A year full under pressure of work , but when we get a long vacation we feel like to get rejuvenated  and recharged and we want to spend most of our time like an independent bird. But when it comes for vacation for our children then we feel like we can do the stuffs which we tend to do in our vacation .

But it is not like that, lets go back to our old days and find the kids inside us when we were kids too , and what did we use to do at our vacations like riding bicycle around the streets , swimming, hanging out with friends, play more video games, visit to relatives’ house, playing  cricket, basketball  and go on a trip with mom and dad etc, it was so much of fun. We awaited a year for these long vacations , but for the kids, vacations is something else like to have full of fun, something unique in every vacation same as we used to do, isn't it? So why don’t we find that hidden kid inside us too and begin fun with them? It will be fun for the kids as well as we will not lose our mind. For this I have found some activities which will not let you and your kid’s vacation down.

A family trip
Go on a family trip to a nature friendly place , kids often study about  beauty of nature only in textbooks and they rarely get the chances to see them in real. Hill station and parks are the best place to wonder the beauty which will make them respire ‘Wow’. Such places are full of pure environment which gives a clean air and good for the health too. Even we adults like to enjoy the nature which we rarely get the chance to do, so why not let do it on this vacation?


If the vacation is in summer then there is no better way to enjoy the vacation by swimming with family and having little fun with water. Swimming in beneficial for health as well as for growing children it’s a great exercise. For we adults swimming is not less than self-charging our mind and body.

Visit a national Park
Today kids are only known to the virtual world, they can only see the wild life on televisions and chapters written on text books. Children have not may seen the real wildlife such as Tiger, elephant , Lion and other animals , Vacations are the great times to take the kids in the real world before the species of these wildlife ends.  Let the words E for elephant, L for Lion becomes real in front of their eyes  .  Believe me a visit to national parks with family really worth.

Become a genius with technical stuffs
The modern world is the world of technology , specially the computers are very necessary part of our daily life. Make your kids much aware with the interaction with computer.  Make them learn about new things in computer such as safe use of computer, safe use of internet and some defend security tips which will be really helpful in the growing IT age.

Get out and play with them

Vacation is the great time to do really something outstanding with family which is overall refreshing . Take your family out on a picnic at a beautiful place , cook and eat nicely , have fun with kids play with them . I am sure you will find a kid inside you while you will be curdling with your kids . Wish you have a great vacation with your family .

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 I was a small kid and  I don’t remember the day when I have lost my childhood friend in an attack years ago, but I  still remember his scream  on deathbed at hospital which still respire around my ears . I am his that shameful friend that no one allowed me to see him on bed as everyone thought that I will be scared If I see his wounded blood bathed body.

Today when I got the news about attack in a school at Peshawar , which harmed more than 100 little innocent souls , I turned up my head and asked him, “What is humanity? Can you show me its’ presence anywhere? What wrong these little children have done?  These children don’t know what’s wrong and right in this world then why did they had to suffer this brutality?  Can you please give us a reply?”  Sometimes I wonder if there is any live-able place in this world where there is no terror, war, discrimination, no religion and where there is only peace and love?

We can not blame the entire pond for a single offense fish, but there are few people who support the terror in hope that it will protect them and will not harm them until they are the victims of the terror when the ground beneath their foot is destroyed. But what wrong these innocent children has done?  . It’s the most shameful act whoever have done this , any human simply cannot harm the little kids .  I don’t mean to blame anyone but I am against them who support the wrong people in hope that they will not harm.
Islam is the one of the purest religion in this world, but why the people around the globe blame  the entire Islam only for few brutal people? . Don’t let it happen, lets raise the voice , lets pull out terrorism before they makes it their home.

God bless those innocent souls and may their soul rest in peace.  May God be with their family whose dream and happiness are broken apart.  

Some people says that our life is depend upon our own fates and fortune , but I believe that we lead our own way and we write own fortune by ourselves . May be this blog post going to be little weird or off topic if we compare with it’s title, but it is not less than rising above my own fear and rejoice the few moments of victory.

From my childhood I was interested in gadgets and was mad to learn and use computers . I use to hang around the shop and malls to watch people how they are using the computer, clicking with mouse , billing the goods etc . At that time the course fee for basic computer training was very high so I could not join.  Slowly as a small kid I dreamed of becoming a expert in computer but I didn't knew, expert in what?   All these went up to class 10 and then dad gifted me my first computer and I felt like all my dream has came true.  I flew over my PC day and night instead of my academic studies, and I had scored very low that not any school  allow my to take admission in science stream in class 11 .

