A tale of intrigued love : part 5

23rd November  2010 , The Day of Commitment

  After Kabir expressed his feelings to Shilpa , there was a silence between them . On the previous day they hanging out together and had lots of fun but nobody speak any word and went back to home in that way as no one between them had any courage to speak with each other.   Kabir thought that She might has felt bad because of his confession.  But suddenly on this evening a text message blinked on his cellphone “Call Me if you are free now” . Surprise! It was from Shilpa and He called her excitedly

“Do you know when I have kissed you for first time?” Asked Shilpa .

“No, you have not kissed me yet nor am I. But why are you asking me in such way?” Kabir said.

“Do you remember the day of  my neighbor’s  marriage ceremony when we faced shortage of space 
so we girls slept inside the rooms and you all boys slept on the hall . I came out of room at midnight to see you but you were sleeping like a unconscious person. But you were looking so charming with your sleepy face and I could not stop myself and I kissed on your forehead without knowing you. It was a very risky situation .” Shilpa Said.

“Really? You never told me this before , and why did you do that?” Kabir asked

“Oh please, don’t ask this dumb question, I have kissed you because I liked you so much from the day I talked to you for the first time. But I could not tell you anything in afraid that I will lose you.” Shilpa Said.

“Hmm… that’s sweet of you , and we are in same pond of thoughts isn’t it? But hey what about the question that I asked you yesterday? “ Asked kabir

“Which question? “

“The question was that you love me too or not?”

“Oh My God, not again, Kabir why are you so dumb? You idiot, do I have to tell everything think frankly ? What did I told you a minute ago? I am sad because you did not proposed me.  I love you  my dear “ Said Shilpa emotionally .

“I love you too dear, do you know I was so afraid from yesterday that you have felt bad of my those confession and I will lose you. But hey you know, you  have removed a great burden from me it’s the toughest job for me is to propose a girl, thank  you and thank you God ” Kabir Said

“That’s rude, that’s not fair and you can’t escape from this , you have to propose me else I will kill you man! Do you know it’s the dream of every girl that someday her dream boy will propose her in such way that even the heaven will fall down and it makes her feel like she is the happiest and luckiest girl in this planet.” Said Shilpa very emotionally .

“Ok my dear anything for you, even if you need my life then its all yours’ but don’t ask for my life because it’s the only life I have got to live with you” Said Kabir

“I will never ask for that dumbo, and don’t be so formal with me , be frank speak whatever your heart says . hey  I am dying  to see you can you please meet with me in the next week? “ Shilpa Asked

“okay done , lets meet on Sunday at same place & same time”

To be continued … 


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