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When we think to attempt a noble work , the first thing comes in our mind is Charity and NGO who are working for the betterment of society , sustainability and development of poor people. Then we visit a NGO , makes some donation for poor people and in return we obtain the certificate of charity and we comes back home with a happy smile. Though it is the quick way to provide Food, Clothes & Shelter (Roti, Kapda , Makaan) but only for a short period of time only.

So what is the pe
rmanent solution?
Empowerment is the solution. We can join our hand with NGO who are associated with the activities of empowerment such as providing education, necessary skills to the labors, resources and opportunities for women , education and motivation of small kids can stand as the best noble work.   They are living with eyes but blind without education but education will open an another world for them , they will have the opportunities to provide food , clothes and shelter for themselves. Small kids who works at small hotels and roadside stalls to support his/her livelihood , if we help these child to fetch at least the basic education he will find good job , at least  he/she don’t have to work at roadside stall or wash the plates anymore to support their livelihood. Girls who works at roadside are more vulnerable to human trafficking, if we empower these girls with basic education and handy skills such as  such as art & crafts , textile work, and much more , the she can easily work at textile industries , art & crafts industries, then we not only have save a future , we would have save a life too. There are more people around us who really need empowerment and motivation .  if we can provide them those basic education, skills, and resources it would be highly beneficial.

  NGOs are doing their best and we can not point our fingers to their noble work. They may be or may not be getting government’s financial aid , so their primary backbone sustains on our charity .  Donate only to those NGO who are doing legitimate works and utilizing total funds towards the practices of empowerment.   

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  1. Quite a few NGOs focus first on feeding, clothing and housing the poor, then on skill development. We can donate to such NGOs after making background checks, directly or through any reliable person(s). I've described this in some detail and some other methods of empowerment in my post


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