I tried in many school but my marks was so low that everywhere detained me from taking science and I was feeling broken inside me as from childhood I dreamed of making my career in computer science and without stream of science I could not move ahead.  I was scared and down with myself as my dreams were broken.  But my parents helped me a lot, we moved to another state where they convinced me to take commerce and move ahead.  But again I was scared that If I take commerce then there will be no practice of mathematics or any IT related subject . I overcome with my fear and studied very hard and finally got admission in graduation with computer application after class 12th . But I regret that I could not get admission as a engineering graduate .  But still I was scared that computer science is full of mathematics  and I didn't practiced it for last two years and I will fail again. But hard work never goes in vain and I did my best to solve mathematics problems .

Finally I did what I wanted to do from my childhood and I concurred my fear with  the victory that I always wanted , it was weird but a great thing for me.  Now I am in final semester of graduation , I may not become a engineering graduate but I am skilled with what I have always dreamed of.  Core level hardware , web designing, and I am also a ethical hacker and still learning and will till I have the potential to know about something new

All I want to say that, If you can’t face the fear then you can not be with something new, face the fear and claim your victory and live your moments .

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As like many strong pillars are needed to construct a great building,  Drops after drops are needed to makeup the sea  and each and several house, villages, cities, states are needed to makeup a nation and  every house should be clean , hygienic  to make a healthy and clean nation. Good sanitation and hygienic activities reflects a healthy lifestyle as well as the surroundings in which we live looks more adorable .

However in the recent survey by WHO , more than 500 million people in India still defecate in open which doesn't  give the sign of hygienic nation. To clean India , lets start cleaning from our own home by having toilet for every houses and lets stop open defecation . We need to aware people that how harmful open defecation is. It pollute the air, soil , water in every way. The flies carry bacteria and other harmful germs from there and contaminate the edible things like food  water ,and which results in harmful disease like diarrhea , cholera , jaundice and other deathly disease related to liver.

It was said that India has more access to cellphone than toilets and improved sanitation system, which is really a bad impression . If a person has money to buy cellphone then I hope a simple built toilet doesn’t costs more than a cellphone, am I right?When it comes for our household wastes , we should use dustbins rather than throwing away the wastes anywhere by which the garbage litters around our place, it also blocks the drainage and sewage system and when the sewage water floods out or get blocked people suffer from several dangerous disease like dengue, malaria and other disease caused by the bytes of mosquito and insects  .It is not only the duty of municipality to collect the garbage but it’s the duty for both side, we need to dump the garbage at the proper place or dustbins where is stated by municipality . When each and every house will be clean and hygienic then the entire country will be clean and healthy too.Apart from these, we learn from watching others, we learn by watching our parents what they do. We should be aware in front our kids that what we are doing in front of them such as when we eat something in streets or outside we must throwaway the wrappers in dustbins rather than leaving it anywhere , they will learn these good habits by watching us and it’s a good for cleanness of this nation too.

Peeing in public is the most unhygienic activities and puts down the beauty of this nation, more public toilets should be build and peeing in public should be imposed with fine and other punishment. More dustbins at  public places should be installed so that the people can throw the garbage in them rather than littering everywhere.

It not our duty to keep hygienic and clean this nation because we are the citizen of this country but because we are human beings , we have sense and the power of brain , limbs to do , and spinal to stand straight which others animal cannot. We should reflects our habits like human , not like other animal. But every of our activities starts from our home, if we can maintain a hygiene at home then we can main hygiene and cleanness at our surroundings too and we can make this nation a better place to live.This post has been written for #SwachhIndia campaign held at Indiblogger. Get more details about this campaign at http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/  

To bring change we have to be the change , the part of a change or may the changes may begin with us . India may have pulled itself far ahead in the sector of technologies , health care, infrastructure and education etc but it still lack far behind in the matter of cleanness and hygienic activities .
We need our nation clean and the basic cleanness starts from our home . Bringing a cleanness in home leads to a hygienic society but its for the people who defecate in open , it not only pollute the society but it pollute the air we breath, water we drink and the soil where we grow crops. We can contribute a basic cleanness for this nation by building a toilet at home and  the people who can’t afford to build toilet we should join our hands to build a public toilet for them . 

The use of dustbins can stop littering of dirt everywhere. When we throw away our household wastes they litter around our surroundings and then the flies and insects brings away the harmful bacteria , germs from those littering wastes and infect us by infecting into food and water. Using of the dustbins can stop littering of dirt and wastes as well as our society will look hygienic too. Our society is our home and surroundings is our motherhood which provide us the food, water, air. its our duty and  responsibility to keep it clean and protect it from being dirt too, if we see people throwing garbage around the road we should raise our voice so that they won’t dare to throw the garbage next time in that way .

