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Life is like a tiny boat on an infinity ocean..
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Today we focus more on earning and maintaining a standard life, hence life of the present generation has become too much busy but apparently we fail to make a balance between social and professional life. Believe me, every weekend when I meet up with my friends I feel more like competition rather than engaging in gossips. It’s the competition to express that who were busiest in the entire week, I only feel the gossips like “I slept in the office yesterday, I did not had time to take lunch, that brand didn’t appreciated our presentation” and blah.  I realized that we forgot to gossips like the old days about holidays, party, girls etc. I catch up with these buddies but still I feel the lack of joy of real togetherness.

I remember my childhood days when I used to go out to the playground with my childhood friends and spent out our golden by playing around the field, dancing and singing all around with joy. Soon I moved to city where my entire childhood was spent by playing video games and watching cartoon network on TV . I got a standard life, I got my childhood desire fulfilled but I did not feel the joy that I used to had at my village with nature. Just few years back when we used to go out for shopping at mall, brand outlets and we used to had some sort of joy, togetherness with friends, family and peace of mind after shopping but in present day we are engaged more in online shopping which doesn’t give that peace and satisfaction of mind but still we are engaged with it. Most of the people in this generation suffers with depression, hypertension etc because of the lack of togetherness, where they can share their feelings openly and face to face with others.

Togetherness is not hanging with friends and family on Facebook and Skype , its is not sharing the festival wishes on Whats-app and other online messenger  , togetherness is coming up and catching up together in real world where we can share our joy , sorrows and happy moments together. Togetherness is something that reunites our lost happy souls together.  Nature plays a great role to reunites us, remember the childhood when we use to build sand house at beach with friends, mom and dad. That bunch of joy at school when we used to plant trees together with our friends.

We know that we are so busy to make our life stable and standard by working overtime, overnight  but to make our life more stable and healthy It is very important to make a proper balance between our personal and professional life so that we can find some space from our daily busy schedule and spend some moments with the people you love and with the people who makes you laugh out loud. Believe me you will lead a happy life.

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We are living in the new era of technology where Internet is become the prime requirement. Download my favorite games, sending a quick important email, enjoying the live streaming music, delivering a business online conference, paying our bills etc , we all need internet connectivity to perform all of these important tasks .  Almost every one of us have gone through the days when we had to wait eight or nine  hours to download a single movie , wait half an hour to buffer and watch a video . We always dreamed of having a internet connection with higher downloading and browsing speed so that we can get out of these queue of waiting and unleash our wishes of doing things online quick and efficiently.

But the dreams are going to be reality , as Airtel has implemented 4g service which is the very fast internet service that gives the unbelievable downloading speed around 20 – 30Mbps . Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll 4G service  in India across 296 cities .  I am waiting for the day to receive the 4G LTE device so that I can unleash the power of Airtel 4G. With airtel 4g I can watch video just like click and play. No more waiting and buffering hence I can save my time.  I will make a collection of my favorite movies because now I will not have to wait a overnight to download a single movie , I can download it within a short period of time. I will do smooth video chat with my friends and family who are living apart and most important part of my work is penetration testing which need vey high speed internet and fortunately Airtel will fulfill my requirement of speed .

Airtel with a big move, Airtel has so confidence with it’s 4G service that it has claims that it is the fastest network yet and initiated an open challenge with the other company’s internet speed that if you find  internet with more faster speed than they are offering then Airtel will provide you lifetime mobile bill free .Indeed it is the fastest network I have ever seen and experienced . It cuts the overnight downloading time , personally I have tried it’s speed with HD 1024pixel video on YouTube. I didn’t had to wait to buffer the video I just clicked on play and the video started playing so smoothly just like playing a movie stored in a hard disk.

Are you thing that 4G tariff are going to be higher? Don’t worry about the price because Airtel has a fair 4G data plans, you have to same as you were paying before , it means you will have to pay same as you used to pay for the Airtel 3G plans, or in short get Airtel 4G in 3G prices .Getting a Airtel 4g sim is now very easy, you are just a tweet away to get your 4g sim. All you have to do is tweet with the hash tag #GetAirtel4G and get your Airtel 4g SIM delivered at your home for free.

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Monsoon is a great time which enhance the beauty of nature by the sparkle of rain. It enhance the greenery, the surrounding looks clean and fresh, the roads at night shine due to the sparkle of rain. The skyline becomes eye catching ...

