Clicked by Micromax  A58, but I wish to have a well equipped camera soon :)

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I don't know the actual meaning of Skoukya , but its a beautiful jogging track there in our campus , its fresh, make me feel healthy and blissful . 

railway track quotes, railways tracks photography

Railway tracks says a lot of hidden facts about our life.

railway track quotes, railways tracks photography
That unforgettable 68KM will be cherished forever 

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In our daily hectic life we usually miss to see something real beauty around us,  This is the flower which usual blooms near the roadside , its beautiful .

Black is an universal elegant and standard colour which refers many depth meaning at different occasions and situations . Black color is created by blending all other colors , it is classic, glossy and no doubt, most wonderful and attractive things in the world are black...

Black eyes
beautiful black eyes, black pupil, black beauty
pic credit: Lata V

Eye with dark black pupil is really so unique and beautiful  it add an extreme mysterious effect and appears so deep down the earth. They are soulful and full of confident.  Black eyes are so deep that it gives the feelings of being lost in them. Looking into them is like looking into the deepest realism of humanity. It is so deep that I can see the beginning of everything , the past of humanity , future and the moments. It reflects and shines like glowing metal .

Black Shadow

Shadows reflects the depth of many hidden things in our life. I look at my shadow and it peer into dark corner of my mind where secret shame lie and violent voice are silenced. It opens an unknown window to me, it gives me the clue to understand myself that who I am, what I am.
It says , I need the every part of me to come out whole in the light empowered  to live a meaningful and vibrant life and feelings such as guilty, anger, revenge ,fear need not to express out.

Black school shoes

I have a pair of school shoes , and preserved it very gently as I use to wear them when I was in 5th grade. Whenever I polish them it shines as new  and it remind my childhood and old school days. Every morning mom and dad use to drop me at school,  I use to walk along with them holding their hands with my little fingers filed with their warmth of love and tender. Then there were friends in class who use to take me into a different world blended with joys , happiness , purity of smile and lots of naughtiness . That’s the place from where I started learning each an every from speaking English  to silly gossips about girls,  that is the place which has enhanced the beauty of my childhood.
I use to put my little feet in them and walks on the path told by parents , but from the day I went to choose the shoes of my own choice I went to wrong path, Life was so simple , but I made it complicated with my own choice.

Black Ink:

cursive handwriting, writing with fountain pain, fountain pen,

Black is the universal standard colour , whenever you write anything on a paper with black ink it enhance the  standards and mostly it gives a eye catching view as compare by writing with different colour of ink.
Honestly speaking, I am not praising myself, but all of my friends says that whenever I writes anything with black ink , it really enhance beauty of my handwriting as well as the paper.

Dark Night:


Many people don’t like dark night because they feel scary, but I love dark nights as they are so beautiful , I love to look at the starts and the moons because the as the night will be more dark the stars and moon will be more bright. Night is full of peace when we can think deep down the soul,  I love the silence for those hours and can have some blissful dreams too. I close my eyes and replay into my entire moments that I had today,  and where I was wrong and where I was right so that I won’t repeat the mistake in the day ahead. It is the moment where I can think and take decision peacefully, the nature stays so calm at that time I can feel  the power of silence. If you really want to enjoy the beauty of night, go out to the park, close your eyes and feel the cold breez,  look at the sky , the moon and starts are glowing so brightly , the silence will make you lost deep inside yourself.

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early morning click
Fragrances in  life matters a lot  , it overwhelms and rejoice our life. I am a nature lover , I envy its beauty and its fragrances, the wood , the herbs, landscapes, my backyard, garden  are some of my favourite spots  where I spend my spare time. Early morning is not like anything   its calm, refreshing and it smells so good as like the nature spells its  real natural beauty. If you are leading a city life then you may know that how early morning is not like anything in the day, its quite don’t have any buzzing sound of people and crowds, no cars and bikes, only the peaceful moment portrayed by dew I drops on grass , calmness and sweetness of environment.

purple flower, flower photography
sneak peak from my garden

Normally my day starts with yelling alarm tone at 5:30 its tough to wake up at this early after late night on desk. I take the flower bucket to my garden where there is many flower plants, Its look awesome when it blooms on trees , their fragrances amazes and sometime it remind us some of my special moment special I had with around rose as fragrances has a super power to remind us our forgotten moments. There are many like Jojoba, lavender , belly, jasmine, my garden smells very well in early morning, the greenery grass with dew pellets when they touch my bare feet it feels so good like a touch of nature  , and it really refresh my mind and boost it for entire day. I don’t want to pluck them as they looks gorgeous on their plants itself but as tradition flowers are needed for pooja (worship). 

