An Unreal Fuss

In 1996 when my dad were transferred to Panchgram, Assam , I was only three years old and newly admitted to a Nursery school . There was a girl  next to my quarter we were in the same class and a has became very good friends. Sorry I don’t remember her name as it has become more than 18 years.  Our parents use to drop us at school and get back to home together . I loved chapattis and ‘paranthas’ but my lunch box use to contains cookies , biscuits and cake but she loved it so we use to exchange our lunch box at recess time .

These were my happy moments and everything were going normal. But suddenly she died in a mysterious way but I don’t know how, and even I did not knew that she has died. Then everyday before I headed for school I use to knock her door and her mom use to came out with a lost face “ Wo ab kabhi school nahi jayegi beta” she use to replied me in this way every day.
One day when I was playing at our backyard, I felt like someone is approaching me from my back .  I turned back and my eyes were surprised to see that ‘my friend is back’.  I rushed to my mom excitingly and told her that my friend is back but she smiled and ignored to what I was telling. But when I started talking with her, playing with her then everyone looked at me strangely because it was only me who can see her . it was a kind of Hollywood’s scary movie  and it went like this for a week until my mom realized that something was going wrong with me.

One day my mom suddenly asked me “With whom you are talking right now? “
I told her “Mom  its my friend” and then I yelled her name.
My mom was so scared and she pulled me from there and  went to meet the girl’s parents. The next day my mom , dad and the girl’s parents took me somewhere , there were lots of people surrounded around me , there were candles, flowers, incense sticks and they did something with me and from the next day I have not seen her again yet.

My mom told me all these few years back when I have suddenly  asked her about the day they took me to that weird place . I was not scared of her as she did not harm me, we use to play in the same way when she was alive. But she made me realize that there is something which is called “soul”. We die but our soul never dies .
I have lost a great friend, may her soul rest in peace .


  1. i never read something like this man, it is something like i can say "JHAKKAS"

  2. Quite possible!
    May she rest in peace!

  3. Replies
    1. Now when I think of those days I feel horrible . Thanks for dropping here :)


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