Let us forget for a moment that we are parents and remember those of our golden age when we used to be child. Then there were some situations when we wanted to say something to our parents but we could not share our words and problems properly with them because we fear our parents . At some moments as a child we must have realized that how hard it was to share anything with them, because we were not frank enough with each other. I am not saying that every of our parents were like this but most of our parents  leaded a instructive roles. We have grown up in a different age where life was simple, less competition and our parents instruction were everything for us , if they has told yes then it should be done by us and if they have told no then none of us had the courage to turn in into yes.

But now time has changed, it’s a new age and this present generation is growing up in an extremely complicated and competitive age where they faces many uncertain challenges in every path they want to lead.  Parents are the first option for every children when they faces any challenges or any situation in which they badly need the support of parents.

A instructive parenting raises rigid wall among the emotion between parents and children which becomes tough for parents to understand their child’s emotion properly. But in this present situation every parents should adopt interactive parenting rather than instructive. We need to create a bond of frankness, friendliness with our children by interacting with them as much as possible. We should play with them by making ourselves like small kids . Let them interact with each other so that they never step behind to say anything to us.  Let our instruction should be change into suggestion for them which will motivate and encourage them at any of the obstruction in front of them. We and our knowledge is not enough to become a perfect parent because there are lots of thing to learn from the kids, but to learn from the kids we have to became a kids again and this can only be possible when we play, interact ,laugh and curdle with our kids.

A good parenting doesn’t mean to grow up your child into a good human being but , good parenting means understand your kids, win their hearts , explore them the real world and let the good things blooms out those are present in them. 

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Summer reminds of sweat and dehydration and we become more prone to disease. Therefore it is necessary to maintain proper diet in order to stay healthy. Summer is also a great time to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves, it is also a great time when we tend more to eat something smoothie, delicious to feed our belly and tongue with pleasure and happiness.

In winter we eat and sleep a lot which results in weight gain but it doesn’t matter in winter because we can hide that by wearing extra-long, loose and thick sleeves but we cannot hide  in summer. Obviously weight gain is a nightmare for all of us and during this summer people do a lots of things to get ride out of weight gain. People do excessive workout to lose weight but excessive workout may lead to major body problems . They also try lots of medicines which results in bad side effects. And what is the horrible thing people do is crash diet to get into shape in short time. Because some people are fascination about the celebrity gossips on health that how they maintain a extraordinary health in such hectic schedule. It is kind of starving and minimal intake of nutrients which accompanied by a heavy loss and cost to health. But they do not understand the risk of crash dieting which can cause serious eating disorder anorexia and it can also damage the kidney and even it can cause heart attack.

So if you ask me what is the mantra to stay fit and healthy in summer by not compromising with the food? It is by in taking of complete balanced Diet. It is the intake of all the nutrients required by our body such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, fat etc. in the required amount by not eating much as well as by not eating less.  The benefits and advantages of balanced diet are as follows:

Weight Control:
Balanced diet consists of nutrition which is balanced which is not less , nor much and which I enough to meet our body’s requirement hence there is no nightmare of weight gaining . It consists of food grains , vegetables, fruits and calorie less food which help to maintain the weight.

No side effects
 You eat only what your body needs which is completely natural process , you don’t have to starve , you don’t have to eat unwanted things .It strengthen your immune system and hence it has not bad effects on your health.

People spent thousands of bucks  to buy medicines, consult doctors and to buy weight losing machine but balanced diet is very inexpensive because it consist those normal food and grains which are commonly available in local markets .

Honey Diet a natural alternative of crash diet
If you are looking for an alternative of crash diet then Dabur Honey is the right answer. It is the rich source of energy  and other nutrients required by our body. It helps to flush out the toxic from body and keep the skin glowing .It helps in digestion better weight management and the most important advantage is honey helps to enhance the immune system of our body to protect from harmful disease.

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My phone rang up, its my friend Suresh!,

Suresh: Hey man what are you doing now?
Me: Nothing much bro, I am with sipra!
Suresh: Wow! But hey man listen! I have organized a cricket match with the Rohan’s club. I hope you will be there to play.
Me: Hell yes! Just wait few minutes I am on my way!

It’s the conversation between me and my friend when I was on a date and he had organized a cricket match. I was so crazy about cricket that I left that girl at the restaurant and went to play and the rest are history. Cricket is one of those interesting and addictive sport which has taken its place in the millions of heart worldwide. It compel us to bunk the college , take medical leave from work and honestly even sometime we need to move out to the tea stalls to watch cricket matches because as usual mothers and wives are fond of TV serials .  

