Phew! The horrible period for a student is the duration inside the examination hall. But thanks God, after a month of sleepless nights, naps by putting head over heap of books, Finally the exams are over for this semester and now free of these burdens for another six months..

Sometime I feel examination halls lots of exciting because lots of unusual things happens there. Like,  Guards and professors stare at me with their hunter eyes like if I have pirated in their houses. But honestly , we discover new and new way to cheat in exam, obviously I won’t tell here how did we cheated in exam because lots of teachers would be reading this post someday. The beautiful girls of our batch who never talks in class or outside , but she stares at me continuously  with a charming smile in her cheeks inside examination hall, damn! Does she think that I knew the answer? 

Well… this semester is over along with this year 2013, I had some pretty memories in the last six months.  Learnt a lot of things, made some good friends from another branches, bunch of fun ,problems, and few heart pumping moments too.  Sometimes I can’t believe to myself that I have leaved the school life two years back and 4th semester of my college life is about to begin as well as 2013 is about to end too. Really, time is on its way but we are still there where we were.
Whenever I think about how I am passing my days? I only feel that I am spoiling my days without doing anything just by leading a normal life like home to college and then back to home again.
 Ok enough sentiments for today lets have a look few moments back into the 3rd semester.

Me and Meghnath

Institute of Science and technology

institute of science and technology
Our classmates

Enjoying a ride on the roof of bus 

life quotes, life is mirror, mirror quotes

Life is a mirror and will reflect back
to the thinker, what he thinks into it..