My mom does the morning pooja very beautifully , she decorate the
flower bowl with different flowers, the mud lamp enhance the glow  of flower and other decorative items, its smell so good, But the moment she lights the incense sticks then the fragrances  of flowers and aroma from the incense sticks mix together and forms a beautiful scent that cant be describe in words. I feel like it’s a heaven, which have blended our mind, soul with aroma of peace and beauty .

Do you like the early morning street markets? I love them because it forms  different type of portraits in our daily life. At the beginning of market there are many florist where the vendors are selling variety of flowers , many of them are important. From where the flowers of our flower pots, wedding decorations etc comes from. The places amazes with colors and scents , if I don’t buy any I repeatedly walk on that street many time just to enjoy the scents. Apart from this if you enter more into the market there are different vendors selling very different things, the buzzing noise of people, and of course there are not only vendors, there are many different people comes for different purpose like surveyors , competitors analysers, government authority and etc you can spot them just by looking at their body languages .  But I hate to go at the fish, meat and chicken corner as that place really smell very bad.

pic credit: flickr web
  When two soul meets then there is no more beauty and fragrances in our life which can compare with it. Fortunately we both are nature lovers , we love the woods, trees , landscapes, flowers, sunrise and sunset and blah . We rather love to spend our moments in the woods and garden looking at the moon and sky than late night partying outside with friends. Its beauty is so deep in the depth of love and affection. I can  tell her presence and she can tell mine just by the scent of our body. My moments has been fragranced with her love and endowment  and I am very thankful .

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dear me, letter to myself , letter to my past,

Dear me,

Hello young man, how are you doing? I know you are anxiously waiting to know , who wrote the letter to you? Don’t worry , its only you seven years into the future. I so desperately want to just hold you , guide you in the right path.
You are currently in the 8th grade at school, a backbenches a fun loving mischievous  kid. You hate maths more than anything but believe me, you are going to deal with much tougher maths ahead. I know you wish you could spend all the day by playing sports and video games .

I am not writing this letter to tell you that things are going to change and you will grow so much and I think you already know that. The age of 16 is very sweet and an important and delicate stage in everyone’s life. Be careful about each and every step that you take by yourself. You will make a lot of mistakes and your parents will scold you, but you will realize it latter that your mom and dad loves you a lot, they are always proud of you but, they don’t know how to show it to you. They works hard to give you the best life as much they can, to fulfil your needs, they are very concerned about your career and future , that is why they always pretend to be rude on you. But remember , nobody can be the best friends more than your parents .Share with them your every words, be frank and they will guide you on the right path.

Many things are going to change as you already know that, you will be shifting to many different places because of the transferable job of your dad, new people new environment will refresh you in all the way. You will learn different languages, cultures , and traditions. You will learn how to make yourself comfortable in any living
Kajal Majhi, emotions quotes, smile quotes, boy with smile quotes
environment. You have done lots of mistakes and you will regret it latter after seven years. I wish I could have hold you and stopped you from doing those things.But don’t worry , things are going to change, time heals everything and the darkness and greys will pass.

In your 20s , there is an angel you met in your life, that will teach you the meaning of the word ‘Love’ in your life. She is a blessing to you to give you the proof of life. She will be the support of your life and soul. Be good and gentle to her . She will be the  proof of the depth of true love. Her words will inspire you, her giggles will make you smile , her simplicity will melt you and her desire will encourage you to love and live more.