Well, that question is why India still lack behind for cleanness ?  I may be wrong but what I think is that, it might be the lack practicing of hygienic habits from our ancestors . We learn by watching them, during my childhood I use to ask my grandma that where should I throw the chocolate’s wrapper? She use to say just throw near the road and from then I mugged that after eating I have to throw that wrappers near the road.  But that was past, we are now much educated and we know much about health and cleanness more than they knew , we learned by watching them and now we watch movies and international movies we can see how people keep  their place clean and  green? If we can learn the western culture so quickly then why can’t we learn the hygienic activities in that way?
The prime minister of India called for the campaign “Swach Bharat”  in motive to clean India and bring standardization .  To motivate us he himself picked up the broom and swept  around, even he used the great personalities like Amitab Bachchan , Salman Khan etc to motivate us to participate in this campaign .

Cleanness is not because of this campaign but its for our mother earth and its for the beneficial of our society and this nation. If we keep a standard of cleanness we can minimize  many disease and common infection . We can breath in healthy air, we can grow crops in fertilized soil we can drink the fresh water.  Its our livelihood lets change ourselves for the betterment .

Apart from cleanness the main motive behind the word 'cleanness' is to have a better cleaned system. We have our voice and we need to raise it for every evils going around us. We need a better government then we have to clean it from the small pillars of government where we visits every days such as the government office etc. We see a lots of corruption with our open eye but we can't say anything as we are habitual of them , we see women are getting threatened to death but the society still stay calms but not anymore, we have raise our voice to build a perfect nation, to make it a livable place . Once you raise your voice, you can realize it's power .

This post has been written for the campaign “Kyun Ki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega “ to raise voice to keep away the dirt from our country . Voice has so much of power so don’t be a silent spectator . You can make a difference by raising your voice .   Visit  http://www.abmontubolega.com to get more details of this campaign .  join the social page of this campaign at Facebook and Twitter

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Let be myself frank with all of you and it might going to be a slightly naughty blog post . Its about our early days when Dolu and I  were early lovebirds and those were the best days when nobody knew about our relationship.

We stay in two different cities and on every weekend we had a plan to meet and spend some quality time with each other . Gradually we became so close and we had some feelings or desire to feel each other so closely . Well, love and kiss doesn't need any proper time and moments to give and express but we were so fools that we had planned to have our first kiss on a very special date , that was on her birthday. But my bad luck was that my semester was just over the day before her birthday  and because of the studies and heap of exams I could not find time to shave my beard . Can you imagine how does an unshaven beard for a week looks and feels like? Only one word “Horrible” .

And finally her birthday came and we both were so excited  and in romantic mood because we were going to have our first kiss  like fools  and as usual we went to the same place where we usual spends time together. I presented her birthday gift , it was a wrist watch which she was dreaming from past two years, wow, she was so happy and so am I.  At last she started to talk about the plan of the day we had and was little nervous too and finally the moment came.

I took my unshaven untidy face towards her charming pink lips but instead of kissing she cried loudly and rudely , because my tough rigid beard poked into her soft cheeks. I looked into her face and yes there were few red marks like rashes , that was really my bad luck and finally…

She: “Oh you dirty untidy man, why don’t you shave? Is that your face or rigid road of pins? Look at my face!”

Me:  “I am really so sorry baby, it was my fault, actually I didn't have the time to shave as you know my semester ‘s exams were over yesterday and I was busy in that and I could not shave for a week”

She: “For a week? Oh God! I can’t take it. Your beard poked into my face so badly that I feel like I got rashes”

Me: “I am sorry baby, hey look there is a parlor over there, just wait 15 minutes here , let me shave and we will try again”

She: “Really? You think its funny? You spoiled my plan and my mood , now you got the idea of shaving, very nice, you go over there, and I am going home,  come with your shaven face next time or I will kill you for sure”

So, that was my bad luck and I have never before got insulted in such way

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23rd November  2010 , The Day of Commitment

  After Kabir expressed his feelings to Shilpa , there was a silence between them . On the previous day they hanging out together and had lots of fun but nobody speak any word and went back to home in that way as no one between them had any courage to speak with each other.   Kabir thought that She might has felt bad because of his confession.  But suddenly on this evening a text message blinked on his cellphone “Call Me if you are free now” . Surprise! It was from Shilpa and He called her excitedly

“Do you know when I have kissed you for first time?” Asked Shilpa .

“No, you have not kissed me yet nor am I. But why are you asking me in such way?” Kabir said.

