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Age is just like a page on a calender which changes after a month in an year is over. I'm 22 and thus the page on the calender of my life has turned 22 times. On a serious note, I feel that yesterday I was 21 and now,I am one more year ahead. I am enjoying my beautiful life and it has become much more beautiful because of some wonderful people with their everlasting love and care. But then somewhere I feel that  I am slightly bitter,as I was dreaming to stay 21 forever because it is a stage which is sweetest of adulthood.

Actually, I want to  live the present a again and again. But then the thought of growing up haunts me. This is  because sometimes I feel that I'll never have this  beautiful life again, I would'nt be able to feel these beautiful things again. Like, when I was a kid , my life was awesome like heaven with  adorence of parents , doing mischievousness at school ,  being afraid of incomplete homework, hanging out with parents by holding their fingers, and much more. I miss those things a lot.

Every year I do something different to mark it special, but I've planned something different this time. I have set up 22 Goals , and may be it will take an entire year to accomplish my goals but I know I that I'll never fail in accomplishing them.

1.            Loving from the core of my heart
2.            Speaking less, working more
3.            Speaking truth
4.            Earning my own salary
5.            Accepting my failures
6.            Going with forgiveness rather than giving punishment
7.            Apologizing
8.            Becoming Certified Ethical hacker
9.            Spreading awareness on cyber security
10.          Learning to fix the mistakes i've made
11.          Bunking college classes
12.          Never giving up
13.          Blogging frequently
14.          Taking proper health care
15.          Laughing and smiling more
16.          Strengthening friendship
17.          Loving  myself and being awesome
18.          Facing the troubles rather than staying away
19.         Respecting all the elders
20.         Endowing some qualities which are needed for a better life               in future
21.        Try doing social works which might help the needy

22.        Last but not the least, believing in everyone I trust. 
             Including my Mom, Dad and everyone whocares for me                     and have been there on my side in my bad times.

This how google wished me today :)