The cricket has established a modern era after the origin of Indian Premier League (IPL) and similar T20 cricket tournaments. It has attracted more audiences from worldwide like never before because its’ team represents many Indian cities which encourages the audiences to support more to the team who represents their favorite cities.  But sometime it becomes tough to keep on eyes on the score board of the cricket matches because we cannot always have TV near us. Many apps are available to check the live scores but they doesn’t seems so helpful at different situations. Some apps need high speed internet connectivity and some apps need highly equipped smartphones and at this situation it becomes tough to carry on our favorite moment of joy.   

But as it is said that “if one door is closed there are hundreds of door are open” . UCWeb has brought the UC browser which has dedicated built in section for cricket, we can browse the internet as well as simultaneously we can watch the live cricket score from a single place.  The UC Browser has made my tasks easier, now I can chat on my favorite social networking sites , I can surf the websites and read my favorite blog seamlessly and at the same time and on the same screen I can use the UC Cricket to view live cricket scores commentaries ,videos, pictures , interviews as well as scores of many other sports.  One of the most important and attractive feature of UC Browser is it has data compression technology which utilize the minimal data to display the contents. It can save the data usage of more than 60% as well as it work perfectly on slower data connection.  Now I can stay connected to the game while not missing out on all the little things that make life worth while .

UC Browser is available for major platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian , Java, Windows phone as well as windows PC. To download and know more please visit   visit to know more about UC Cricket.

Me & Dad

Our parents doesn’t need any special day or occasion to hug them and show our gratitude. They deserve our love and gratitude at each and every moment we reach a milestone, at every moments that brings smile on our face , it’s because of their hard works , we are seeing this beautiful world because of them.

My dad is an army man and because of his duty he stayed out most often as it was not possible for him to take me and mom along with him because sometime he was transferred disturbed area where   it was dangerous to keep family members . I could see the pain in my mom's eyes which use to wait eagerly from couple of months to get a glimpse of dad .
I remember my childhood when the telecommunication were not so developed , I use to write letters  to my dad with my messy scrambled handwriting. my handwriting was so dirty to read that I always wondered that he really did read all those letters ? When dad comes back on holidays he use to spend his entire time with me and mom. He still keeps my all those letters in a diary and always carry it inside his luggage wherever he goes. Whenever I ask him ‘Oh dad why do you carry all those old letters ? “ He always says “I see your childhood in those letters”

I remember those of our worse days when me and mom both has fallen ill. My dad had went to refreshment training for 45 day but he was informed about our illness, he left the training and came back to take care of us. He washed our dirty clothes, cooked food for us and nourished me and mom just like a mother do .He extended his leave to take care of us and help us to get well soon , for leave extension he also has faced many harassment from his department but he survived these all just to take care of us more better as we don’t have anyone else to take care of us.

I don’t have any brother and sister to play and share some fun moments, but whenever I needed someone to talk and share my words, my dad always stood beside me as a friend, as a brother and a great mentor and never let me felt like alone . Still now he is the only person in this world with whom I feel very comfortable to share my any problems and I love the way he suggest me to handle any situations . He dedicated everything for my education and betterment , he still don’t ride any motorcycle because he want to save that money for my education . I am waiting for that day to gift him a bike with my own earned my. It doesn’t matter for him that if I don’t be a good engineer, doctor or lawyer, all he wants me to be a good human.

“Dad, I wish you were here today so that I can hug you tight. You have done enough duty for this nation, now please come back home soon. Love you…”

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

I believe that dreams are the words from God which shows us that how far we can go, how much we are capable of doing and what are our capabilities. Yes we need to dream because they shows us what we are and sometime they also tell us the right path to be chosen .

People are born with some aims and motto, as we grow up into different phases then the one inside us rise some desires which are to be fulfilled . Like sometime I dream of flying high on sky with parachute ,diving deep into the ocean and playing with the beautiful fish and blah.

If you can dream it then you can do it because you only dream it when you are capable of it  , your soul, your will, your desire says that you can do it. You may face many obstructions on your path but you can face them all.
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I always wanted a app which is developed by the telecom operator itself of whom I am using the network connection , because we cannot always trust the third party apps for recharge , storing of family numbers and so on.  Finally Airtel has brought  its own “My Airtel App” from where we can do all our necessities such as recharge, pay bills and remove lots of annoying things from our daily life .

