door and window whether at home, office or outside and always check the back seat before entering into the car.

Be frank to your parents/guardians:
One of the most important,  if you have planned to go outside , hangouts and anywhere its nice, but never think that you will not let your parents/friends/husband/roommate know about this. This is one of the big mistake we do, we try to hide ourselves from them , you should tell them where you are going, with whom you are going , so that they will be aware about this. Sometime its little tough to tell everything with them but if you convince them , they will sure let you go.

Don’t believe the roadside strangers:
Are you new to a place and don’t know the better route to go ahead? Have you planned to visit a place for the first time? If you don’t know the route its ok, but don’t ask the roadside strangers about the place and strangers, because they may seem innocence from outside but Who knows there is a evil inside them..? so its better to use the modern technologies like G.P.S and  Google maps etc. With the help of such things you can find the best route for your destination, online encyclopaedia like would help you to know a bit more about the place you are about to visit.

Use security Apps.

Apps. Developers are also trying their best to ensure the women’s safety . They are available for different platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, Android and Nokia Smartphones etc… and comes with features like alerts  few of the pre added contacts, send texts for help, alert the Cops, panic for help, raises the alarm, sends current location to the included contacts and much more. If you have a smart phone then these apps would be like handy tools for you at any emergency situations.
 Some of the security apps for different platform   by the best of my knowledge are :

  • Smart Suraksha (Android): A perfect handy tool useful at any emergency situation. It can alert five pre included contact numbers  with texts for help. It also send the current GPS location and alert the local cops by just pressing a button. To know more about Smart Surakhsha , read my previous blog post here
  • FightBack (Nokia SmartPhones & Blackberry) : This apps use your GPS, Location Map, Facebook Account. Just like the above mentioned apps you can add five contacts in the emergency list . In case of emergency press the ‘Panic’ button and it will send SMS to those five contact numbers in the emergency list, when they will click on the link sent by the SMS, it will show your current location on the Google Maps, this apps will also update your Facebook status with SOS messages. Get this apps from
  • Circle of 6 (iOS): This is one of the award winning personal safety apps for iOS users. Add six contact numbers in the emergency list , when the emergency button is pressed it will send preprogramed SMS to those six numbers with current GPS location.

Never Ignore:
These days Eve-Teaser roams around the city like street dogs, if they are doing nonsense then speak loudly ,draw the attentions of public towards you so that some more people would join you and treat them a lesson. Click their photos with your cell phone and lodge a complain at the nearest police station. Never ignore such people, your ignorance will give them confidence, someday  they will do such nonsense with any other girl and will lead them to serious crimes .

Same at your work place, if your colleagues behaves  with you in an uncomfortable way, sends you vulgar mails and texts even if your boss do so, then complain to the higher authority. Don’t  think of losing your job, you can get an another job , even you can appeal against your termination .And every workplace should have a women help group.

Don’t believe the strangers:
Late night from work? Use the staffs transport vehicle provided by your work place rather than going alone, this will give you company and confident even at late night. Public transport are almost nil during late nights , don’t wait for any stranger’s car /bike to offer you a lift, call your friends, family to take you from there. If you drive alone don’t choose any shortcut route during nights, as shortcut route are usually apart from main city where people don’t go at nights, go through the main routes where you can see at least few people are walking around and it will give you confidence.

Ignore the kindness:

If you are walking in the streets alone and you really need a transport and suddenly some from inside a car offers you lift with soft polite voice , don’t get melt by his sweetness and politeness , it may not be his actually character. Rather you should go on foot. Always be beware of such kind of guy who try to wins your heart within a minute, but his actually intentions are different from what he say and how he present himself in front of you. After all don’t trust the strangers.

Carry safety tools:
 It is not ideal and legal to carry Swiss knife and Stun Guns everywhere but you can carry things like pepper spray everywhere. Whenever you step outside keep a small bottle of pepper spray in your bag. If needed spray it on the attacker’s face, it will make him blind for few minutes and you have the chance to escape from there.

