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Sometimes, I think I am alone in a world full of frustration and disappointment with myself .I do mistakes then I think a lot about it, regret and thus end up with feeling  guilty , but then again I feel my emotions are overwhelming to weaken me down. I look around and then I see I am not alone fooling around, and I am the not only one who does big mistakes and has a bad past.

Well, life is not always very easy; it’s like the ups and downs of waves in the oceans. 
You know, our life is very simple, but we always make it complicated. We choose the path that we love, do mistakes, then fail and then we regret for our mistakes and the things become more complicated.

Mistakes that we did in our past have a great effect in our present life and it really sucks mentally , emotionally and physically. We lose hope, we regret and blah. But making mistakes doesn’t mean that we have failed to achieve what we want because we always have the chance to rectify our mistakes.
As each mistake gives us one more chance to understand our weakness and teaches us  to rectify it and thus it also gives us chance to learn something new.