Don’t worry, after school you will be in a great college, you will meet lots of like minded friends , you will be a computer geeks graduating with computer science. You still be at the backbenches but the teachers will prefer you more in most of the techie stuffs. Just put some tiny bit of extra effort in exams and you will be the university topper. .  Don’t listen to the career advice that will never be successful if you don’t go. Make your own choice, do the things you love, and love the things you do, You won’t regret .

Seven years into the future
I have always been crazy to gather at any blogger meet but, almost all of the meet are held far apart from here but, fortunately this time Monsoon Rendezvous indiblogger meet held at Kolkata which is not so far as well as I am in semester break. The only problem was I had never went out of my town so I asked one of my friend if he will go with me and he agreed.It took us about three hours to reach at Rotary Sadan , and fortunately we reached 2 hours before the schedule . There I met with Datta mam , she is very nice and friendly.

 Gradually all the blogger had gathered together by 2:00 pm. Finally It was the time for formal introduction about ourselves and our blogs . Everyone were describing about themselves and their blog for about 5 to 10 minutes , I was too nervous that what to say about my blog. I don’t know what is my blog about, and what does I write, I just write some nonsense stuff of my life and whatever coming in my mine. And finally It was my turn, I stood up like a happy fool , and what have I uttered is “Hi everyone, I am kajal majhi, I am from salboni , I blog about my life” Hell yeah my speech ended up in just three seconds. My voice was so slow that my friend who was sited beside me could not hear anything. So people I apologize for this, I was  so nervous .
Then it was the time for presentation and group discussion , Mrs Datta gave us a great presentation on Philosophical evolution of India , now I actually got to know how we give presentation at corporate level , earlier in school presentation for me was just to create slides in PowerPoint , burn it into cd and submit to the subject teachers. 

Amartya Talukdar represented his book “On Family laws and men’s rights in India” which was very nice. Many of the bloggers raised some good social causes for IndiChange.  There was a girl with Datta mam, sorry I forgot her name she just told some awesome and epic lines  , and note able points . I really admire her, I wish if all of my friends are like her.
Well, it was my first visit to Kolkata and I had lots of plan but, the rain flopped everything. But it doesn’t matter as the meet was amazing and experienced lot of things. A special thanks to Mrs Datta for organising that beautiful event. Hope to meet with you all soon.
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lets have tea, tea break
Lets have a cup of tea :)

First of all I want to admit that, I am not that good at cooking , I cook somehow to feed my belly which happens to be funny sometime, but yes I love to. Apparently I was not interested in cooking but because of mom’s health issue she has to stay away from kitchen and I prepare  the daily meal, I know I do not cook so delicious and mouth watery dishes but my parents never says anything about the tastes, they always praises my dishes and eats with some bunch of beautiful smiles which becomes emotional moments for me.   
Well, Actually cooking is interesting and fun but I don’t get enough time to prepare my favourite food ,  so I prefer to cook those things which are quick . easy and delicious . But for some special occasion I would try few quick and easy food from my list. Kheer is on the top of my list , specially made with mouthful ingredients like Cashew, raisins , coconut powder, and cherry.

Here comes the second dish which is my favourite too , its fried rice , who doesn’t love fired rice ? I can not turn off my eyes and nose whenever I see and smell fried rice,  its an awesome simple dish for daily meal. It is among those dishes which can be cooked in a short time and have mouth watering taste. We can decorate and flavour this dish with vegetables like peas , tomatoes , carrot etc. 

And lastly my very favourite dish among these is butter paneer masala , the thick gravy mixes of butter, cashew paste , sauce and other indigents with cubic paneer makes this dish yummy  and smooth in mouth.  It is perfect meal with the combination with fried rice and kheer.

Serving and keeping the food also attracts us , it enhance the beauty and deliciousness of the dishes . So BROSIL  presents Indigo Neuvo Melamine Dinner Set  which is perfect for serving the Kheer and Fried rice as its elegant  white colour with eye catching floral design of  blue colour  will enhance the beauty of white coloured dish like kheer and fried rice garnished with mint leaves and  coconut powder .   The most delicious Paneer butter masala can be served in the plate of Vibgyor Fidenza Bowl as it will be eye catching with its’ color with yellowish butter paneer masala.

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