Someone was right that, ‘health is wealth’.  It’s the real wealth that no one steal from you . If you have health then you will have all the other wealth .
 Ever since I was born I have been suffering from various diseases . At the age of seven I got jaundice , but non of my family member knew or heard about jaundice at that time  and because of that it has lead me to deathbed for three months . Again at the age of 15 I got congestion in my lungs which spills fresh blood with cough , later I was diagnosed with Bronchitis , which is a awkward disease that I can’t stay long outside at dusts and smoke and so many other rules that I am still following to protect myself. Now , few months ago I was diagnosed with  tumor in scruff of neck and doctor has prescribed me for surgery.  I don’t think that I am mentally and physically ready for that deadly surgery , as well as I have never dreamed that someday I too have to use blades and forceps over my body .

 so what I have learned from my those life incidents?
Because of those diseases  my entire family was affected mentally as well as financially.  If I am not well then how can my parents can stay happy? It is not the good sign of healthy and happy family. May be I was careless about my health and hygiene, that is why I am suffering today .  

Well now lets talk about health. When it is about health then the first thing comes on the top is ‘Immunity’  the power to fight with illness . A strong immunity helps to fight better with illness , daily harmful external elements and help to recover soon from any disease .  A strong immunity can not be build at the age I am right now, it can be build from the childhood of a child when their body is developing . One should follow the following points  below for the betterment of child immunity system .

Proper diet with lots of green vegetables is necessary , which contains antioxidants that support to strengthen the child immune system .

One should drink more water to flush out the toxic from body and keep the body hydrate .

One of the most important point. Daily physical activities is the most important thing for child’s health . But in the present world of technology , children are more addicted to mobile , tablets and gadgets to play games and self entertainment rather than playing outside . It reduces the effort of physical activities , which is the most harmful things for those children. Parents should limit the usage of gadgets and encourage their children to go out and play , breath in fresh air and see the real world  rather than the virtual digital world.

Hygienic system is an important issue and it can effect both directly and indirectly in child’s health . Proper hygienic system and hygienic lifestyle should be maintain to prevent water and airborne diseases . As well as perfect hygienic home and activities not only initiate a good health but also leads to a better lifestyle  .

Dabur has came with a great initiative “Dabur Chywanprash” which has been prepared with ancient methods and with precious herbs like amla and Giloy . It’s a great immune enhancer for everyone . Children’s body are developing , Dabur Chywanprash can be the best  modulator for their immune system .

Children are like flower in our house, when they play , smile , eat and laugh it feels like the flower is blooming with a great shine . Be curious about your child immune system  , as a better immune leads to a great health . When your child is blooming with good health then your entire house  will be happy with the glow and beauty of that flower.

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Festivals are those occasions which create a desire within us to celebrate with all the family members. Diwali is one of the greatest festival in India, in which it doesn't matter what we are doing, in which country we are staying, but our soul, mind and heart encourages us to rejoice the festival with our near and dear ones. I eagerly wait for this day. This is the day when I truly find myself enjoying doing the household chores like cleaning, helping my mom in kitchen. I make sweets like barfi , besan ke laddu and all simple dishes that I know to cook. Then I decorate the house with flowers, candles, lamps and lights which really spills a shine and fragrances in home. Mom is good at making beautiful colorful rangolis which enhance the beauty of home.

My dad is in defense and comes home twice or thrice a year but he rarely gets casual leave on the occasion of Diwali, but when he gets a leave, Mom and I eagerly wait for him. His presence makes us feel complete and secure. I can see the joy of his presence on mom’s face. And after that, our Diwali shopping begins. Who doesn't love to shop? But from last two years Diwali has been an incomplete festival for us because dad did not come on Diwali because duty comes first.  But mom and I have been praying from last few days that dad gets a leave and will be coming home this Diwali.

On this occasion I really miss someone whom I never get to see. I lost my grandparents before I was born. I have not even seen them in their photographs. I really miss them in all the family gatherings; I miss their love, affection and blessings on this special day.  I also wish that if siblings, I could play with them, decorate the home and have fun together. Brothers and sisters bring a feeling of happiness and enjoyment in a family.

In my school days, Diwali for me was just hanging out with friends, have fun with family , lighting the candles ,  take the blessings from elders , have fun with fireworks and crackers , foolish pranks with friends and have silly gossips  . The sky looks amazing in that night with the colorful fireworks. But on this Diwali, I would like to make a small change in my celebration. I would like to adopt Eco-friendly Diwali celebration by saying no to fireworks and who knows this will be an encouragement for other people too to give a helping hand towards saving our planet. Diwali is the festival of lights, colors and joy and I think its not necessary to do fireworks. I also have a thought that the money which will be saved (which I used to spend on the crackers), I will donate it to the needy , perhaps my small contribution that can bring shine and joy on someone’s face  in this festival  of light. Hence, It will be a real celebration.   Happy Diwali to everyone!

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3rd September 2010
After no connection between Kabir and  Shilpa for few months , on 3rd September 2010 in the early morn around 6:00 AM , Shilpa’s cellphone rang up with a sweet calling tone . She rubbed her eyes and peeked on the screen, it was an unknown number but she took the call .

“Hello, who is it? “ Shilpa asked

“Hey, its me Kabir, Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear”  Kabir replied from the other side.

“Thank you so much, wow I am surprised. You called me!”
“Idiot, where have you  been?  But tell me one thing, How did you know that today is my birthday and from where did you get my number?” Shilpa asked.

“Ha ha, sorry about this, do you remember the day before I left for Kolkata? I was reading something and when you suddenly entered my room I pulled my hand at my back and I was looking at you strangely , and you were asking me that what I was hiding?  That was your personal diary and I got all the information from there. I am really sorry that I have read it without your permission, but all the notes were interesting“   Kabir said.

“Oh my God, you read my diary? I will break your nose.  My sister told me that you were spying on me but I ignored her. Its ok , but if you want me to forgive you then I want my birthday gift, so where is my gift Kabir?” Shilpa said.

“Okay, next time when we will meet your gift will be ready there, but what do you want as gift?” Kabir asked her confusingly.
“Ha ha are you scared? It’s nothing , just come and meet with me then let’s have some dummy chat with few cups of coffee together, it will be the greatest gift that you can give me, can you? “ Shilpa replied excitingly .

“‘Sigh’ you are talking emotionally, are you alright?  Ok done, on the next weekend we will meet at you place, are you ready? “ Kabir said

“Yes am fine with it.”

“Hey, I have to leave now for some work, can we talk later? “ Kabir said.

“Yes, we will talk latter, have a good day, and take care thank you”

“You take care too, enjoy your day!” Kabir said.
It was the day from when they started talking with each other over phone and text messages and sometime after two or three weekends they use to meet and spend some lovely moments. But they did not realize that they were growing something more than friendship in their hearts …


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