Rise Above the Fear

Some people says that our life is depend upon our own fates and fortune , but I believe that we lead our own way and we write own fortune by ourselves . May be this blog post going to be little weird or off topic if we compare with it’s title, but it is not less than rising above my own fear and rejoice the few moments of victory.

From my childhood I was interested in gadgets and was mad to learn and use computers . I use to hang around the shop and malls to watch people how they are using the computer, clicking with mouse , billing the goods etc . At that time the course fee for basic computer training was very high so I could not join.  Slowly as a small kid I dreamed of becoming a expert in computer but I didn't knew, expert in what?   All these went up to class 10 and then dad gifted me my first computer and I felt like all my dream has came true.  I flew over my PC day and night instead of my academic studies, and I had scored very low that not any school  allow my to take admission in science stream in class 11 .

I tried in many school but my marks was so low that everywhere detained me from taking science and I was feeling broken inside me as from childhood I dreamed of making my career in computer science and without stream of science I could not move ahead.  I was scared and down with myself as my dreams were broken.  But my parents helped me a lot, we moved to another state where they convinced me to take commerce and move ahead.  But again I was scared that If I take commerce then there will be no practice of mathematics or any IT related subject . I overcome with my fear and studied very hard and finally got admission in graduation with computer application after class 12th . But I regret that I could not get admission as a engineering graduate .  But still I was scared that computer science is full of mathematics  and I didn't practiced it for last two years and I will fail again. But hard work never goes in vain and I did my best to solve mathematics problems .

Finally I did what I wanted to do from my childhood and I concurred my fear with  the victory that I always wanted , it was weird but a great thing for me.  Now I am in final semester of graduation , I may not become a engineering graduate but I am skilled with what I have always dreamed of.  Core level hardware , web designing, and I am also a ethical hacker and still learning and will till I have the potential to know about something new

All I want to say that, If you can’t face the fear then you can not be with something new, face the fear and claim your victory and live your moments .

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