A year full under pressure of work , but when we get a long vacation we feel like to get rejuvenated  and recharged and we want to spend most of our time like an independent bird. But when it comes for vacation for our children then we feel like we can do the stuffs which we tend to do in our vacation .

But it is not like that, lets go back to our old days and find the kids inside us when we were kids too , and what did we use to do at our vacations like riding bicycle around the streets , swimming, hanging out with friends, play more video games, visit to relatives’ house, playing  cricket, basketball  and go on a trip with mom and dad etc, it was so much of fun. We awaited a year for these long vacations , but for the kids, vacations is something else like to have full of fun, something unique in every vacation same as we used to do, isn't it? So why don’t we find that hidden kid inside us too and begin fun with them? It will be fun for the kids as well as we will not lose our mind. For this I have found some activities which will not let you and your kid’s vacation down.

A family trip
Go on a family trip to a nature friendly place , kids often study about  beauty of nature only in textbooks and they rarely get the chances to see them in real. Hill station and parks are the best place to wonder the beauty which will make them respire ‘Wow’. Such places are full of pure environment which gives a clean air and good for the health too. Even we adults like to enjoy the nature which we rarely get the chance to do, so why not let do it on this vacation?


If the vacation is in summer then there is no better way to enjoy the vacation by swimming with family and having little fun with water. Swimming in beneficial for health as well as for growing children it’s a great exercise. For we adults swimming is not less than self-charging our mind and body.

Visit a national Park
Today kids are only known to the virtual world, they can only see the wild life on televisions and chapters written on text books. Children have not may seen the real wildlife such as Tiger, elephant , Lion and other animals , Vacations are the great times to take the kids in the real world before the species of these wildlife ends.  Let the words E for elephant, L for Lion becomes real in front of their eyes  .  Believe me a visit to national parks with family really worth.

Become a genius with technical stuffs
The modern world is the world of technology , specially the computers are very necessary part of our daily life. Make your kids much aware with the interaction with computer.  Make them learn about new things in computer such as safe use of computer, safe use of internet and some defend security tips which will be really helpful in the growing IT age.

Get out and play with them

Vacation is the great time to do really something outstanding with family which is overall refreshing . Take your family out on a picnic at a beautiful place , cook and eat nicely , have fun with kids play with them . I am sure you will find a kid inside you while you will be curdling with your kids . Wish you have a great vacation with your family .

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 I was a small kid and  I don’t remember the day when I have lost my childhood friend in an attack years ago, but I  still remember his scream  on deathbed at hospital which still respire around my ears . I am his that shameful friend that no one allowed me to see him on bed as everyone thought that I will be scared If I see his wounded blood bathed body.

Today when I got the news about attack in a school at Peshawar , which harmed more than 100 little innocent souls , I turned up my head and asked him, “What is humanity? Can you show me its’ presence anywhere? What wrong these little children have done?  These children don’t know what’s wrong and right in this world then why did they had to suffer this brutality?  Can you please give us a reply?”  Sometimes I wonder if there is any live-able place in this world where there is no terror, war, discrimination, no religion and where there is only peace and love?

We can not blame the entire pond for a single offense fish, but there are few people who support the terror in hope that it will protect them and will not harm them until they are the victims of the terror when the ground beneath their foot is destroyed. But what wrong these innocent children has done?  . It’s the most shameful act whoever have done this , any human simply cannot harm the little kids .  I don’t mean to blame anyone but I am against them who support the wrong people in hope that they will not harm.
Islam is the one of the purest religion in this world, but why the people around the globe blame  the entire Islam only for few brutal people? . Don’t let it happen, lets raise the voice , lets pull out terrorism before they makes it their home.

God bless those innocent souls and may their soul rest in peace.  May God be with their family whose dream and happiness are broken apart.  

Some people says that our life is depend upon our own fates and fortune , but I believe that we lead our own way and we write own fortune by ourselves . May be this blog post going to be little weird or off topic if we compare with it’s title, but it is not less than rising above my own fear and rejoice the few moments of victory.