View validity, tariff, special offers, plans at one place
Its very annoying to ask the retailers every time for special recharge , tariff and so on , it is also tough to remember that which tariff is going to end on which date,  and which data plan is suitable for me. Howdy!  My Airtel App is going to remove all these annoying things because My Airtel App is packed with interesting features as with this we can view the validity of our account and tariff , it also gives the reminder if any tariff is going to end in few days, it also gives reminder  on any pending bills.  We can also see the 2g , 3g data plans , tariffs, as well as special offer of the day and many more. We can also manage all the active services from this App and yes we can recharge any other Airtel number from this app . One of the most important feature is it contains data plan calculator in which we can calculate how much of data will be used by us per day so that we can understand which data plan will be well suited for our requirements.
One app for multiple numbers

Suppose you have more than one Airtel number or you want to add the Airtel number of your family , it is very easy to add , just enter the number and a one-time password will be sent to that number to verify it, Once you have entered the one time password then the number will be successfully added into the my Airtel app. Why  I like this feature because from one place we can monitor the bills, status and validity of the number of our family , If someone among us is running out of balance we  will get reminder and do the recharge from this app .  Also if some bills are associated with any of the numbers listed in the app we can pay those bills from just using the app.  

PCI DSS Secured
In this world internet and online monetary transaction we all want our money and financial information to be safe and secured . Airtel my App is integrated with industry standard PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) security ,which protect our financial data such as credit/debit card details, online banking credentials very secured , so that we can do our recharge without any worry and this is the feature that everyone would love to have must in their app.

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Download the My Airtel App

This world has became impure and it is hard to believe anything that is pure and it badly effect our health and skin . People are addicted to artificial cosmetic products to make the skin look good but  they don’t know that they are the victims of adulteration . Our body is made up with nature and I believe in naturals methods and uses of natural amenities to keep the skin healthy as it is pure for sure and doesn’t have any side effects .  Here I am going to write about some natural tips and remedies to keep the skin healthy and looks good .

Honey , Lemon and water
Before workout at every morning , take a glass of water squeeze a half lemon in it and add a spoon of honey , stir to mix all these properly and then drink it.  I don’t think that there is any better way to start a day in energetic way with this method .  The lemon with flush the toxic substances out of your body  and the honey will give energy and radiant skin. Lemon also helps to keep the skin glow by putting out all the bad things from our skin. This is must to have home remedies at every morning .

Drink more water and workout
You should maintain a regular exercise for more than 15 minutes  , the more you sweat during workout the less you will feel dullness on your skin. Exercise keeps the metabolism of blood circulation more active which results in attractive glowing skin as well as fit body. You should drink more water as water keeps your skin and body hydrate and prevent the skin from losing its glow .You should also maintain proper diet with lots of green vegetables ,  because as well all know that green vegetables contains multivitamins and minerals which are very essentials for our skin.

Home made face scrub
In a bowl mix two spoon of fullers’ earth powder and two spoon of sandalwood powder add few drop of rose water and mix them well to make a paste . Apply this on your face and neck leave it for 15 minutes unless you feel a dryness . First apply little warm water to make it wet and rub your face in circular motion slowly and at the end wash the face properly with cold water . This is a very good home made natural facial remedy which open the pores by removing all the dead skin patches and It will also bring glow in your face as well as it will remove the oily effect from your skin.

Take the steam
Boil a glass of water and put the water in a pot which has a small opening , now you can see the vapor coming out from there  , just close your eyes and bring your face near the vapor and let it touch your skin . If you don’t have pot you can buy electric vaporizer . The steam of the water  cleans and open up the pores of your skin which help is oxidation , soft , radiant and young looking skin.

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God, God are you there

First I admit that I  don’t believe in any religions but I believe that there is something around us which may the God or may be some super power. But some incidents reminds me of God like the moment before entering examination hall , when I am in trouble then someone from inside me automatically spells this line “Oh God help me” . Well, I have a lots of doubt and questions for God and I will ask if I meet  him someday . Among them , here are my few questions that I will definitely ask him

are you the only one ?
Dear God! It is said that you are the only one , then why people believe  in you in many different way ? Some people assume you as Jesus , some people assume you lord Buddha , Allah and some people assume you the lord Vishnu ? Where there is so many discrimination among the people to follow you? It has divided the people in many religions as well as people hates each other belongs to different community ,the religion does not allow the people to do everything they want, it  has made the people weak and also compel us to do many unwanted things,  it has broken the unity among people.  Why there cannot be only one religion of humanity to follow and believe your path?

Why Innocent people die?
It says that even a leaf of tree doesn’t move without your will, then why lots of innocent people dies in natural disaster like earthquake , flood, cyclone and tsunami etc. ? People who believe you and worship your path day and night are the same people who lost their entire family in disasters . Recently one of my college friend from Nepal has lost his entire family in the earthquake, his parents used to work at temple and he was dependent on his brother. Is this how you treat your followers ?

Do you drink milk and oil?
I have seen this at almost every temples that people are offering milk to the idols of Gods, they wash the idols with milk as well as they pour the milk over the idol and the entire milk passes through drainage system and mix with the swage. I feel very bad that some people don’t have enough to provide daily milk for them and some people are wasting the most essential nutrition of life with your name .

