Vacation with kids

A year full under pressure of work , but when we get a long vacation we feel like to get rejuvenated  and recharged and we want to spend most of our time like an independent bird. But when it comes for vacation for our children then we feel like we can do the stuffs which we tend to do in our vacation .

But it is not like that, lets go back to our old days and find the kids inside us when we were kids too , and what did we use to do at our vacations like riding bicycle around the streets , swimming, hanging out with friends, play more video games, visit to relatives’ house, playing  cricket, basketball  and go on a trip with mom and dad etc, it was so much of fun. We awaited a year for these long vacations , but for the kids, vacations is something else like to have full of fun, something unique in every vacation same as we used to do, isn't it? So why don’t we find that hidden kid inside us too and begin fun with them? It will be fun for the kids as well as we will not lose our mind. For this I have found some activities which will not let you and your kid’s vacation down.

A family trip
Go on a family trip to a nature friendly place , kids often study about  beauty of nature only in textbooks and they rarely get the chances to see them in real. Hill station and parks are the best place to wonder the beauty which will make them respire ‘Wow’. Such places are full of pure environment which gives a clean air and good for the health too. Even we adults like to enjoy the nature which we rarely get the chance to do, so why not let do it on this vacation?


If the vacation is in summer then there is no better way to enjoy the vacation by swimming with family and having little fun with water. Swimming in beneficial for health as well as for growing children it’s a great exercise. For we adults swimming is not less than self-charging our mind and body.

Visit a national Park
Today kids are only known to the virtual world, they can only see the wild life on televisions and chapters written on text books. Children have not may seen the real wildlife such as Tiger, elephant , Lion and other animals , Vacations are the great times to take the kids in the real world before the species of these wildlife ends.  Let the words E for elephant, L for Lion becomes real in front of their eyes  .  Believe me a visit to national parks with family really worth.

Become a genius with technical stuffs
The modern world is the world of technology , specially the computers are very necessary part of our daily life. Make your kids much aware with the interaction with computer.  Make them learn about new things in computer such as safe use of computer, safe use of internet and some defend security tips which will be really helpful in the growing IT age.

Get out and play with them

Vacation is the great time to do really something outstanding with family which is overall refreshing . Take your family out on a picnic at a beautiful place , cook and eat nicely , have fun with kids play with them . I am sure you will find a kid inside you while you will be curdling with your kids . Wish you have a great vacation with your family .

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  1. very interesting post your have wrote..
    It reminded me my dav public school vacations


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