Kotak Jifi : Banking is now social

Modern banking has make our life easy in all the way, well lets take a flash back to nine or 10  years, when internet banking was not been adopted by every banks and every people ,  we had to cancel our all other plans of the day just to stand in queue for hours to deposit , withdraw and transfer of cash,  it was the day when we had to think twice that if we do not have any other work to do before stepping out for bank.

From the last few years online banking has changed our life, it saves our time, hassles free  and effective. As internet is growing much bigger and bigger every day we are hopping into its’ different stuffs  much more in which social networking is our first priority where we spend most of our valuable time online . let hold this topic for a while. 

                          We all need financial tools and benefits and for that having a bank account is mandatory for now a days but, opening a bank account is usually an another hectic. Grab lots of documents to prove your identity that who you are, grab some more documents to prove your address that where do you live in this planet and next verify those documents from an government officers and blah!, but why we are using  all these traditional methods? 
Now lets get back to the above point where I said to hold, as I told we spend lots of our time online in the social networking sites, there are lots of people too who knows me, I have an identification there too and also my address , so why don’t we use our social networking ids to open a bank account? No more hassle of documents, first get your account, then submit your documents when you have enough time, and  you can get all the benefits of banks isn’t it? But don’t worry , now you can actually open a bank account with Kotak Jifi just in three steps using your social ids , isn’t it exciting?  I myself has got surprised when I heard about this for the first time.

Its just like my dreams , a modern banking system in which you can enjoy all the banking features  with just your social account. Isnt it fun and exciting? You don’t have to sigin into your separate online account to manage you banking work , now you can do those things in the same time you are tweeting your friends and family.   
 Not only this ,Kotak jifi has some more exciting features that you can enjoy. You can operate your jifi account, with your Facebook or Twitter account , you can add your friends in your jifi group, every time you refer your friends you will earn points which can be redeem in numerous way. Some more exciting features and facilities for Kotak jifi below:

In a normal bank account you have to maintain a minimum balance but in Kotak Jifi you don’t need to maintain any minimum balance to enjoy its’ features like platinum debit card,  loyalty club rewards etc.

This is what I was dreaming of from last few years. With social banking features you can get instant updates of your bank account such as transactions, notifications etc. You need to connect your twitter account with Jifi dashboard to access this feature. You can do lot of things such as balance enquiry, last three transcation, bank statement of last month, request a new cheque book, find nearest ATM , reward points and much with this just by a tweet with a hashtags. To know all the required hashtags for different functions Click here.

It is fun, Let your friends know about Kotak jifi , you can invite him/her by using your Facebook account, he will receive a invitation link. When he will join the Jifi group you will earn rewards points which can be redeem in many ways. Every time your friends will create Jifi accounts through your invitation link, you will earn 250 rewards points for each referral and each point worth Rs: 1. Isn’t it exciting?

The rewards points that you have accumulated now you can redeem them for movies, lifestyle products and much more, You can do this from Redeem tab in dashboard. Even you can share your reward points with any friends within your jifi group. Apart from referring friends there are many social ways to fetch you social points such as by hitting likes and putting comments in Kotak Jifi official Facebook page.

Are you an apps addicted?  Install the app and  get the features of almost everything that you can do with internet banking such as you can pay bills,  review account details, locate nearest atm and bank branches, term deposits and much more.  Kotak have also an offers app which enables you to get updates on different offers on lifestyle and personal products, dinning, furniture and so on.  They works on iOS , Blackberry, and Android .
Download the Kotak banking app from here and offer app from here.

Are you so curious about monitoring the financial logs of your account? Don’t worry you can do that with Kotak MoneyWatch , which consists all the financial tools which are required to monitor your all online bank accounts. It automatically connects to all your online account to calculate your net worth,  you can forward the e-statement, it can generate thirty reports profit and loss as well as it will alert for your monthly bills such as electricity, gas, water, internet etc. It will automatically calculate your annual tax amount . So simple in one line “A 360 degree view of your online accounts”

Who is not familiar of platinum debit card? The word “platinum” in the term of banking means a lot isn’t it? With this international platinum debut card you can enjoy daily shopping upto  Rs 2 lakhs .  It has the air accident insurance of Rs 20 lakhs and lost baggage insurance of Rs 1 lakh and much more.

So how do you get started with Kotak Jifi? 
Once you have got invited you are ready to get started with your Facebook account. You can get a Kotak Jifi account in just three steps. Fill the form, get the account number , Fund your account and get activated. Connect your twitter account to enjoy all the banking features with just one tweet. Visit www.kotakjifi.com  for more details and get started.

This post is the part of “Jifi is here” blogging contest held at Indiblogger.in by Kotak Mahindra Bank.


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