One thing I have learned from my life is that, nothing is permanent in this world  except the changes. Each and everything that has begun , it does not matter what is it,  has some changes and an end.  Just Like once we were child then we grew up and after some year we will die old, even our troubles are not permanent, they will sure end someday somehow.  

 Usually we settle up our mind for having forever about the things we have in our life. We think of having our life, love, job, lifestyle, our beauty forever , Who doesn’t want? But, Life has many upstairs, downstairs and U turns that we have never imagined or we cannot imagine, which washes away our everything that we have dreamed and achieved , then suffer from the trauma , & lose confidence .
Our life comes with no guarantee , then how can we be sure about the things in our life? I believe to have at least one negative reason behind thousand positive reason .It will help to map the mind about uncertain situation that may occur someday then we can stand strong with confidence rather than dissolving ourselves in trauma .
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Life comes with no guarantee and it has begun from the day we came into mother’s womb. Life has many twists and turns that are out of our imaginations, I am sure some of you must have experienced it .  You have dreams , passion, desires and work very hard to achieve them, may be you worked very hard to get a job, you prepared very well to get admission in your desired college , you try your best to your loved ones to be the most lovable person in his/his life and have a great relationship, but sometimes you have  got  or you may get twists when everything would be out of your hands ,  everything slipped out your hand  in a while, like a handful of sands ,the more you try to hold tightly the more it spilled out of your palm.

When people found themselves in such situations , they feel disheartened , lose confidence and stays away from their aim, they don’t know what they have in their store ahead.
There are lots of things in our life which are not in our control and it only occurs to be perfect when it is the right time. How hard you try to fix the things , it will not work out until it is the right time.

Like we do programming with IF and ELSE case, we also need to be prepared our life with plan B, because we don’t know when our life will take a giant twist  and take into a situation of uncertainty .
We can not overcome or avoid the uncertainty but with this we can suit ourselves with the present situation rather than staying out of confidence, it will help us to step forward to deal  and get out of the situation  . Think about the days where you were before, no pain and no sort of problems,  I am sure you will find out a way.

Don’t get disheartened ,it will not let the good times those are yet to come, just  stay focused and  keep your hopes alive, when it will be the perfect time you will have something great in your store .