In 1996 when my dad were transferred to Panchgram, Assam , I was only three years old and newly admitted to a Nursery school . There was a girl  next to my quarter we were in the same class and a has became very good friends. Sorry I don’t remember her name as it has become more than 18 years.  Our parents use to drop us at school and get back to home together . I loved chapattis and ‘paranthas’ but my lunch box use to contains cookies , biscuits and cake but she loved it so we use to exchange our lunch box at recess time .

These were my happy moments and everything were going normal. But suddenly she died in a mysterious way but I don’t know how, and even I did not knew that she has died. Then everyday before I headed for school I use to knock her door and her mom use to came out with a lost face “ Wo ab kabhi school nahi jayegi beta” she use to replied me in this way every day.
One day when I was playing at our backyard, I felt like someone is approaching me from my back .  I turned back and my eyes were surprised to see that ‘my friend is back’.  I rushed to my mom excitingly and told her that my friend is back but she smiled and ignored to what I was telling. But when I started talking with her, playing with her then everyone looked at me strangely because it was only me who can see her . it was a kind of Hollywood’s scary movie  and it went like this for a week until my mom realized that something was going wrong with me.

One day my mom suddenly asked me “With whom you are talking right now? “
I told her “Mom  its my friend” and then I yelled her name.
My mom was so scared and she pulled me from there and  went to meet the girl’s parents. The next day my mom , dad and the girl’s parents took me somewhere , there were lots of people surrounded around me , there were candles, flowers, incense sticks and they did something with me and from the next day I have not seen her again yet.

My mom told me all these few years back when I have suddenly  asked her about the day they took me to that weird place . I was not scared of her as she did not harm me, we use to play in the same way when she was alive. But she made me realize that there is something which is called “soul”. We die but our soul never dies .
I have lost a great friend, may her soul rest in peace .

Kabir and Shilpa both were staying from last few days at Kabir’s hometown for a family occasion , they has became quite good friends .Kabir was leaning on a chair with his bag pack , Shilpa was passing by his room and saw Kabir was leaning on chair and she asked him “Why are you standing like that?”

Kabir: Nothing much, I have to pack my stuffs but  having bad headache.

Shilpa: That’s bad. Hey I massage my mom’s head when she does have headache and she feels so good, let me do it in your head too.

Kabir: Thanks but big no! You will kill me. Today in evening I will leave for Kolkata. Mom is alone there and I has been here for more than a week.

Oh, you are leaving, I had a great time with you here . I will get bored again until I go back home. Shilpa yelled after taking a deep breath .

Kabir: Hmm I had a great time with you too as well as I got a good friend too. Hey, but don’t forget words to continue your studies .

Shilpa: You know what, you are so sweet. Yes I will continue my studies .

Kabir: Really I am sweet? Then why do you used to think me as a stubborn boy?

Shilpa: Just like the way you use to think me cruel and violent girl. Hmm?

Kabir: No comments please. Let me pack my bag.

Shilpa: Hey give me your contact number, I will call to disturb you when I will get bored! excitingly 

Kabir: ok I will give it, but please let me do my work now!

Yet Shilpa has not realized that she have evolved some feelings for Kabir apart from friendship until few drops of tear came out when Kabir headed for the station . But, she managed to console herself that its nothing, just an emotional attachment .

to be continued...
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When we think to attempt a noble work , the first thing comes in our mind is Charity and NGO who are working for the betterment of society , sustainability and development of poor people. Then we visit a NGO , makes some donation for poor people and in return we obtain the certificate of charity and we comes back home with a happy smile. Though it is the quick way to provide Food, Clothes & Shelter (Roti, Kapda , Makaan) but only for a short period of time only.