“Do you remember the day of  my neighbor’s  marriage ceremony when we faced shortage of space 
so we girls slept inside the rooms and you all boys slept on the hall . I came out of room at midnight to see you but you were sleeping like a unconscious person. But you were looking so charming with your sleepy face and I could not stop myself and I kissed on your forehead without knowing you. It was a very risky situation .” Shilpa Said.

“Really? You never told me this before , and why did you do that?” Kabir asked

“Oh please, don’t ask this dumb question, I have kissed you because I liked you so much from the day I talked to you for the first time. But I could not tell you anything in afraid that I will lose you.” Shilpa Said.

“Hmm… that’s sweet of you , and we are in same pond of thoughts isn’t it? But hey what about the question that I asked you yesterday? “ Asked kabir

“Which question? “

“The question was that you love me too or not?”

“Oh My God, not again, Kabir why are you so dumb? You idiot, do I have to tell everything think frankly ? What did I told you a minute ago? I am sad because you did not proposed me.  I love you  my dear “ Said Shilpa emotionally .

“I love you too dear, do you know I was so afraid from yesterday that you have felt bad of my those confession and I will lose you. But hey you know, you  have removed a great burden from me it’s the toughest job for me is to propose a girl, thank  you and thank you God ” Kabir Said

“That’s rude, that’s not fair and you can’t escape from this , you have to propose me else I will kill you man! Do you know it’s the dream of every girl that someday her dream boy will propose her in such way that even the heaven will fall down and it makes her feel like she is the happiest and luckiest girl in this planet.” Said Shilpa very emotionally .

“Ok my dear anything for you, even if you need my life then its all yours’ but don’t ask for my life because it’s the only life I have got to live with you” Said Kabir

“I will never ask for that dumbo, and don’t be so formal with me , be frank speak whatever your heart says . hey  I am dying  to see you can you please meet with me in the next week? “ Shilpa Asked

“okay done , lets meet on Sunday at same place & same time”

To be continued … 

couple hands, couple in love, touch of love, real love picture

A touch of love has the more power than words and an admirable thing of our life. A touch of love can sweep away all our sadness , a touch of love can gives us courage to stay focused and stay bold. A touch of love can heal the inner injury of feelings and emotions.

Life is like the waves of the ocean we are changing and moving with the waves of the ocean , sometime its high and sometime its low and it never stay the same.  We go through good times and sometime we passes through bad times and that is the moment when we need the tender of love. Words may not work but a touch filled with love and affection and a hug with tender works better than any medic and makes us feel the healing power from inside.

I and Dolu, we are in a long distance relationship and we meet thrice or twice a year, it requires a lots of faith , trust and passion between both of us to stay far apart.  Each moment we stay apart we die from inside to just see each other, every moment we think for each other an inner desire burns us from inside .Hours of talk over phone is not enough to fulfill must of our heart, hours of video chat doesn't fulfill the thrust of our eyes . But when we meet we don’t speak any word, we just hug and hold our hands together for hours and we speak without actually speaking anything.  When I feel her touch I feel like every pain is gone and desires are fulfilled .  we feel like we are alive again , her touches say me  all the things without uttering any single word , I can feel her sorrows and joys too.

Let me tell you a secret,  when I have done something wrong and she is upset over me then I try every possible way to say her sorry and nothing works , I hug her tightly and I says ‘I am sorry’ she melts down so quickly .

Honestly, her one touch keeps my spark alive, her one touch gives me the strength for next six or seven months to stay apart from her , her touch makes me to believe and have more faith on her  , and her touch gives me the courage and motivation to stay focused on the track of my dreams .

Watch the video to witness Nimrata & Parambrata

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Hygienic lifestyle is the root for a healthy lifestyle and which depends on the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the soil where we grow crops and the surroundings where we live. If the food and water get contaminated then it will harm our body and we may catch disease, if the air is contaminated then it will pollute the food, water and even harm our body . If our surroundings is contaminated then it will harm everything around us in every possible way.

The prime minister of India called for “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” in motive to clean India by 2018 and people are participating in this campaign in a mass to clean their surroundings, but there is one thing which is ignored by everyone of us and from there the “swach bharaty abhiyan” campaign should have started and that is , in the recent survey by WHO it is found that about 597 million people are still practicing open defecation in India . India has pulled itself to much ahead in the health, education, technology, infrastructure etc. but 597 million people practices open defecation is really a shame for human mankind in this 21st century.

But there are many people who don’t have proper understating about cleanness specially in the villages . Few months ago I had a visit to my village and I saw there were people who use smartphones of around Rs. 10000 but they don’t have sanitary system in their house and I asked them that why don’t they build a sanitary system in their house? They replied me that they don’t have enough money . wow! I was amazed with their reply and I think that 10,000 would be enough to build a basic sanitary system for the entire people for their family.  