From my childhood I was interested in gadgets and was mad to learn and use computers . I use to hang around the shop and malls to watch people how they are using the computer, clicking with mouse , billing the goods etc . At that time the course fee for basic computer training was very high so I could not join.  Slowly as a small kid I dreamed of becoming a expert in computer but I didn't knew, expert in what?   All these went up to class 10 and then dad gifted me my first computer and I felt like all my dream has came true.  I flew over my PC day and night instead of my academic studies, and I had scored very low that not any school  allow my to take admission in science stream in class 11 .

I tried in many school but my marks was so low that everywhere detained me from taking science and I was feeling broken inside me as from childhood I dreamed of making my career in computer science and without stream of science I could not move ahead.  I was scared and down with myself as my dreams were broken.  But my parents helped me a lot, we moved to another state where they convinced me to take commerce and move ahead.  But again I was scared that If I take commerce then there will be no practice of mathematics or any IT related subject . I overcome with my fear and studied very hard and finally got admission in graduation with computer application after class 12th . But I regret that I could not get admission as a engineering graduate .  But still I was scared that computer science is full of mathematics  and I didn't practiced it for last two years and I will fail again. But hard work never goes in vain and I did my best to solve mathematics problems .

Finally I did what I wanted to do from my childhood and I concurred my fear with  the victory that I always wanted , it was weird but a great thing for me.  Now I am in final semester of graduation , I may not become a engineering graduate but I am skilled with what I have always dreamed of.  Core level hardware , web designing, and I am also a ethical hacker and still learning and will till I have the potential to know about something new

All I want to say that, If you can’t face the fear then you can not be with something new, face the fear and claim your victory and live your moments .

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As like many strong pillars are needed to construct a great building,  Drops after drops are needed to makeup the sea  and each and several house, villages, cities, states are needed to makeup a nation and  every house should be clean , hygienic  to make a healthy and clean nation. Good sanitation and hygienic activities reflects a healthy lifestyle as well as the surroundings in which we live looks more adorable .

However in the recent survey by WHO , more than 500 million people in India still defecate in open which doesn't  give the sign of hygienic nation. To clean India , lets start cleaning from our own home by having toilet for every houses and lets stop open defecation . We need to aware people that how harmful open defecation is. It pollute the air, soil , water in every way. The flies carry bacteria and other harmful germs from there and contaminate the edible things like food  water ,and which results in harmful disease like diarrhea , cholera , jaundice and other deathly disease related to liver.

It was said that India has more access to cellphone than toilets and improved sanitation system, which is really a bad impression . If a person has money to buy cellphone then I hope a simple built toilet doesn’t costs more than a cellphone, am I right?When it comes for our household wastes , we should use dustbins rather than throwing away the wastes anywhere by which the garbage litters around our place, it also blocks the drainage and sewage system and when the sewage water floods out or get blocked people suffer from several dangerous disease like dengue, malaria and other disease caused by the bytes of mosquito and insects  .It is not only the duty of municipality to collect the garbage but it’s the duty for both side, we need to dump the garbage at the proper place or dustbins where is stated by municipality . When each and every house will be clean and hygienic then the entire country will be clean and healthy too.Apart from these, we learn from watching others, we learn by watching our parents what they do. We should be aware in front our kids that what we are doing in front of them such as when we eat something in streets or outside we must throwaway the wrappers in dustbins rather than leaving it anywhere , they will learn these good habits by watching us and it’s a good for cleanness of this nation too.

Peeing in public is the most unhygienic activities and puts down the beauty of this nation, more public toilets should be build and peeing in public should be imposed with fine and other punishment. More dustbins at  public places should be installed so that the people can throw the garbage in them rather than littering everywhere.

It not our duty to keep hygienic and clean this nation because we are the citizen of this country but because we are human beings , we have sense and the power of brain , limbs to do , and spinal to stand straight which others animal cannot. We should reflects our habits like human , not like other animal. But every of our activities starts from our home, if we can maintain a hygiene at home then we can main hygiene and cleanness at our surroundings too and we can make this nation a better place to live.This post has been written for #SwachhIndia campaign held at Indiblogger. Get more details about this campaign at http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/