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Good morning! What a fresh & beautiful morning  it is , actually I woke up so early after a long time, and rarely I get chance to see the early sunrise , may be the last time I have seen it, was two months ago. It is easier for me to stay awake till 6 O clock , rather than waking up at early 6 O clock.

Well, Holi of 2014 is over and I have celebrated this colorless holi . It’s amazing that we wait almost a year for that day and everything gets over within few years . Well it is more than a festival when we all old school friends gathered together, played cricket at school backyard just like we use to play during our old school days. We cherished our school memories by lots of silly gossips, remembering the pet names of the teachers, watching the windows of our class rooms .  I must say, there is no better place than a school where we learn to live in the real world.

While we are enjoying our moments, there are 239 people in Flight MH370 which is missing from March 8, lt may be the biggest mystery in the history of human beings , where the world have adopted  to numerous technologies to fasten & easier our life, but nobody could find a trace of that aircraft since  day it is missing. Lets pray for those people inside that flight , they may be someone’s daughter, father, mother, brother, son, they may be someone’s hope to live, they may be someone’s life,  lets pray, because sometime miracles do happen.  
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Women in our life…

Women, the meaning to our life. Someone who  brought us into this world, someone who loves and cares , someone who stand like an inner strength of every men. The most important , inspirational and respectful part of our society , and may be without them the world of human beings could not have exists . We can find her love, care , dedication , contribution and sacrifice in various forms .

She is tender, she is caring, she is sharing, she is melodious , she is a women and the meaning of life.

As a mother:

Who doesn’t know the importance of mother? May be the first word I have learned to spell is ‘Mamma’.  She sustain all the pain to give us birth and we grow up under  her dedication, sacrifice , love and care. No one can explain mother’s love, all I can say is, mother’s love cannot be compare with anything else in this world.

As a sister:  

Having a sister is boon for the entire family , personally I don’t have any sister  so I miss every pinch of sister’s love and care in my life. A sister is the best support to us after parents , what she expect from us that, she should feel secure wherever they are because she knows she have a brother who will always protect her, and what’s in return is a lots of love and care .

As a daughter : 
Daughter  is the greatest boon & support for her parents ,she is always ready to sacrifice for the betterment of her family , we can always see that she shares some responsibilities with mother & father, more than a son can do .

As a life partner: 

Do you know the inner strength of every successful man, is a successful life partner behind him . She takes all the responsibilities of men from his parents , sister and friend and takes on her own shoulder .She is always there for him when he needs her, she wants him to be someone that she can always proud of him. She is a friend and indeed a soul mate till we stop breathing.

The first women , first teacher, first friend in my life is my mom, I am very thankful to her , and can’t every repay the love , care and dedication that she is still doing for me. “Thank you mom for showing me this beautiful world.” 

Happy Women's Day





It is a great beginning of this month with tons of excitement. At early 6 o Clock I got an unusual call from my friend , I was really not in the condition to hold  the phone, he told me that our university has published the result of 3rd semester today, I jumped out of the bed like a mad and went over my  desk to conform that it is not an another nightmare ,  yes my friend was right, I typed the roll number with my wicked , vibrating fingers.
When I saw my result I could not believe that its 7 CGPA,  I rubbed & washed my eyes and look at the screen again , because  it was out of my expectation.  Really, upar wala jab bhi deta hai, chappad fad k (When God gives, he gives abundantly)

Have you every inspired by someone or someone inspired by you? Its feel great when Kousik Barman, a friend cum brother says that he is inspired by me and my blog. Usually I don’t get too much readers and comments which always pull me back from the blogosphere , but when he told me this, I am so pleased. My hard work and words from the core of my heart doesn’t goes in vain and I realized that every blog has a day, I  am waiting for that. Lol . Lets welcome his BLOG into blogosphere .

Well February of 2014 passed away and left some good memories of those 28 days. It’s a great beginning of March. See you February again in 2015.