What to do if you are attacked:
Just do whatever you can,  don’t feel mercy for them just attack them too with whatever you have. Through dusts on their eyes, spray the pepper spray,  poke the eye with your nails, pen, hair clips, kick between the legs ,don’t miss a chance to hurt them and then try to escape from there and  inform your friends, parents, cops, panic etc.
 If you are already sexually harassed then don’t seat inside between four walls thinking about your society and community, remember those people in our society who accuses the victims more than the guilt’s they are the dumped creature of this world. Just raise your voice, go to the police, if the cops doesn’t listen to you  then get help form some NGO  they will sure help you to punish the guilty.

Help Other(Most Important):
 If you see any girl is in trouble don’t escape yourselves from that place being selfish, rather you should help her , call the cops, call more of your friends, panic for help!  Do the best you can to save  her , at least your one louder voice would divert the attention of attackers.  If you help other, they will help you too in your needs

In case of any emergency help you can contact the women emergency helpline below:

Women Helpline Numbers in India:
Whole India - 1091 (toll free)

1. Andhra Pradesh:• National Commission for Women - 011-13237166• Women Protection Cell - 040-23320539• Women Police Station - 040-27853508• AP Women’s network - 040-27014394

2. Bihar:• Women Helpline Centre - 18003456247 / 0612-2320047 / 2214318

3. Chandigarh:• Women Helpline Number - 2741900, 1091• Samvad - (0172) 2546389

4. Delhi:• National Commission for Women - 23237166, 23234918• Delhi Commission for Women - 23379181, 23370597• Women Protection Cell - 24673366/4156/ 7699• Central Social Welfare Board - 1091/ 1291(011)23317004

5. Haryana:• Women and Child Helpline - 0124-2335100• Helpline for Women in Distress – 9911599100

6. Gujarat:• Women Helpline -1091• Ahmadabad Women’s ActionGroup - 27470036• Self Employed Women’s Association - 25506477/ 25506444

7. Himachal Pradesh:• Women commission - 9816066421, 09418636326, 09816882491, 9418384215

8. Karnataka:• Women Helpline Number - 22942149, 1091• women commission - 080-22100435/ 22862368, 080-2216485

9. Kerala:• Women Helpline -1091• Kerala Women's Commission- 0471-2322590, 2320509, 2337589, 2339878, 2339882,e-mail :keralawomenscommission@yahoo.

10. Madhya Pradesh:• S.P. Office / We Care For You - 2522111• Mahila Thana - 2434999• Pardeshipura - 2435999• Sanyogitaganj - 2523999• Pandrinath - 2342999• Mari Mata (Banganga) - 2423999• Juni Indore - 2362999• MIG - 2570111• Mallharganj - 2454201• Chandan Nagar - 23789147• Sanwar - 7321-220999• Mhow - 7324-228100• Depalpur - 7322-221100• Women Commission - 2661802, 2661804, 2661805,2739804, 2661808

11. Maharashtra:• MAJLIS - 26661252 / 26662394• Women Right Initiative - 43411603 / 43411604• Human Rights Law Network - 23439754 / 23436692• Police Helpline for Women -103• Helpline for Women - 26111103, 1298• Shree Aadhar Kendra - 24394104 / 24394103

12. Punjab:• Women commission - 0172-783607• Women Helpline - 1091, 9781101091• Samvad - (0172) 2546389, 2700109, 276000114. Rajasthan:• Women Helpline - 0291-0141-27445 96

15. Tamil Nadu:• Women Commission - 044 –28592750• Snehdi - (044) 2446293• The Banyan - (044) 26530504 / 26530105• Helpline - 1091• Women Police Station, Adayar - 044-24415732, 044-23452586• Women Police Station, Guindy - 044-24700011

14. Tripura:• Women Helpline Numbers - 0381-2323355, 03812322912

15. Uttar Pradesh:• Sahyog - (0522) 2387010• Vanangana - (05198) 236985• Aali - (0522) 2782066/60• Women Commission - 0522-2288353, 9415293666• West Bengal women commission - 91-33-23595609, 91-33-23210154, 91-33-2217 4019/2244 8092• Swayam - (033) 24863367, 24863368

16. West Bengal:• Women Helpline Number - 913323595609, 913323210154

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