Diwali a time for family

Festivals are those occasions which create a desire within us to celebrate with all the family members. Diwali is one of the greatest festival in India, in which it doesn't matter what we are doing, in which country we are staying, but our soul, mind and heart encourages us to rejoice the festival with our near and dear ones. I eagerly wait for this day. This is the day when I truly find myself enjoying doing the household chores like cleaning, helping my mom in kitchen. I make sweets like barfi , besan ke laddu and all simple dishes that I know to cook. Then I decorate the house with flowers, candles, lamps and lights which really spills a shine and fragrances in home. Mom is good at making beautiful colorful rangolis which enhance the beauty of home.

My dad is in defense and comes home twice or thrice a year but he rarely gets casual leave on the occasion of Diwali, but when he gets a leave, Mom and I eagerly wait for him. His presence makes us feel complete and secure. I can see the joy of his presence on mom’s face. And after that, our Diwali shopping begins. Who doesn't love to shop? But from last two years Diwali has been an incomplete festival for us because dad did not come on Diwali because duty comes first.  But mom and I have been praying from last few days that dad gets a leave and will be coming home this Diwali.

On this occasion I really miss someone whom I never get to see. I lost my grandparents before I was born. I have not even seen them in their photographs. I really miss them in all the family gatherings; I miss their love, affection and blessings on this special day.  I also wish that if siblings, I could play with them, decorate the home and have fun together. Brothers and sisters bring a feeling of happiness and enjoyment in a family.

In my school days, Diwali for me was just hanging out with friends, have fun with family , lighting the candles ,  take the blessings from elders , have fun with fireworks and crackers , foolish pranks with friends and have silly gossips  . The sky looks amazing in that night with the colorful fireworks. But on this Diwali, I would like to make a small change in my celebration. I would like to adopt Eco-friendly Diwali celebration by saying no to fireworks and who knows this will be an encouragement for other people too to give a helping hand towards saving our planet. Diwali is the festival of lights, colors and joy and I think its not necessary to do fireworks. I also have a thought that the money which will be saved (which I used to spend on the crackers), I will donate it to the needy , perhaps my small contribution that can bring shine and joy on someone’s face  in this festival  of light. Hence, It will be a real celebration.   Happy Diwali to everyone!

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  1. I understand your Diwali mood from this post... enjoy... Happy Diwali Kajal :-))


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