There were few more people who has sanitary in their house but still they practices open defecation and I asked them why? They told me that they are afraid that the sanitary chamber will fill-up soon as they have huge family members.  These implies that still there are people from villages and distinct are where people don’t have proper understandings about hygienic practices and healthy lifestyle, Its our and government’s duty to educate them via every possible medium . Apart from these, the public sanitary system lacks cleanness and maintenance which smells very badly and compel people to go out . People and municipality really need to take care of this issue  .

The practices of open defecation not only pollute the soil but it contaminate almost everything around us . Contamination of air ,water and soil leads to harmful disease like typhoid , diarrhea etc . The insects and flies from there contaminate our edible things present around us.  The female body needs extra cleanness and proper hygiene   else they may suffer from very harmful disease .

If you want to clean India then lets start with the basic things , lets educate people about the importance of hygienic practices .

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As usual today was simple, my day started with a cup of tea and by watching the birds, trees and distant object with my pity telescope .  sometime I accidentally focus my lens on a balcony at the nearby apartment  where usually I see a damn cute girl surrounded with heap of books and I feel sorry for her , maybe she is a medical student (my intention is not to watch her)

I went to the market with a giant groceries list made by mom and there I found some stuffs in that giant list which I  read thrice to pronounce properly “Oh mom! Where did you find this name? “ .    I carried back three full bag of groceries items , really its the weekend shopping or monthly shopping ?  .  There I meet some of my old school friends , they were hanging out together and I wish I could join them but, no time man!.

found these pity kids at market

I came back home and then I surrounded myself with books as semester exams are heading towards us near and near each day . Preparation for semester  and for the Master’s entrance as well as for few prometic exams with which I really feel myself in jam-packed container . I am really frustrated with the daily schedule from home to college and again from college to home  and sometime I get confused with myself that what to do first and what not to do.

That's my Sunday

Now I understand the importance of giving time to ourselves.  We need to sort out little time from our daily schedule for us or for ourselves and spend these time by doing things that’s makes us happy, brings peace in mind , lighten the joy inside us . If you ask me what are the things in my list that makes me happy?
I love lonely place and I wish I could sit there for couple of hours where there is nobody to disturb me and I can quietly stare at the sky, tree , birds and surroundings .

“Hey what’s the plan for this weekend ? are you going somewhere?” Shilpa yelled over the phone call.

“No, I don’t have any plan, I will just be home alone and will watch cricket matches “ Kabir said

“Hey then lets meet today, its been a long since we have not meet . We will have lots of fun, what do you say? “ Shilpa asked.

“Ok fine, lets meet and roll around the streets but hey, don’t forget to bring something to eat” Kabir said

“Yes foodie , I will wait for you at the bus stoppage”

In the evening Shilpa came at the bus stoppage and expecting that Kabir will reach soon. She was wearing a deep pink dress which enhanced the radiance of her beauty, She was looking so charming and attractive that when Kabir saw her , his eyes were freezed , he could not take his eyes off her.  They had already meet with each other many times but this time they were so curious  to see each other .  Kabir was amazed by her beauty, he never saw her before to dress like that , she was looking much prettier than before and may be it’s the knock from his heart full  of hidden feelings .

Kabir saw her waiting at the other side of road, she was looking much prettier than ever but, he didn’t  get the courage to walk toward her , rather he turned around and pretend like he was looking for her and finally Shilpa saw him on the other side and said loudly “Hey dumbo!  Come here , I am here” .  Kabir was nervous and walked towards her like his legs don’t have energy anymore with the expression of love , confusion and shy on his face.  “what happened to you? Why are you looking so weird? Are you ok? “ Shilpa asked him.

“yes I am fine, its nothing , feeling like my tummy needs some food, have you bring something to eat?” Kabir said
“Hmm.. Sandwich and juice , its in my bag take it out.  Today you sounds so soft and emotional , what is the matter dude?” Shilpa asked him

“Honestly you are looking so charming and beautiful today. I have meet with you many times but today you are looking so fabulous, your beauty and fragrance is the perfect blend that has touched my heart . Why are you looking so beautiful today? Please,  I will fall in love with you “ Kabir said emotionally .

Shilpa smiled with joy and shy and said “ Thank you so much, but oh God really! Stubborn Kabir is being romantic or it’s the another part of Kabir which was hidden inside you?  And I have a doubt, tell me you will fall in love or you are already in love with me?  I am already confused “

“I really don’t know, I am confused too.  These days I miss you a lot, I feel so worried when I don’t get your calls and texts , I always think about you , oh God it is very confusion, why did you asked me?  Do you feel something like these too ?“ Kabir asked her confusingly

“hmm.. seems like someone is in love with me… I will tell mine tomorrow, leave this now, lets have fun around.”