One the first day of college I whispered to myself that “Hey ! when I will complete and move out of this place? “  because I had to spend the next few years in the college and everything were happening  was weird to me, as I was just passed out of school and got admitted in college and I was wondering that by what I have to pass through  .I remember the first day at college , it was very disturbing for me as it took me half n hour and roamed around the college campus to find our department of Computer Science . The seniors stood around me like a cage and seek my introductions, God!  I spoke told them about me more than I know about myself and I don’t know where did  it came from and on that very first day I learnt to give introduction , which I could not learnt in the last 12 years of school life.

Well, on the first day of college my parents went to escort me up to the college gate and they told me to be punctual, keep discipline , honest with everyone and be regular in class .But time is very fast , when I look back then the first semester seems like it was on the previous month and I have ended up the college within a month.  I knew that proxy was something we use to create VPN, but from the second year I got to know what is the real meaning of proxy and how to utilize it (LOL!)   

The toughest thing for me was to be present in the math’s class because it is the only subject which bounces over my head and I hate it very much but somehow I managed to face this burden up to fourth semester.  My most interesting classes for me was lecture classes of system architecture because of that teacher, she was so beautiful and I used to be present in her class just because to watch her beautiful place . (sorry it is not the right place to say all this secrets :D )

Here comes the illegal activities , well I had never done cheating in school life and even in the first year of college but from second years I was compelled to do that , I learned to hack the CCTV and put a fake clip in loop so that the HOD wont see what we are doing in exam , it was one of the offensive activity that I have ever done in my life. But one of the funniest thing I learnt in examination hall at school and college is , in school if I submit the paper before everyone does then everybody thinks that I know every answer but in college if I submit the paper first then everybody will assume that I doesn’t know anything!
For the entire semesters Google and Wikipedia used to be the only helping hand for project work where we just used to copy and paste until I have reached the final semester where I have to show the project is working for real. I was assigned for the final project of Student Management System and honestly I worked hard for three months on this project and finally the project did run and from that day I understood the pain of programmers and why we should avoid pirated software .

Well, I made a special group of three idiots but among them me and one of my friend ‘meghnath’ we very special because we have studied in the same school and we have studied in the same college too.  There will be no silly gossips about girls and making of girlfriends , no mass bunking and no gathering in college canteen . Many dream are broken apart , few are fulfilled and many dreams are to be archive . I cannot explain that what is so special about my college but I has shown me the real face of life and how to live it.

Good luck to all my batch mates! 

From Lower KG to upper , from matriculation to intermediate and from school to college, its been a great journey ,  when I look behind into those days I really feel that I miss a part of my life and a phase is over in just a blow! Well, It was one of my dream to achieve a certification on IT security and I tried before , but I failed to do many times because of financial issue as these certifications costs some huge bucks and sometime due to lack of my skills but finally I managed to achieved my dream , yes now I am a proud CEH holder (certified ethical hacker)

Today  IT security is the need of the hour  from checking our inbox’s texts to daily online transaction, and  I want to build my career in IT security. I need to learn more and explore more,  It is still a long way to go but I know  I will achieve them too.

I am really thankful  to my trainer Mr. Abhirup Guha and the training center (Info Security Solution, Kolkata) who has helped me in my every aspects . I learned a lot from him and also got many opportunities such as research and share my ideas in front of many dignified people . Info Security Solutions, at Kolkata is the ec-council accredited training center  , which provides training on different security certification and research program on various security aspects .  A special thanks to Mr. Abhirup Guha & Anindita Maitra for their support. Looking forward for more opportunities.

Here are those moments I spent there 

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The devastating earthquake in Nepal took away the life of more than 4500 innocent people and the death toll is still rising, we don’t know how many people are still trapped beneath the debris. The army and officials are trying their best to rescue the people .  It has touched the millions of hearts and people are trying their best to help Nepal by donating to charities and NGO. But before donating your valuable money for the noble work you should be aware that there are lots of shameless people around the world who are ready to make use of this moment of grief for their personal gain.

You should avoid charities that has emerged within overnight, you may see popup that uses some emotional lines with a “donate now” button , you may receive unusual emails , links in social media and texts from fraudster that asks you to donate for the noble reason but you don't  know that where the money they are giving it to. Not only on this moment but whenever and earthquake , flood, storm or other natural disasters strikes , these fraud people try to collect donation for personal gain in the name of charities .Beware of these things  they can take your money for their personal gain.

