Last week I was getting back to home from Kolkata after training , its been quite late and somehow I managed to catch the last train which was at 12:20 mid night  from Howrah . Because of freezing cold and as usual only few passenger travel in the last train at midnight .  In the coach where I had boarded I saw a cute charming girl may be same of my age was sited alone near the window seat , and I thought to have little chat with her rather than traveling alone for three hours as there were only two people in that coach other than us.

I went near her and seated on her opposite side ,and I asked her “May I seat here? “  and she replied to me pleasantly “Yes please “ 

then I introduced myself to her “Hey I am Kajal, are you going on the same route? Its freezing cold na?” .

She looked at me strangely and laughed “kajal? Ha ha Its like a girl’s name”  she giggled and also told me her name (sorry I am not going to mention her name for her privacy)

“Oh God, please don’t make fun on my name, well leave it, where are you going? I will leave at Salboni” I said

“I am upto Bankura” she said

“Hey why are you travelling alone in this midnight , even this train is empty and looks so violent don’t you feel creepy? “ I asked her

She was silent for a moment and replied me rudely “so what’s the problem with you? I am a girl and I cannot travel alone at night?”

“No, sorry I don’t mean that” I apologized to her

After few moments of silence she said  “Sorry I am in bad mood”

“its ok, well I am a student and I was in Kolkata for training , what about you? “ I asked her

Again she went silent for a moment and replied me little 
emotionally “ if you will know what I am what I do then you may don’t want to talk with me anymore or you may want me to do what I do to live, please don’t ask”

I was suborned for a moment  and was thinking that the girl may have psychological problem or may she may be passing through big problems, for a moment I thought to change my seat and my heart feels like to know more about her and I told her”  No its ok, I may be a stranger but you can trust me, tell me “

She said “ok, I hope you are capable to listen this, I am a sex worker and I am not a good girl as you may be thinking .”

I really felt sad for her and I cannot believe this damn pretty girl work like this well honestly I have never seen girls in such job in real life I have only heard of them. Again I asked her “ But why you do such things , there are lot of other jobs you can do around this city? “

“ It’s a long painful story , you may don’t want to listen” she said

“No, please tell me” I requested her

“ok, my family is so poor , I even remember when I have lost my father ,I have one brother , two little sisters and my mother used to work on other’s house as servant to support our livelihood , we use to live at our uncle place who was not a good person . I was 13 when some people  may be they were my uncle’s friends who took me to the prostitution area in Kolkata, they told me that I will get jobs here  and I was not aware of anything  and then everything in my life was changed with a blow.” She said, I saw few drop of tears too.

Again she said “I love my mother, brother n littler sister and I am not allowed to meet with anyone but I somehow manage once or twice a year to just a glimpse of my mother, brother and sisters, They hates me  and don’t want to see my face but I love them a lot . I don’t meet with them I just go to house like a thief just to get their glimpse that they are fine and will return back to Kolkata by first train at 5 AM “

I was completely speechless and didn’t get any word to say her even I was feeling like to cry , I asked her “ did you had dinner?”

She said “No”

I had one packet of biscuit in my bag and cup cake  I gave it to her , and she smiled, and said “ I have never had such cake before”  I asked her “Why don’t you escape from there and go somewhere else and find another good work?”

She said “Where Will I go?  Even I also dream of a normal life like to study, having a boyfriend then get married , visit different place , have some good friends and neighbor  , eat good food , but my life  is not normal anymore, who will love and marry a prostitute ? everyone just know to make use of us but no one can have love in their hearts for girl like me, even my family also hates me, but I will move out someday somewhere where I will start my new life may be alone but I will be happy rather  doing this work for poverty . I care a lot about my little sister and don’t want anyone to let them become like me because of this I save little money and drop inside the house from window hole but it doesn't matter to me if still they hates me, I want them to be safe”

She told me a lot of things about their life at their workplace , their livelihood which is not less than a hell. I wish I had more time to spend and talk with her but I had to leave the train because I reached my hometown . I didn't had any more words inside me to say her, I didn't know what to say, I did a hand shake and said her 
“God bless you dear”.  Her story really made me cry and I could not sleep the whole night , I was just thinking about her life and her spirit to start a new life. I wish I could help her on anything but I not.  No girl want to do such work but poverty compels them to do so and also because of bad surrounding where they live, their greedy relatives   .

Human trafficking is another great reason after poverty  in this country .we need to stop and help the girls like them to get out of their poor situation .  We need the support of government and NGO to help these girls to deserve their desired life and pride like every other girls do . 

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