To be continued…  

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Someone was right that, ‘health is wealth’.  It’s the real wealth that no one steal from you . If you have health then you will have all the other wealth .
 Ever since I was born I have been suffering from various diseases . At the age of seven I got jaundice , but non of my family member knew or heard about jaundice at that time  and because of that it has lead me to deathbed for three months . Again at the age of 15 I got congestion in my lungs which spills fresh blood with cough , later I was diagnosed with Bronchitis , which is a awkward disease that I can’t stay long outside at dusts and smoke and so many other rules that I am still following to protect myself. Now , few months ago I was diagnosed with  tumor in scruff of neck and doctor has prescribed me for surgery.  I don’t think that I am mentally and physically ready for that deadly surgery , as well as I have never dreamed that someday I too have to use blades and forceps over my body .

 so what I have learned from my those life incidents?
Because of those diseases  my entire family was affected mentally as well as financially.  If I am not well then how can my parents can stay happy? It is not the good sign of healthy and happy family. May be I was careless about my health and hygiene, that is why I am suffering today .  

Well now lets talk about health. When it is about health then the first thing comes on the top is ‘Immunity’  the power to fight with illness . A strong immunity helps to fight better with illness , daily harmful external elements and help to recover soon from any disease .  A strong immunity can not be build at the age I am right now, it can be build from the childhood of a child when their body is developing . One should follow the following points  below for the betterment of child immunity system .

Proper diet with lots of green vegetables is necessary , which contains antioxidants that support to strengthen the child immune system .

One should drink more water to flush out the toxic from body and keep the body hydrate .

One of the most important point. Daily physical activities is the most important thing for child’s health . But in the present world of technology , children are more addicted to mobile , tablets and gadgets to play games and self entertainment rather than playing outside . It reduces the effort of physical activities , which is the most harmful things for those children. Parents should limit the usage of gadgets and encourage their children to go out and play , breath in fresh air and see the real world  rather than the virtual digital world.

Hygienic system is an important issue and it can effect both directly and indirectly in child’s health . Proper hygienic system and hygienic lifestyle should be maintain to prevent water and airborne diseases . As well as perfect hygienic home and activities not only initiate a good health but also leads to a better lifestyle  .

Dabur has came with a great initiative “Dabur Chywanprash” which has been prepared with ancient methods and with precious herbs like amla and Giloy . It’s a great immune enhancer for everyone . Children’s body are developing , Dabur Chywanprash can be the best  modulator for their immune system .

Children are like flower in our house, when they play , smile , eat and laugh it feels like the flower is blooming with a great shine . Be curious about your child immune system  , as a better immune leads to a great health . When your child is blooming with good health then your entire house  will be happy with the glow and beauty of that flower.

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Festivals are those occasions which create a desire within us to celebrate with all the family members. Diwali is one of the greatest festival in India, in which it doesn't matter what we are doing, in which country we are staying, but our soul, mind and heart encourages us to rejoice the festival with our near and dear ones. I eagerly wait for this day. This is the day when I truly find myself enjoying doing the household chores like cleaning, helping my mom in kitchen. I make sweets like barfi , besan ke laddu and all simple dishes that I know to cook. Then I decorate the house with flowers, candles, lamps and lights which really spills a shine and fragrances in home. Mom is good at making beautiful colorful rangolis which enhance the beauty of home.

My dad is in defense and comes home twice or thrice a year but he rarely gets casual leave on the occasion of Diwali, but when he gets a leave, Mom and I eagerly wait for him. His presence makes us feel complete and secure. I can see the joy of his presence on mom’s face. And after that, our Diwali shopping begins. Who doesn't love to shop? But from last two years Diwali has been an incomplete festival for us because dad did not come on Diwali because duty comes first.  But mom and I have been praying from last few days that dad gets a leave and will be coming home this Diwali.

On this occasion I really miss someone whom I never get to see. I lost my grandparents before I was born. I have not even seen them in their photographs. I really miss them in all the family gatherings; I miss their love, affection and blessings on this special day.  I also wish that if siblings, I could play with them, decorate the home and have fun together. Brothers and sisters bring a feeling of happiness and enjoyment in a family.