If you are willing to donate at this moment of sorrow, do some basic research about the charities to whom you are donating your money . No charities will use 100% of the donation to help the people , but make sure that they use at least 65% of the donations to help the victims.

Here are some trusted charities and relief funds that using most of the donations to help the victims of Nepal earthquake:





CARE : (Cooperative for and Relief Everywhere)

We all wants to contribute but make sure that the money reaches to the right people, because the environment of Nepal is infected , people are dying to drink a bottle of safe drinking water, they are waiting for medic to heal their injuries . Please donate your money wisely , it may help  to get them safe water, medical aids, blankets and temporary residence .

Well Honestly let me confess I am not so good at cooking but you cannot beat me when
its time to feed my belly, I doesn't care if that I will get more than require calories, But all I need is to eat until my tummy is not happy. I wonder why Gupta Ji is so famous for breakfast at his house,whoever see him , they first asks him when he would invite them for breakfast at his house . Obviously Gupta ji's wife knows a wide range of recipes specially for breakfast

Well I am habitual of having tea and snacks everyday on breakfast and got bored with all this
but I wonder if I get a chance to visit Gupta ji’s house then I will not step back to eat something special , delicious and nutritious then really it will refresh my tongue for tastes.  My mouth is watering from the day I got to know that Gupta Ji is famous for their intense recipe for breakfast ,I will definitely have a visit .

I have found some of their famous breakfast recipe and also did some research on those recipe, believe me I am just waiting for the day to put those foods inside my mouth . Few of their famous recipes which I will be going to any how at Gupta Ji’s house are

Cornflakes Coconut Laddos
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Which are made by Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Nuts, Condensed milk, ghee and coconut. No doubt that these are very tasty and enriched with multivitamins. Do you know what’s so special about these Laddos? I can carry these with my lunch box and eat whenever my tummy wants more .  As I told these Laddos has nuts, milk, coconuts which provide enough nutrition and energy at the required time of breakfast

Banana MilkShare
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Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away , I believe that this Banana MilkShare at breakfast gives enough nutrition to face the hectic schedule in the entire day as it is enriched with multivitamins and foods that enhance the immunity . It contains milk, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, and banana . It is also beneficial for the people who do regular workout.
Almond Strawberry Corn Flakes
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What a recipe indeed! My mouth is watering just looking at the name of this recipe . We all know the use and benefits of strawberry as well as almonds  . Don’t ask how much of strawberry I can eat at once, because it is one of my most favorite . I will ask Gupta Ji to fill my plate with more of it .

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Cherry Vanilla Milk ShakeJust look at the title "Cherry Vanilla with Milk" What a special drink it is , this is the one that I can not to have it Gupta Ji!  Pure and enriched with the yummy tastes of  vanilla, sweetness of cherry and smoothness of milk, this special drink is try made for out mouth and mind that we will lost ourselves in the blend of the tastes . Its my request to Gupta Ji, that please allow me to visit their house for a breakfast .
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  In this world of technology we have reached at that communication level where we always need of accessibility with the world anytime and from anywhere. Being an IT Security Analysis , Blogger, gaming addicted and a internet addict its very important for me to stay connected and have minimal resources in hand as an emergency backup because I cannot carry my laptop anytime and anywhere  so I need something handy with which I can play with the devices and do at least all my necessary works but I cannot compare it with my giant laptop on  its’ working capabilities.

All I want smart device which will allow me to connect with the high speed internet connectivity facilities, hyper threading fast processor combined with high speed ram to work smoothly with all my required apps. I also love photography so having high resolution integrated  camera is must necessary for me and higher storage space to keep all my required data and entertainment stuffs , but if I combine all these features in a single device then I have think about my pocket too, but it’s a surprise that New Moto E is heavily armored with all these features and with pocket friendly price .I would love to begin my smartphone journey with the new Moto E  (2 nd Generation)  with its’ enhanced features for my daily task , entertainments and to do more.

I choose to capture more
Being a photography addict I always need a camera in my hand to click randomly whatever catch my eyes , the new Moto E is equipped with 5mp primary camera integrated with f/ 2.2 apertures with which I can shoot some beautiful pictures , I can tap over the screen to focus on a particular point and capture a beautiful picture indeed . I can also click wide view of an area with its’ panorama feature as well as I can also record videos in slow motion which is truly impressive and oh yes! I can click selfie with it’s front camera .

I choose to play and experience more
As an IT Security analysis I would run some rigid apps.  For some tough testing and network scanning jobs. The new Moto E can run very smoothly and can easily handle my payloads because it has 1 GB Ram ,powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and beautifully married with Android Lollipop OS .  It also has Adreno 306, 400Mhz GPU on which I can play my favorite high end graphics games very efficiently  and can also enjoy ultra-clear and bright videos on the screen.

