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Again it was a boring beautiful Sunday, When I have a entire Sunday but have nothing to do, no plan, no outing , then its become boring , even more when its raining outside and the environment has become so romantic ,then I miss someone more but, I can’t do anything.

Well, I am in semester break and I have thought to enjoy these two months fully, but its not going to work, as friends are not present here and in home I have nothing new to do, same cooking, household work which I love but there is nothing new to read, same old novels , textbooks and blah  even the games are outdated , I play like I have mugged up each and every level.
I have been thinking for an Industrial training on some interesting topic like Cloud Computing or Database Management. I think it’s a good way to kill the time as well as a great chance to learn something new.

The last few month was very tough for me, I really had gone through bad times. I always wonder , how simple and beautiful my life was when I was a little kid, no tensions, depressions , fully endowed with parents’ love, I used to breath a life where there was life in each breath. But as I have grown up, I have really made it complicated. Everyday I wake up with a new hope, but there are something behind each hope which I am afraid of losing. I have to stand strong, I need a support, I need motivation, I really need them badly.
Bad times never goes in vain, I have learnt something from it. Life has full of unexpected twists and turns, If you had gone through then get prepared for another one, it may be on today , tomorrow or after a decade and most important, There is nothing permanent in this world.

Watch this video , specially made for my dad :) Happy father's day.

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The best thing to do in classroom is sleep on bench :D

Phew! After dealing with  twenty subjects, eight practical and twenty assignments finally completed the second year in college. Exams are really like hell which takes away all the happiness and excitement  and hammer our head with tones of pressure and sleepless nights.  But, thank God,  exams are over and I don’t have to face them for another few months.

A new semester for  final year is going to begin from next month, lets hope the best for upcoming semesters. I have really enjoyed the last two years  bunking, mass bunking,  hangout with buddies , parties and blah but, I have to be serious about the final year and career. When I was new to college life , I has planned that I will learn  lots of new stuff, will make some great friends,  will try to be friendly with everyone  and I did, but as the days are ending , every excitement are slipping out of my head and the only thing which always poking is “career” .

I want to study more I want do post-graduation  but I also have to support my parents, so hoping for a job to support my studies, but I don’t know is it possible to do job and education together.

Well, the last two years has left some good memories of broken dreams, funs , parties , crazy activities etc , lets hope for an another exciting college year.

my buddy, meghnath