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Fallen leaves are not dead....
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Life is like a handful of sand , the more we try to hold the more it slip away from our hand, we are living a life where we have to think twice before taking every single steps , we are free to live but actually we are not free , we are bounding and surrounded by many constraints that obstructs our goal and desire , sometime I think that we have made our life more complicated than it should be.
When I was kid there were no problems , no worries between me and my life , I was like free bird , but when I started growing up I saw the real face of life and now I feel like I miss a part of my life and I miss living in the way I want to live.
I wonder if I get a life with no constraints, no worries , nothing to think and worry about , If I get a life to live in my own way then I will fulfill my  bucket list below

Travel the world:
Staying at the same place seems boring sometime, If I am free from all the bonds and I get a life to live then I would travel the world, I would try to visit more and more countries as much as possible, I would learn different languages, different cultures , living style , make lots of friends , rejoice the beauty of nature at different places , write a book on my journey and cherish all these memory till my the last day of my life.

Eat Whatever I want
Now even when we eat we can’t eat as much as we can because we scare that we will suffer from disease , but if I get a constraints  free life then I will fulfill all my desires of taste , I will taste all my favorite foods as much as I can until my tongue says it’s enough .

I will do what I love to do
We want to do a lot of things but we are not free to do because we are bounded and surrounded by many things  which make us worry to do the things we desire to do. If I get a life where I don’t have to worry about anything then I would do what I love to do, I would explore the world, drive the fastest car, walk the path of my life without any burden , visit the space and whatever that makes me happy and burden-less , in short I want to experience my life like a free bird without any bounding, nothing to hold me back just only me and my life to pursue  the goals .

Study as much I can
Everyone want to study a lot to achieve a higher degree to enrich their skills with educations, but after reaching certain stage we don’t want to study more because to support livelihood , support parents , family and many other reasons . If I get a worry free simple life then I would study as much I can, I would study till my desire to learn learning doesn’t fulfill so that I can do some betterment for this world with my knowledge .

Spending time with friends & family
In this modern world we are leading a life surrounded with constraints  of duty , responsibilities and humanity where we are compelled to choose only one at a time and because of that we don’t get enough to live with our dear  ones . If I get a bounded free and constraints free life then I would spend all my quality time with friends and family so that I won’t have  to regret that I have forgot to live for myself .

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