Foray into the final year of graduation

kajal majhi, cute smile of boy , college going boy
that smile to hide the sorrows 
The last two years in college had been so nice and enjoyed as well as learnt a lot of things with friends, great faculties,  as well as the people around there and the days were awesome until the semester break end up with the beginning of final year of graduation .
It was not like the first day of college life that I was excited because , a new life was going to start  with new people and a new learning environment. But, now its little different , it’s the first day of final year of graduation . Today everyone were treating me like damn senior , teachers were speaking so frankly and only few classes  where I have nothing to do other than staring at the boring lectures . I never have had dream  that someday I have to face a moment like  this where everybody will treat me so seriously  and so I am still thinking that ‘What I am going to face during my post graduation?”

Institutes remain with us till our ends, I will add the names of all the institutes in my resume. I have limited time to enjoy all these and I will spend the best of my time with friends, teachers , library, canteens and the college campus  because soon it is going to be a part of my history. But each and every moments I spend there will be cherished forever by me until my end.

It is the time to become serious because, a barricades of war ahead, a lot to learn , a lot to do and a lot to explore… 

Friends wala selfie 


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