Phew! New year is not seems like a new year anymore because, a month of this new year 2014 is about to end. Scientists and researcher says that our earth is slowing down every year, then still why I feel like that, a month gets over within a week? Days are just spilling out of my hand.
The beginning of this year was amazing, as good things are happing yet around me and I hope the days ahead will be the same.

I has been away from this blog from December 2013, seems like I have missed many blogging contests and events. I had a plan for this year, is to launch a new tech oriented blog, and its done.
I named it BLOGOGY .  It does not have any specific meaning , Oggy and the cockroaches is my favourite cartoon show so I took ‘ogy’ from there and placed the word after blog, so its BLOGOGY.
It was tough for me to manage several blogs , so I have imported the contents of my other blogs into this blog and now I have only two ‘My Life & Words’, and ‘Blogogy’  . I hope my new blog will be helpful for the people.

Well I can’t believe that , now I am in fourth semester. It’s the feeling I have right now , same as I was having when I was in class 12 .  Today was the first day of this semester, when I entered into the new classroom , it was looking so neat and clean. I wonder  that, how long it will stay neat and clean from us, because sometime  we use the wall as our desks and paper when we don’t bring the notebook .