Four year into Blogging - Blog Anniversary

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This post marks the 4th anniversary of this blog. I have never celebrated my blog anniversary before but today I should celebrate, because it deserves . Well, I am extremely thankful to all my readers who spends their time to read my posts, subscribers who seeks  my blog posts in their inbox but, I know I make my subscribers fell down because I don’t blog frequently . And a great thank you to those who drops comments ,which really inspire me and brings a charming smile on my tough cheeks . A special thanks to major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo who sends most of the traffic to my blog.

I was aware of blogging since I was 16 , but I didn’t have the ability to write anything or may be I did not give a try to write myself so I started few blogs on “shayari” and “jokes” where I use to copy and paste contents from different  blogs and websites and soon my blogs was banned . Then my Dad got transferred here and this place was so new and weird for me, I was in class XI’ and  I didn’t have so much of friends , so after getting back from school I used to spend my entire time on computer and fortunately  I saw someone’s blog on her personal life , it was written very beautiful with splendid pictures . I thought , why don’t I start a blog like this and I will to write myself as much I can ?

So on 10th August 2010 I setup my blog and my first post was About me , you can see how poor my English was even more than now. I really did not have any idea what to blog about, I started to write whatever I can, sometime I use to see others’ blog to check what do they write about but everything  bounced over my mind.Then I joined different blogging community such as indiBlogger , Blogadda amd BlogEngage  etc where I got many topics and contests to write, which has really motivated me to write more and more. When I get the prizes in my hand I fell the extreme of  joy  that can’t be express in any words .

I have to learn a lot, a lot to explore and a lot to write. My biggest dream is to publish a book on encouragement and inspiration of people. Thank you all .


  1. Happy blogging anniversary! Keep writing, keep blogging :)
    *sends best wishes*

    and we just get better post by post, learning from our mistakes ;)

    1. Each mistake teaches us something new...

      Thank you so much :)


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