In my school days, Diwali for me was just hanging out with friends, have fun with family , lighting the candles ,  take the blessings from elders , have fun with fireworks and crackers , foolish pranks with friends and have silly gossips  . The sky looks amazing in that night with the colorful fireworks. But on this Diwali, I would like to make a small change in my celebration. I would like to adopt Eco-friendly Diwali celebration by saying no to fireworks and who knows this will be an encouragement for other people too to give a helping hand towards saving our planet. Diwali is the festival of lights, colors and joy and I think its not necessary to do fireworks. I also have a thought that the money which will be saved (which I used to spend on the crackers), I will donate it to the needy , perhaps my small contribution that can bring shine and joy on someone’s face  in this festival  of light. Hence, It will be a real celebration.   Happy Diwali to everyone!

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3rd September 2010
After no connection between Kabir and  Shilpa for few months , on 3rd September 2010 in the early morn around 6:00 AM , Shilpa’s cellphone rang up with a sweet calling tone . She rubbed her eyes and peeked on the screen, it was an unknown number but she took the call .

“Hello, who is it? “ Shilpa asked

“Hey, its me Kabir, Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear”  Kabir replied from the other side.

“Thank you so much, wow I am surprised. You called me!”
“Idiot, where have you  been?  But tell me one thing, How did you know that today is my birthday and from where did you get my number?” Shilpa asked.

“Ha ha, sorry about this, do you remember the day before I left for Kolkata? I was reading something and when you suddenly entered my room I pulled my hand at my back and I was looking at you strangely , and you were asking me that what I was hiding?  That was your personal diary and I got all the information from there. I am really sorry that I have read it without your permission, but all the notes were interesting“   Kabir said.

“Oh my God, you read my diary? I will break your nose.  My sister told me that you were spying on me but I ignored her. Its ok , but if you want me to forgive you then I want my birthday gift, so where is my gift Kabir?” Shilpa said.

“Okay, next time when we will meet your gift will be ready there, but what do you want as gift?” Kabir asked her confusingly.
“Ha ha are you scared? It’s nothing , just come and meet with me then let’s have some dummy chat with few cups of coffee together, it will be the greatest gift that you can give me, can you? “ Shilpa replied excitingly .

“‘Sigh’ you are talking emotionally, are you alright?  Ok done, on the next weekend we will meet at you place, are you ready? “ Kabir said

“Yes am fine with it.”

“Hey, I have to leave now for some work, can we talk later? “ Kabir said.

“Yes, we will talk latter, have a good day, and take care thank you”

“You take care too, enjoy your day!” Kabir said.
It was the day from when they started talking with each other over phone and text messages and sometime after two or three weekends they use to meet and spend some lovely moments. But they did not realize that they were growing something more than friendship in their hearts …


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In 1996 when my dad were transferred to Panchgram, Assam , I was only three years old and newly admitted to a Nursery school . There was a girl  next to my quarter we were in the same class and a has became very good friends. Sorry I don’t remember her name as it has become more than 18 years.  Our parents use to drop us at school and get back to home together . I loved chapattis and ‘paranthas’ but my lunch box use to contains cookies , biscuits and cake but she loved it so we use to exchange our lunch box at recess time .

These were my happy moments and everything were going normal. But suddenly she died in a mysterious way but I don’t know how, and even I did not knew that she has died. Then everyday before I headed for school I use to knock her door and her mom use to came out with a lost face “ Wo ab kabhi school nahi jayegi beta” she use to replied me in this way every day.
One day when I was playing at our backyard, I felt like someone is approaching me from my back .  I turned back and my eyes were surprised to see that ‘my friend is back’.  I rushed to my mom excitingly and told her that my friend is back but she smiled and ignored to what I was telling. But when I started talking with her, playing with her then everyone looked at me strangely because it was only me who can see her . it was a kind of Hollywood’s scary movie  and it went like this for a week until my mom realized that something was going wrong with me.

One day my mom suddenly asked me “With whom you are talking right now? “
I told her “Mom  its my friend” and then I yelled her name.
My mom was so scared and she pulled me from there and  went to meet the girl’s parents. The next day my mom , dad and the girl’s parents took me somewhere , there were lots of people surrounded around me , there were candles, flowers, incense sticks and they did something with me and from the next day I have not seen her again yet.

My mom told me all these few years back when I have suddenly  asked her about the day they took me to that weird place . I was not scared of her as she did not harm me, we use to play in the same way when she was alive. But she made me realize that there is something which is called “soul”. We die but our soul never dies .
I have lost a great friend, may her soul rest in peace .

Kabir and Shilpa both were staying from last few days at Kabir’s hometown for a family occasion , they has became quite good friends .Kabir was leaning on a chair with his bag pack , Shilpa was passing by his room and saw Kabir was leaning on chair and she asked him “Why are you standing like that?”

Kabir: Nothing much, I have to pack my stuffs but  having bad headache.

Shilpa: That’s bad. Hey I massage my mom’s head when she does have headache and she feels so good, let me do it in your head too.