I choose to Connect and access more
Connectivity is the mandatory needs in this present moment and with the changes in level of communication for faster connectivity and data transformation. Today I live in the virtual world of the internet more than in my real world, so I need access to the internet at any moment in every possible ways so that I can connect with my dear ones , share and upload videos , do my security related works and much more .   The new Moto E has accessibility of 4G LTE by which I can connect with the internet in much faster way than before . I can share and download data much more faster than before, It also has front camera with that I can do video chatting much smoothly . I can also connect with Wifi 802.11 b/g/n , it also has hotspot with which I can share the my phone’s internet with other Wifi enabled devices.

I choose to see more
As a gaming and movie addicted what else I need other than graphics processor , enough Ram, and a fast processor ? It’s the large screen , yes the new Moto E comes with 4.5” wide qHD screen which has resolutions of 540 x 960 , and supported with Adreno 306 GPU , by which I can see more sharp and clear , enjoy videos and games in that wide screen . It also has Gorilla Glass 3 which will protect my screen from damages and unwanted scratches. . A large screen need enough power to run as well as high performance processor needs enough power too to run smoothly , so  one of the more important thing is , it comes with a battery of 2390 mAh which give interrupted power backup of whole day so that I will not feel down during my work and entertainment

I choose to Store more
The main shortage in the digital world is storage capabilities , the more we do the more space will be needed,  well I click photos, I play a lots of games and videos , I love music and I also need to carry lots of important documents and for that I need enough space to store all these stuffs , I choose Moto E because it has 8 GB internal storage and can be extended with MicroSD card up to 32 GB which is enough for my use and I can carry my world wherever I go.

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I believe life is too short to regret for our did and always complaining about every bad things in life, nothing is perfect or readily available in the we want but we have to make the things perfect or adjust ourselves according to the things. As well as many people thinks that they don’t have happiness in their fortune, they don’t deserve to be happy etc. but remember happiness doesn't  comes and go , we have to find out the things that makes up, compel us to smile and make us jump like kids , I am going to share the key of my happiness below.. 

Playing my guitar
Music is one essence of our life that tune up our memories and moments. Playing guitar is one of my favorite hobby and I play it often to entertain myself as well as  it makes me so happy . I remember  I went to a guitar class for just a month and left the class because I was the crappiest student in that class , I cannot play it very well as I still face problems while playing scales and chords , I don’t play guitar for the world but for myself to enhance my smile and happiness . It also helps me to come out of stress and feel myself relaxed.

Diary Entries
Everyone has a secret keeper in their life they may be friend, parents, partner etc. who holds all the secret of a person and promise to never share with anyone . My secret keeper is my diary where I write my daily activities, my deep secrets , my sorrows, happiness and I find that all of my secrets are safe with it. Honestly I don’t have much friends in my real life as I can’t  open up with everyone  but I think diary is that one place where I can share whatever inside my brain and I feel so happy with it. Whenever I passes through bad times I turn back the pages and I smile , it also helps me to sort out where I was wrong and right in past .

I do what I love & I love what I do
Most of us are frustrated with our daily life because of work we do but we don’t like to do it actually, and daily busy life schedule. Believe me if you do what you love and love what you do then you will never feel like you have a huge burden over your head  .  I love hacking and that’s why I have choose my career in IT Security, I sit whole day in front of  computer  and test the network but I never get bored yet and I love my work, it makes me extremely happy and always keep me refreshed . I made my hobbies as my career , I love photography so I became freelance photographer, I love to write so I am a blogger and I love to explore the network so I became an ethical hacker and because of these I  enjoy my work .

I love to spend time alone

I love lonely and calm places away from the buzzing noises of city , crowd of people , where there is no disturbance . I often find myself overwhelmed with things in life that I want to do to makes my life happy but the more I do the more I achieve life becomes more complicated , Simply spending some time alone for myself helps me to know that, how a simple life is more beautiful  than a life I tend to achieve .  By spending time alone with myself also helps me to go deep inside my mind and understand myself more . I feel recharged and get intense mind energy to focus on my path . 

Photography is one of my hobby, well I am not a good professional photographer but I love to click anything that I feel attractive with my eyes.  I love to capture the world and all the memorable moments of my life with my lens . It also enhance my feelings of reality and virtual for anything to think from deep inside so that I can click the same photo in more artistic way. I don’t know what is so special about clicking photos or photography but it gives me an inner joy which comes out with a pure smile from my heart. 