So what is the pe
rmanent solution?
Empowerment is the solution. We can join our hand with NGO who are associated with the activities of empowerment such as providing education, necessary skills to the labors, resources and opportunities for women , education and motivation of small kids can stand as the best noble work.   They are living with eyes but blind without education but education will open an another world for them , they will have the opportunities to provide food , clothes and shelter for themselves. Small kids who works at small hotels and roadside stalls to support his/her livelihood , if we help these child to fetch at least the basic education he will find good job , at least  he/she don’t have to work at roadside stall or wash the plates anymore to support their livelihood. Girls who works at roadside are more vulnerable to human trafficking, if we empower these girls with basic education and handy skills such as  such as art & crafts , textile work, and much more , the she can easily work at textile industries , art & crafts industries, then we not only have save a future , we would have save a life too. There are more people around us who really need empowerment and motivation .  if we can provide them those basic education, skills, and resources it would be highly beneficial.

  NGOs are doing their best and we can not point our fingers to their noble work. They may be or may not be getting government’s financial aid , so their primary backbone sustains on our charity .  Donate only to those NGO who are doing legitimate works and utilizing total funds towards the practices of empowerment.   
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Kabir is a simple looking guy , tall , less talkative , full of calm and patience . He is a career oriented guy,  stays in a city and busy with his college life.

Shilpa is the sister of Kabir’s cousin’s sister in law . A small town girl with big dreams , very friendly and talkative . She is  cute and can melt anyone with the essence of her smile .

Kabir have seen her many times  at some family gatherings  but could not talk with her because of some rumors  has spread by relatives about her. But because of a small incident at Kabir’s home town , he and Shilpa, had to stay at the same place for few hours until their parents came back.
 20-04-2010 – The first meet

Kabir and Shilpa walking together on the bay of a pond there was a long silence between them. Kabir did not have any intention to attract Shilpa, but all he wants was to know her better, but had not got the courage to speak with her until Shilpa was unable to control her talkative tongue  and at last  she yelled to Kabir “You are walking along with me from last thirty minutes but you have  not spoken a single word  , do I look so scary or I have threatened to kill you if you speak with me?”

Kabir : You don’t look like that I have heard all about you.

Shilpa: What do you mean?

Kabir: Actually many of my relatives have some misunderstandings about you, they think you are egoistic , don’t respect other , mischievous and blah. But actually you are sweet, frank, friendly and you behave the way people behave with you, its great.
Shilpa: That’s so sweet of you.   I heard your voice for the first time right now, your voice is so touchy but why do you speak very less? I have only seen you sitting far away from everyone but never seen you  talking with anyone.

Kabir: Thanks, actually may be I don’t know how to keep talking with people , all my buddies at college calls me a boredom because of this . Well,  why did you left your studies?

Shilpa:  hmm seems like you have already done deep investigation on me? Isn’t it?.

Kabir: Ah its not like that, I told you my relatives have some misunderstandings about you , it was told by them.

Shilpa: My bad!, actually I had a little fight with my mom and because of that I have left my studies . May be I am too much of egoistic

Kabir : Forget that, you should continue your studies , else you are going to lose a very important part of your life.

Shilpa: I can’t promise that, but I will try.

To be continued…. 

[CONCLUSION] this is my first attempt in writing short story , please support me with your comments to write further or not.

Generally the life expediency of we humans are about 80 to 90 years, which is too short for those who want to achieve and explore a lot of things in life.   A story of a life can only be completed when our wish list is fulfilled and when we know how to find life in every moments that we live so, on deathbed I can proudly say ‘I had a beautiful life’

Write a book
Just like a dream of every blogger , author , writers , columnist  to publish their work and win the hearts of readers , I have a dream too to publish my own book. I want to write about life lessons which will motivate and encourage people .

Adopt a pet
Adopting a pet is same as adopting and saving a life.  Many dogs, cats and other pets wonder around the streets for food and shelter , they are either on streets by birth or given up by lazy people who doesn’t want to keep pets with them. So why don’t we rescue a life . I love dogs as they are obedient , so friendly and brings smile with their giggles . I would love to adopt a dog someday.

Enroll my name in eye bank
Our eyes are the most delicate organs in our body . it let us see this beautiful world and we people with healthy eyes are so lucky . Think about  those people for whom day and night both are same with the blend of darkness but still they hope that someday they will see the lights and shine of life. So, I want to enroll my name in the eye bank to donate my eyes after I die. This can be the greatest noble work that I can do even after my death.