Kabir: Thanks but big no! You will kill me. Today in evening I will leave for Kolkata. Mom is alone there and I has been here for more than a week.

Oh, you are leaving, I had a great time with you here . I will get bored again until I go back home. Shilpa yelled after taking a deep breath .

Kabir: Hmm I had a great time with you too as well as I got a good friend too. Hey, but don’t forget words to continue your studies .

Shilpa: You know what, you are so sweet. Yes I will continue my studies .

Kabir: Really I am sweet? Then why do you used to think me as a stubborn boy?

Shilpa: Just like the way you use to think me cruel and violent girl. Hmm?

Kabir: No comments please. Let me pack my bag.

Shilpa: Hey give me your contact number, I will call to disturb you when I will get bored! excitingly 

Kabir: ok I will give it, but please let me do my work now!

Yet Shilpa has not realized that she have evolved some feelings for Kabir apart from friendship until few drops of tear came out when Kabir headed for the station . But, she managed to console herself that its nothing, just an emotional attachment .

to be continued...
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When we think to attempt a noble work , the first thing comes in our mind is Charity and NGO who are working for the betterment of society , sustainability and development of poor people. Then we visit a NGO , makes some donation for poor people and in return we obtain the certificate of charity and we comes back home with a happy smile. Though it is the quick way to provide Food, Clothes & Shelter (Roti, Kapda , Makaan) but only for a short period of time only.

So what is the pe
rmanent solution?
Empowerment is the solution. We can join our hand with NGO who are associated with the activities of empowerment such as providing education, necessary skills to the labors, resources and opportunities for women , education and motivation of small kids can stand as the best noble work.   They are living with eyes but blind without education but education will open an another world for them , they will have the opportunities to provide food , clothes and shelter for themselves. Small kids who works at small hotels and roadside stalls to support his/her livelihood , if we help these child to fetch at least the basic education he will find good job , at least  he/she don’t have to work at roadside stall or wash the plates anymore to support their livelihood. Girls who works at roadside are more vulnerable to human trafficking, if we empower these girls with basic education and handy skills such as  such as art & crafts , textile work, and much more , the she can easily work at textile industries , art & crafts industries, then we not only have save a future , we would have save a life too. There are more people around us who really need empowerment and motivation .  if we can provide them those basic education, skills, and resources it would be highly beneficial.

  NGOs are doing their best and we can not point our fingers to their noble work. They may be or may not be getting government’s financial aid , so their primary backbone sustains on our charity .  Donate only to those NGO who are doing legitimate works and utilizing total funds towards the practices of empowerment.   
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Kabir is a simple looking guy , tall , less talkative , full of calm and patience . He is a career oriented guy,  stays in a city and busy with his college life.

Shilpa is the sister of Kabir’s cousin’s sister in law . A small town girl with big dreams , very friendly and talkative . She is  cute and can melt anyone with the essence of her smile .

Kabir have seen her many times  at some family gatherings  but could not talk with her because of some rumors  has spread by relatives about her. But because of a small incident at Kabir’s home town , he and Shilpa, had to stay at the same place for few hours until their parents came back.
 20-04-2010 – The first meet

Kabir and Shilpa walking together on the bay of a pond there was a long silence between them. Kabir did not have any intention to attract Shilpa, but all he wants was to know her better, but had not got the courage to speak with her until Shilpa was unable to control her talkative tongue  and at last  she yelled to Kabir “You are walking along with me from last thirty minutes but you have  not spoken a single word  , do I look so scary or I have threatened to kill you if you speak with me?”

Kabir : You don’t look like that I have heard all about you.

Shilpa: What do you mean?

Kabir: Actually many of my relatives have some misunderstandings about you, they think you are egoistic , don’t respect other , mischievous and blah. But actually you are sweet, frank, friendly and you behave the way people behave with you, its great.
Shilpa: That’s so sweet of you.   I heard your voice for the first time right now, your voice is so touchy but why do you speak very less? I have only seen you sitting far away from everyone but never seen you  talking with anyone.

Kabir: Thanks, actually may be I don’t know how to keep talking with people , all my buddies at college calls me a boredom because of this . Well,  why did you left your studies?

Shilpa:  hmm seems like you have already done deep investigation on me? Isn’t it?.

Kabir: Ah its not like that, I told you my relatives have some misunderstandings about you , it was told by them.

Shilpa: My bad!, actually I had a little fight with my mom and because of that I have left my studies . May be I am too much of egoistic

Kabir : Forget that, you should continue your studies , else you are going to lose a very important part of your life.

Shilpa: I can’t promise that, but I will try.

To be continued…. 

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