Ten things to do before I die

Generally the life expediency of we humans are about 80 to 90 years, which is too short for those who want to achieve and explore a lot of things in life.   A story of a life can only be completed when our wish list is fulfilled and when we know how to find life in every moments that we live so, on deathbed I can proudly say ‘I had a beautiful life’

Write a book
Just like a dream of every blogger , author , writers , columnist  to publish their work and win the hearts of readers , I have a dream too to publish my own book. I want to write about life lessons which will motivate and encourage people .

Adopt a pet
Adopting a pet is same as adopting and saving a life.  Many dogs, cats and other pets wonder around the streets for food and shelter , they are either on streets by birth or given up by lazy people who doesn’t want to keep pets with them. So why don’t we rescue a life . I love dogs as they are obedient , so friendly and brings smile with their giggles . I would love to adopt a dog someday.

Enroll my name in eye bank
Our eyes are the most delicate organs in our body . it let us see this beautiful world and we people with healthy eyes are so lucky . Think about  those people for whom day and night both are same with the blend of darkness but still they hope that someday they will see the lights and shine of life. So, I want to enroll my name in the eye bank to donate my eyes after I die. This can be the greatest noble work that I can do even after my death.

Build my dream home
My parents did and still doing their best to provide me a quality of life, proper education and to fulfill all my requirements without thinking about their own needs and future , what they will have after retirement . Now its my duty to fulfill all their needs and building our own house is my first mission .

Learn to play guitar
Musical instruments are those things by which you can express your inner beauty with it. I brought a guitar two years ago but I don’t know to play it properly just leads and chords of few selected song. I want to learn it properly so that I can play a beautiful tune in front of everyone .

Build my own Robot
As an technology geek I am great fan of Robot . I want to build my own Robot in my own way by giving it a brain like advance artificial intelligence system by which it will learn from human behavior , by which I can make it a better friend , an assistance in my work and much more. It requires a lot of money and I hope this dream will come true .

Visit the schools once again .
Who doesn’t love school life ? but those golden days will never come back again . Because of my dad’s transferable job I have studied at seven schools from Nursery to high school in four different states . I have some unforgettable memories with these places and I want to visit the schools again to breath in those innocence air once again .

Climb the Mount Everest
I wish I can see our beautiful earth from moon but probably I have no chance of going there. So I want to take a sneak peak of our world from the highest place in this world. Heard and read a lot from many people and many books but I want to see them and feel them in real at least once in my life.

Travel around the world
I would like to visit my favorite places which I have been dreaming since I got to know about those places, I have a list of them such as Paris , Melbourne , Shimla, Tokyo , Bangkok , The great London, LA   and many more. I want explore the world as much as possible  , meet with different people  and enjoy the beauty of different places.

Setup my own secret hacking lab
Do you know what is heaven for a hacker? A secret lab with modern systems and  components, a high speed internet connectivity and some cups of coffee . I hope I will build my own lab after getting a professional certificate of ethical hacking .


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