Build my dream home
My parents did and still doing their best to provide me a quality of life, proper education and to fulfill all my requirements without thinking about their own needs and future , what they will have after retirement . Now its my duty to fulfill all their needs and building our own house is my first mission .

Learn to play guitar
Musical instruments are those things by which you can express your inner beauty with it. I brought a guitar two years ago but I don’t know to play it properly just leads and chords of few selected song. I want to learn it properly so that I can play a beautiful tune in front of everyone .

Build my own Robot
As an technology geek I am great fan of Robot . I want to build my own Robot in my own way by giving it a brain like advance artificial intelligence system by which it will learn from human behavior , by which I can make it a better friend , an assistance in my work and much more. It requires a lot of money and I hope this dream will come true .

Visit the schools once again .
Who doesn’t love school life ? but those golden days will never come back again . Because of my dad’s transferable job I have studied at seven schools from Nursery to high school in four different states . I have some unforgettable memories with these places and I want to visit the schools again to breath in those innocence air once again .

Climb the Mount Everest
I wish I can see our beautiful earth from moon but probably I have no chance of going there. So I want to take a sneak peak of our world from the highest place in this world. Heard and read a lot from many people and many books but I want to see them and feel them in real at least once in my life.

Travel around the world
I would like to visit my favorite places which I have been dreaming since I got to know about those places, I have a list of them such as Paris , Melbourne , Shimla, Tokyo , Bangkok , The great London, LA   and many more. I want explore the world as much as possible  , meet with different people  and enjoy the beauty of different places.

Setup my own secret hacking lab
Do you know what is heaven for a hacker? A secret lab with modern systems and  components, a high speed internet connectivity and some cups of coffee . I hope I will build my own lab after getting a professional certificate of ethical hacking .

private india book, ashwin sanghi, james patterson
ISBN 9780099586395

Private India is an amazing suspense thriller  by the two splendid authors  Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson . The fiction ‘Private India’ is divided into 116 chapters and this book is so socially engineered that each chapters contain only of 3 or 4 pages. When I complete one chapter , someone yelled from inside me “why not the next chapter? It is also of 3 or 4 pages” and is so interesting and full of suspense that you will compel yourself to read the next pages.

Private Inc.” which is globally recognized top detective agency headed by a former CIA agent Jack Morgan.  He has opened “Private India” in Mumbai , a branch of Private Inc. which is headed by Santosh Wagh , who is an ex- police. Because of his intelligence level and sharp mind , Jack has personally picked him to head the Mumbai branch of Private Inc.

Mumbai, the dreamland of thirty million people , heart of Bollywood , which have been stained with blood by the series of murder and other crimes. The fiction starts with the murder of a Thai doctor in a hotel of Mumbai with some strange articles on her body. A yellow scarf around her neck and her hands are tied and also toy helmet tied in her toe.  She is holding a fork in one hand and a flower in the another. The articles which is common among several victims are scarf around their neck as well as a trinket laying beside them.

Mumbai police handed over their burden to “Private Inc.” to do further investigation and stop these crimes.  Santosh Wagh who is heading Indian part of “Private Inc.” has taken all the responsibilities of the investigation . There are few more characters which has come across this fiction are , Nisha, who is the primary strength of Santosh and an Ex-CBI .Mubeen the forensic expert  and  Hari, who is a techy guy and deals everything with extracting the current location of mobiles phones , and retrieving  transaction history etc. To keep the readers engage , this book has made a special appearance of ISI, Indian Mujahideen , involvement of various celebrities , politicians , top police officers , mafias  and Dharma Gurus . This fiction is of lot of twists and turns and  It is big surprise for Santosh that after several investigation he found that the next target of the murderer is one of his team member.

Loved the autograph :)

About the authors:
Ashwin Sanghi :
He is India’s highest selling fiction author . His three bestselling novels : The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key . He lives in Mumbai with his wife and son.

James Patterson :
He is one of the best known and biggest selling author of all the time. His popular series from past decade  : The Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club and Detective Michael Bennett . He has written many other bestselling romantic novels and standalone thrillers. He  lives in Florida with his wife and son.

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