A tale of intrigued love : Part 4

“Hey what’s the plan for this weekend ? are you going somewhere?” Shilpa yelled over the phone call.

“No, I don’t have any plan, I will just be home alone and will watch cricket matches “ Kabir said

“Hey then lets meet today, its been a long since we have not meet . We will have lots of fun, what do you say? “ Shilpa asked.

“Ok fine, lets meet and roll around the streets but hey, don’t forget to bring something to eat” Kabir said

“Yes foodie , I will wait for you at the bus stoppage”

In the evening Shilpa came at the bus stoppage and expecting that Kabir will reach soon. She was wearing a deep pink dress which enhanced the radiance of her beauty, She was looking so charming and attractive that when Kabir saw her , his eyes were freezed , he could not take his eyes off her.  They had already meet with each other many times but this time they were so curious  to see each other .  Kabir was amazed by her beauty, he never saw her before to dress like that , she was looking much prettier than before and may be it’s the knock from his heart full  of hidden feelings .

Kabir saw her waiting at the other side of road, she was looking much prettier than ever but, he didn’t  get the courage to walk toward her , rather he turned around and pretend like he was looking for her and finally Shilpa saw him on the other side and said loudly “Hey dumbo!  Come here , I am here” .  Kabir was nervous and walked towards her like his legs don’t have energy anymore with the expression of love , confusion and shy on his face.  “what happened to you? Why are you looking so weird? Are you ok? “ Shilpa asked him.

“yes I am fine, its nothing , feeling like my tummy needs some food, have you bring something to eat?” Kabir said
“Hmm.. Sandwich and juice , its in my bag take it out.  Today you sounds so soft and emotional , what is the matter dude?” Shilpa asked him

“Honestly you are looking so charming and beautiful today. I have meet with you many times but today you are looking so fabulous, your beauty and fragrance is the perfect blend that has touched my heart . Why are you looking so beautiful today? Please,  I will fall in love with you “ Kabir said emotionally .

Shilpa smiled with joy and shy and said “ Thank you so much, but oh God really! Stubborn Kabir is being romantic or it’s the another part of Kabir which was hidden inside you?  And I have a doubt, tell me you will fall in love or you are already in love with me?  I am already confused “

“I really don’t know, I am confused too.  These days I miss you a lot, I feel so worried when I don’t get your calls and texts , I always think about you , oh God it is very confusion, why did you asked me?  Do you feel something like these too ?“ Kabir asked her confusingly

“hmm.. seems like someone is in love with me… I will tell mine tomorrow, leave this now, lets have fun around.”

To be continued…  

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