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one of the memorable click
My life is little different from people normally, my dad is in defense and he use to transfer from one place to another after every two or three years because of his duty and I too has to move along with him and because of his transfer I get to visit and stay at different place around this nation and I have learnt different culture and traditions, I have also studied in six different school in six different states which was an amazing experience.

But there are lot of despise moments hold me back from achieving my goals and makes me feel down. Its nice that I have learnt to adjust myself in every environment and I becomes friendly with people around me at every new place, but the painful moments were when I had to leave the place , the people and friends .  The more I become friendly with people , the more I will cry at the time of leaving that place and because of this sometime I became afraid of making new friends and hanging around with people because I know that one day I have to leave this place and go somewhere else .  Now you can imagine if I have studied in six school and in six different states then how much of despise and painful moments I had faced. Every time I use to leave a school my eyes were full of tears , my dreams were broken , I loosed many of my best friends I has left behind those people who inspired me adjust myself in that place and moved ahead with some hopeless hope .  I made many friends at every corner of this country and loosed much more friends than I have made, even now I don’t remember some of their faces . At every new place it becomes very difficult for me to adjust with the place at least for first two months and then again I afraid of making friends .  Life was so tough for until I joined the higher secondary school at KV RBNM Salboni , West Bengal .

I don’t know what’s so special about this school, place and those people , but every single moment I have lived here and  living yet now has inspired me, they never let me feel down . I was afraid that these people are different and would be tough for me to adjust with them ,but I remember  I joined this school on 1st August 2010 and from the very beginning day the people of my batch became very good friends and I came back to home with a charming smile
 . They taught me what is friendship , how to smile and laugh from deep inside me and slowly they became so attached , we had tremendous fun that will be in memories till my last day. I studied here my higher secondary and the last day of our school life was very emotional , I thought that I will break myself again but no,  we spent the entire day being all together we shared our joys, sorrows, dreams and promised to stay connected by all possible mean . It has motivated me a lot, rather than breaking down myself, it was an optimism for me to walk ahead to fulfill my dream , stay focused and to be a good human.                                                       

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Our life is like the waves of the ocean , sometime it goes high, again it falls down , sometime it is stable and sometime there are unpredictable high and low tides . our life is beautiful indeed but there are full of uncertainty and we don’t know that what is ahead and what we have to grow through . we are bounded with emotions , duty , responsibility and humanity , but apparently we meet a situation where we have to choose any one between  duty , responsibility , humanity and emotions .

There were some moments when I was bounded with the same duty , responsibility , emotions and humanity but I was confused with myself that which one was right to choose and someone was right that everything happens for a reason .  Being in a distance relationship we hold the hands from miles away , we breath in the same air and share the same sky , but it  needs a lots of faith, determination , and love that inspires our body, mind and soul . I have been in a long distance relationship from past few years , everything was going well according to me, we use to meet twice or thrice a year . I was happy more than anything else but sometime it was tough for us to control our emotions and desires from miles away , we were not near so that when we want we can meet and see each other, we cannot have our dearest one when we needed our dearest person .  But still everything was going well until one day she suddenly told me that , she thinks she likes someone else and she have feelings for him, it was a painful moment for both of us, I was complete speechless and a part of me has been vanished at an once .

She was diverted because of my absence beside her, when she needed me I was not there and lot of misunderstandings . I tried a lot make her understand, realize the situations of long distance relationship and everything that was possible by me but she wanted me to leave her. I tried to become strong because I had to make an important decision of life , and  I asked to myself “ What is love? Am I being selfish ? What if I lose her ?“  and someone from inside me answered “ Love is when you care for each other , when you want to see your partner happy , but if you love her then it doesn't mean that she will love you back too , her heart may be pumping for someone else, you may think that you love her most but someone else also can love her more than you do”   . I loved her so much and I was ready to leave her if she was happy with her decision  But I had a complete doubt that she was in tremendous misunderstanding , she was my responsibility so, I could not let her go simply as I didn't know about the guy , she may be going to the wrong person .
So I told her that I am not selfish for losing her, all I want was  her happiness , if she is not happy with me and then she can leave me but first take break from me and hang on the guy just to observe him , I didn't have any intention for comparison of love , all I wanted was to make her realize what’s wrong and what’s right, let her talk with her parents and friends , let her ask herself  and feel her misunderstandings .

For few days I thought that I have lost her as there was no calls and texts from her, but at one evening she called me apologized  for all her misunderstandings .  Till now she and me are together and she loves me more than I do (honestly ) .

All I have learnt from this is nothing is perfect in this world , we have adjust ourselves to make that perfect for us , it needs faith and love that inspires our mind , body and soul .

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